Friday, 16 March 2012

Quite Interesting

Well this past week has been quite a interesting one.

Saturday was a busy day and partly annoying with replacing laptop screens then a netbook arrived in and the internet wasn't working, that was sorted quite quickly. The wireless was switched off (almost crying with laughter and dispair at it) then noticed the charger was wobbling in the socket. So i tried another charger and it was a tighter fit and it was charging the battery. But i wobbled it and it did not disconnect from the laptop. Which was good. Anyways my lunch from that day was this:

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Well this was working on the alottment yet again, This time it was using a rotivator which is actually quite tiring on your arms. but before i went, this was my lunch.

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Then i played some Simcity 4 Deluxe, i've gotten back into that game recently and with the CAMeLot addon which i downloaded from Here. Has made the game much more fun.

it was a very quiet day. Even so quiet i ended up playing OpenTTD for some hours lol.

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That and my lunch for that day was this :)

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A nice cumberland sausage and a chinese chicken drumstick. Co-op have been selling them alot recently :) but the flavour on the sausage is nice.
After work i ran home and played some more Simcity 4 :)

Well i woke up at 11 and just as i was starting to fap over a Willix Comic i have on my ipod. i was out of bed, got changed and then headed out to my parents allotment and was raking for two hours then had some lunch. I forgot to take a picture but it was a chicken and mushroom slice and a packet of crisps and a blue riband biscuit and some savoury eggs.

Well this was my day off and my parents went out to buy some trees and i relaxed. felt stiffer after the rolling and raking from the day before. But i was playing Simcity 4 again pretty much and my lunch when my parents got back was a beautiful one. A nice ham, egg, chips and cocktail sausages along with salad and more extras.

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After that i was playing some more Simcity then my parents went off to the allotment. it was around 2pm. I decided to get changed and record the final shoutout. well my laptop and ipod batter were on low at the time lol.

And then i was editing this and playing catherine for a bit then some more Simcity 4.

A quiet day it was. Mostly sorting one or two jobs out then during lunch i had to pick up a friends laptop which i had to order a laptop screen to replace it. My lunch was this:
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Then i had a home visit at around 3pm up courtlands. it was a wireless problem but reinstalling the wifi dongle and putting it in the from usb ports fixed it.....for now. Then after work i ran home and played more Simcity. I've gotten addicted to it lol

This was a really quiet day. Hardly did much except for working out how to make a Windows 7 image using the OPK and the Express Deployment Tool. My lunch was this
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Then when i arrived home after tidying up the games room litter. i replaced the screen on the laptop i picked up the day before.
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That was fitted and worked and delivering it to her tomorrow. then i was playing more simcity then had a bath and Jess imessaged me. If shes reading this now. hope your 9pm to 4am shift at maccy Ds was ok :)
Then played RR and the lightbulb went out lol. After that, more simcity then typing this up.
Hope to see you next week