Friday, 10 February 2012

Another quiet week

Well not much has happened this week.

I had work. not much happened, mostly sorting paperwork out and also getting told i'm getting a 50% payrise and working 4 hours less. quite chuffed with that. My lunch for that day was nice
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Well this was one of my days off. So i was mostly video editing and also my lunch for that day was this.
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Since i was uploading a game video at the time. I watched episode 15 or something from MLP: FIM Season 1. Then at 2pm, i ran down to the top of Monksmead to pick up a laptop someone wanted me to install Windows 7 Home Premium on. That was easy, then i took it apart to diagnose the sound of the fan. Seems the motor is going on it. So i put it back together.

Well i had a Home visit at 10:15. I Woke up at 9:50 after a nice fap. Packed up the laptop in my £40 rucksack which i've had for almost a year or two and still going strong :) and then ran to West street, just a quick tell someone how to copy and paste files to an external hard drive to be fair. Then popped back to work then i ran up to the guy with the laptop's house and showed him his laptop working and also activated his product key over the phone. ended up having a female agent give me the right installation id. While i was there, i was overhearing the Chav show (The Jeremy Kyle show if no-one understood the reference) which was winding me up but i was only there for 30 minutes.
It was 11:40, so after dropping the laptop off, i ran home. But took some money out for next week. Then brought some bread rolls from Spar for £0.25 and then ran home. Cooked a nice lunch which was:
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Then i was typing up Chapter 7 of my novel. That was pretty much what happened on Wednesday.

Another day at work. This time was more relaxed and i think i finished earlier but can't remember. My lunch was this:
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That and i had to fix an ipod touch but one problem after another and i broke the screen, but since it was fudged (won't show in itunes even with recovery mode on, and tried 3 different computers) she told me not to worry about it.

Friday (Day of post):
Well it was a nice busy day at work. Cold weather and woke up slightly late, but it was nice fap i had. That and then i arrived and had to take a working screen out of a laptop that wasn't economic to repair then fit another new screen for a different laptop then some difficulties with the pc downstairs was causing chaos. That and then cleaned a printer head from a HP printer, and a new 3.5" hard drive to install on a desktop and install windows. Then a HDD to laptop transfer. My lunch was a nice one today though:
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That and i planned some reminders i need to get done this weekend and next week for when a important plan of mine goes into action, but one of them has gone wrong so i need to find a work around, Thanks Bianca :(

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And i'll see you next week where there should be more to talk about, especially on that special day :)