Sunday, 22 January 2012

Its been a while

Hey. Welcome to a restart of a blog that was done many years ago (3 years, which is Tiny).

But whats changed around me or how much have i changed.


So heres some of the main changes thats happened between now which includes:

  • Finishing Education (Various GCSEs and BTEC National Diploma IT Practioners Level 3)
  • Being Legal in the UK (18 basically)
  • Moving on from Abbey and finally accepting even though i still have feelings, i lost any chance with her.
  • Having Phone sex with a girl and now i'm in love with her. This was also the time when i posted nudes to sexypeek.
  • Having a meal out with 2 girls at the same time
  • Getting a decent job. Working in a shop in Tavistock about 28 hours per week for £60, good enough for me.
  • Running 8 miles in 1 hour 15 mins. From Plymouth City College (known as #crappycityplym) to Dartmoor Diner outside Woolwell.
  • Cycling from Tavistock to Plymouth in 3 hours.
  • Started vlogging on Youtube and started making money from it. Hardly anything right now but still proud.
So thats pretty much that.

Well not exactly. You see, times have been up and down and so have emotions, but ever since i had finished education, my general happiness level has been fairly high. Started actually seeing people that i had been friends with on FB. Like this and this.

As well as this, i got for Christmas 2010 (December 2010) an ipod Touch, little did i know that it was the most useful present i've had since my laptop died which the first blog was typed on. Since it helped me make vlogs and videos that boosted whatever fame i have. Such as this
And this

And also other uses of ipod touches is the fact theres some games on there, i have the internet in my pocket, can watch bbw porn on the go and other things.

Anyways moving on. The start of the year was ok i suppose. Stayed in for it and played Sonic Generations on PS3 and other games, then at midnight i text the girl i love saying happy new year and i wish i could get a chance with her this year. and then went next door neighbours to celebrate it in then this vlog happened.

Then the day after, my dad was ill, day after that, then i had work which was ok, quite busy if i can remember and then that night, BLEUGGHHHHHH. from 1am to 8:30am in the morning of the wednesday.

However During that week, i had been working on a story, its a feederism based romantic short story which was based on a dream i had the week before. it was about me and a beautiful, sweet, sexy, 20 year old who i've fallen in love with recently. You can read it below:

However, a week later, was supposed to be a meal with her, me, two of my friends and one of her friends who is also my biggest fan. Things didn't work out as planned and in the evening, things got out of control and heartbreak ensured, and it made me realise, i need to start putting my finger out of my ass (metaphorically speaking) and earn my way to hopefully get a chance. There is a way. and it needs time to prepare.

Thats all i can sat right now. i have a nice chinese for tea. Enjoy a new Game video while i'm away :)

SPS: Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game -... by omracer

Cheers :)
omracer/Mattie LT Marker