Friday, 23 March 2012

A week of spending.

Well this week has been quite good but with emotions and rants and running topless. Anyways....

Well this day was quite quiet. Had work and it was ok. I can't remember much that happened. but my lunch was this:

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Then i came home and played some Simcity 4 and also saw a tweet from a Bigcutie asking for fans to give her money for food and so i asked if 20 was alright and then she replied she is worth more than that which made me think if i should send £50 (which current conversion was around $80), i tweeted asking and people were shocked that i was considering doing it. But people forget that making you happy DOESN'T mean having to spend the money to yourself or a big organisation (like Invisible Children *cough*) it can be spent on people that you like or just find attractive and so on. But anyways i didn't paypal her the money.

So i woke up a bit earlier (around 9:30) and my sister called from Australia. We chatted asking how shes getting on and along that lines :) then passed the phone to my dad then went back to bed and had a fap. Then later on, My grandad from the "posh" side of the family popped over and asked the usual questions of how me, mum and dad and my other granparents were getting on. Fine as usual we said and talked about other things and showed him pics of the alottment. On my laptops with Windows 8 Running i might add :P.

Then my parents left and my dad told me to get a mothers day present. So i cycled down to Lidl to see what i could find, and what do i pick. A Juicer for £24.99 that was much bigger than my rucksack. so cylcing with the box packed between the seat and the handlebars was fun. Went to morrisons, brought some flowers, a card and a box of butterkist microwave popcorn :)

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Then attempted to cycle back up two hills to get home with it, that i just about made it lol. Then as i got home, my parents got back and she was surprised to see it but liked the juicer :)
Lunch that day was this:
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Then played more Simcity4, Catherine, and some Ridge Racer 7 for a while. And did end up giving the money to the big cuitie model in the end. £55 ($80).

Well monday was a quiet day. Mostly creating various Specifications for machines that work want to have bulit for a showroom thats soon to be bulit. My lunch for that day was this:

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That and it was a nice day so i was wearing denim shorts for a change:

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Well this was a nice relaxing day indoors, mostly playing catherine but had some amazing fantasies over the girl i love which is usual now but anyways. This was a quick video i made to test how pip could work when making gameplay videos:

My lunch for today was this:

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Well this was a real busy day. I decided to go to Plymouth to spend some money, i had £180 in my wallet, this was after putting £200 into two accounts i have. So i woke up, left about 10am and got down to the bus, it was not that packed but not empty either.
After about 40 minutes of using the internet on my phone to check fb and twitter (then closing fb after seeing jobless proud mum posts) and playing some Ridge Racer Accerlated (starting from fresh to getting all cars in class 1 to 6 within a week or so), i got off at the railway station and started walking into town. Passed Wilkinson first and seeing a friend who has alot of potential to be said and is nice to me :) well i saw her serving, she didn't notice me since i didn't go in.

Anyways i went straight to CEX to buy a Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 for £80 to boost my desktop up. Went in there, they were looking for it which made me panic over the fact that it was sold even though i showed them the stock check online. They found it, the cashier asked me about buying it and i said why and he said "you'll defiantly see a performance" which was all good.

Then went Computerbase to buy the same heatsink i brought last time when building it since i broke the fan. Brought that then i was walking around and walked to the Barbican, then relaxed on the Hoe topless for a bit to cool myself down.

Then i ran back to town and decided to buy a nice but small binge at Mcdonalds by Drake's Circus. This was a 7.97 meal and was a good way to start collecting for the Monopoly Millions campaign currently on.

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Then walked around for a bit longer and Also played some Lumines on a PSVita as shown:

Then played some RR on a vita in a Game (which are now in administration) then decided to start running back to catch the bus. This was mostly the route i ran:
Then got to point B topless and then the bus came 10 minutes later, got on the bus, then played some more RR Accerlated then got off at the bus stop by Tavistock Primary than ran home and fitted the CPU and enjoyed using the dekstop for a while :)

This was a nice day, work wasn't too bad, catching up on jobs and whatnot and also me and my boss are starting to work on the website. But my lunch for that day was:

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Then i was covering downstairs for a while. Then tidied up and had files to restore, did that then had to go to a friends house to set up her new wireless printer for her mac and how to delete projects in iMovie 11. That was done around 7pm. As i was running home, i noticed many street lights were out, seems a powercut had taken place. Then got home and relaxed playing and attempting overclocking on my desktop.

This was a really quiet day. Tidying up but also starting to edit the website in more detail with logos and navigation and also finding out that our internet connection is not secure since telnets enabled. My lunch was a nice one for this day:

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Then after taking that covering downstairs and was dealing with a customer that kept on talking and also was interrupted by phone calls and other customers, then boss arrived back, went upstairs to eat and edit the website and reinstall xp on a intel atom custom build machine.

Then after that, had to solve a driver problem with.....would you belive it, a WINDOWS 98SE machine with only 56mb ram and they installed a network card but couldn't get drivers, found them from Realtek and it worked although all sites don't support it at all.

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Then left for home and messed around with games and imovie and then played some RR7. only 4 more courses until i have a record for every single course (both normal and reverse) on all 4 categories. Then typed this up.

Enjoy this and see you next week :)