Friday, 20 April 2012

A Geeky week..well sort of

Well here we are, another quiet week but mostly geek related things. Lets Start.

Sunday was mostly a day of Playing Ridge Racer Unbounded, cooked some brownies, spoke to my sister whos now in Hawaii. That and my lunch for that day was a nice roast Gammon. But this was after having to move a caravan from a farm shed back to our house.

Well a nice roast gammon, mint sauce, potatoes and vegetables... on Twitpic

Well a quiet day but sort of busy day at work. Various jobs here and there. had to sort out a broadband issues by doing a live chat with eclipse, they sure are nice people. and i mean that, then i ran to the customers house and no response, then brought lunch on the way back to work, something cheap to be fair.

Well has a home visit then this is my lunch for today. Just g... on Twitpic

Then but i did take my laptop in to install snow leopard (iatkos s3 v2) and windows 8 on the same hard drive. Took some attempts and even had to attempt some more when i came home after work but i got it working just about 10:30, thats with 10.6.8, audio and wifi kexts and solving the PCI configuration begin problem. If you do need kexts for a Acer Aspire 5310. You can find some, HERE.

Well i woke up late, had a great dream then finished installing the software (life11, windows 8 apps) on the second laptop, then i was recording RR unbounded videos. Well playing it until 1pm then having lunch then playing more and attempting to download the software for my capture card which supports osx and windows. its in the link for the acer kexts. Lunch was a nice chow mein and extras :)

And a mixed lunch for today, chow mein, golden syrup, crisps,... on Twitpic

I did finally get the videos recorded except one. Then after tea i started editing the video. it ended up 22 minutes long.


Well this was a simple day. Finished editing the video and uploaded that. That and attempted to render all of my sonic colour videos into one go. it took 8 hours to render and i also had trouble uploading the RR Unbounded video. But here is the video:

SPS: Ridge Racer Unbounded: City Limits by omracer

And here is my lunch for that day :)
  Well a Tika with a mixture of things from Ham to chocolate bi... on Twitpic

Well this was a hetic day, arrived in work, had to show a laptop to a elderly lady who wanted to buy one for her grandaughter, then i had a home visit at the customers house with the broadband issue, turns out BT was to blame for cutting his ADSL at the exchange. Then i got passport photos done, brought lunch, went to see someone since they offered me a private job. Long story short, the HDD i replaced in this laptop failed (damage by person) and i replaced it and reinstalled windows...again. picked that up. Nice menu for lunch though:

Well a pasty and sausage and a drink for £2.12. on Twitpic

Then i was helping to rebuild a laptop which a mobo had come into to be fitted. took rest of the day, didn't help with problems since the till's PSU went faulty. But also got my boss to countersign my passport application and then used the Post office Check n Send serivce (which cost £8.17 btw ?) and send my passport application off. well its nearly overdue by a year when june hits up. That then went home and played unbounded more, while reinstalling windows + office + updates on that laptop)

Happy 4/20, well this was a busy day as well. various jobs came in, the till's psu arrived and fitted and worked, however it seems the NIC has fried, so i'm trying wireless with it. That and helped put another laptop back together and also delivered the laptop that i reinstalled windows on. Lunch was a nice combo :)

Well my lunch for today cost me £1.10. Nice sausage and a coo... on Twitpic

Well that and did various other jobs, set up a laptop and then ran home, had tea and finished Shatter Bay in RR Unbounded, now for taking down online at a later date.

Thats another week gone,
Hope to see you again