Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A final of the weekly updates

So, sorry i've not been keeping this updated and missed out last week. But last week was pretty much boring. Except for the two cycle rides. The first one was on friday which i cycled to Gem Bridge. Now this was after i left early for work at 1pm on that day, it was just really quiet.

Then on the Saturday, it was a quite good day at work. Had a nice lunch which was a big cold pasty for £1.30 and space raiders. 
Well a nice lunch for today. A big pasty with beef space raid... on Twitpic

Then after work, i ran home, got changed and was then off to plymouth with my parents to pick my sister up from the rail station. We got there 10 minutes before the train arrived from paddington. Waited on the platform and there she was, i ran over to her and hugged her. We all then walked back to the car, then drove back to Tavi. On the way, we stopped off at morrisons for some shopping for about 1 hour then got home and ordered an indian takeaway and i helped my sister unpack while it was on the way :)
Well this was my tea earlier tonight. A nice Indian to welcom... on Twitpic
After that she handed all of our presents out. It was a nice thing of her to do. Very nice presents too. I got a really nice touchscreen watch with a shitload of features

And this was the present she got me. A tissot touch expert to... on Twitpic

Well after that, the saturday was over. And just catching up with her and seeing all the pics she took and things.

Well this was a interesting day, i woke up earlier, about 9ish and then at 10 i headed off to plymouth to join in the GoSkyRide that was happening in plymouth most of the day pretty much. I got dropped off at the Life Centre, then cycled to to the hoe through town and on the way, i brought a ipod touch from CEX. In my family, second hand stuff from either a shop, private or auction is considered new. it was a 32gb 4th gen for £155 which was quite good since i saw one for the same price + £5 P&P off ebay. so i brought that, then cycled over. I'll let the vlog take it from here mostly:

The lunch i had that day i explain but heres a pic just incase you cba to pause the video or missed it.

After i finished the @goskyride. This was my lunch for today.... on Twitpic

The sandwich tasted very nice and well worth the £1 donation :)
I got home just after 5pm and then started editing the video, my sister only got up 30 minutes before i got home which is funny. That and i eventually had that nice lamb roast for tea 30 minutes after i got home :)
Well a nice Lamb roast for tea after I got home 25 minutes ag... on Twitpic

Then did some more editing and then rendering the vlog in imovie.

A nice quiet day at work to be honest, i think it was about 1 or 2 jobs, mostly backups and also advice on various things. Also the other guy at work had a look at my old ipod and it seems that a new logic board is needed. so i might either buy that or sell it for spare parts or keep it as spare parts. Not sure yet. My lunch for that day was some shortbread and a drink. i only had 90p so this is the best i could find :)
well my lunch for today cost me £0.86 and im not that hungry ... on Twitpic
That and ran home and then carried on editing and making the images used in the vlog.

So that's whats happened this weekend. Now after going about some thought, i've decided i'm not going to do weekly updates any more. i'm going to blog after anything interesting that i might of done. like cycling to Plymouth or going on a date (pah, if i'm that fucking lucky even thought thats one of my aims for this year :@).

But to be honest, its no luck on the love side of things. When you feel completely ignore by someone thats made your heart happy and other girls i like are in relationships all happy and stuff and it feels like, whats the fucking point. And its basically the waiting game so its all i can do. Best if i do anyway, since i can wait then if any of them becomes single, plan something to win her over and finally have my first relationship, even though in society today, i'm about 5 or 6 years overdue, since of so many fb statuses with 13+ already dating and whining about heartbreak and stuff and i'm just having to imagine that stuff since times are hard.

But i'll keep waiting it out. Since besides i need to save up money for dates and hopefully i'll get paid this week which is a nice extra to save up. since of the fact i've only got £25 on my prepaid after forking out for the £155 ipod touch, plus i got some money i loaned to a friend to recieve in payments which will be nice :)

Anyways, i'll blog here at some point anything important happens, for more up to date know how on my life, you really should follow me on twitter (unless your either hate big people, can't think for yourself and/or very closed minded).
Enjoy your week

Cheers then