Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A holiday with various things :)

So last week i was on holiday, it was a good holiday. Okay, some things did happen but i'll explain.
Well i left after work on the saturday, it was quite quiet on the way down, but the evening view was quite nice on Bodmin moor. :) Oh and you couldn't forget the nice Subway i had from the Service station near callington. A delicious Chicken and Bacon Ranch sub with hearty Italian bread, gerkin, lettuce, onion and sweet onion sauce, oh and a bag of doritoes :)

Then i arrived at the bungalow and this was the view from the place i was at :)

Here we are. Now the first full day (Sunday) was actually a day of us all resting and being on the beach. Also i was walking around for a bit as well. I did have a roast dinner from the Portreath Arms along with a "sticky" deserert. Enjoy some pics from that day :)
This was my roast beef dinner, with lush potatoes, horseradish  and more :)

This was my desert, Sticky Toffee pudding. Very sweet and tasty

My tea for tonight, sausage roll, coselaw, crisp roll and crisps

A nice view looking east of Portreath

This is looking west of Portreath

This is the view of the town, you can see the place i'm staying at here too

Well the monday, it was a nice trip to Penzance. I did have an issue with my T-Mobile dongle but thats now fixed, even thought i had to buy a new one Cost me £20 incl a £10 topped up which they couldn't do on the old sim card which is a pain in the ass. But i did get the train in and it was only £2.50 from redruth (return ticket) and the train journey is nice. One thing i would want to do with a girl is take her on a train journey and spend the day together, that is one plan for a date if i get lucky and shes up for it :) This was my lunch when i was down there, a nice JD Wetherspoons burger and chips and j2O for £4. 
well a beef burger with chips for lunch today, its the nice b... on Twitpic

The Tuesday, well this was a good day. didn't do much until about 12 when i cycled to Devoran from the bungalow. The weather was quite nice on the way back and bits on the way there. The pub i went to along the way is called the Fox & hounds and it was quite nice food. I only had a pint of lime and lemonade and a basket of chips. The basket of chips cost £3. This was about 12:50pm. :)
Well my lunch 1 hour ago was a basket of pub chips for £3 :-) on Twitpic

Then i got to devoran around 2:50pm and then after that i filmed the rest of the way back :)

Well after that i relaxed and then got tea and then relaxed.

Wednesday. Well this was a good day until about 3pm. Basically we went to Hayle for some shopping and food. Then while i was on the beach i was drawing my feet in the sand, and then i sliced my ankle.Then limping with blood and covered in sand, i got to the lifeguard and they wrapped it up in bandage. Then had to wait 3 hours in Royal Cornwall hospital. After that i got back to the bungalow and was resting my legs then went sleep. Pics from that day are below :)
The view of St I'ves from the place i cut my ankle

The view up north from where i cut my ankle (or in the sea near there)

My tea i had afterwards. A standard pasty from Philips Bakery in Hayle, along with ham crisps and ketchup.

A nice Red Berry Smoothie from costa, cost me £2.45. Tasty but a fucking rip off tbh

Well Thursday, it was a nice day, heading out to falmouth at around 12 and then limped around and my sister topped her credit up and i actually started running but was quite painful but it helped. Then we had lunch and i had a nice Bacon & Egg bap. After that, i was walking/limping alot through the town and got to the Royal Pier about 3:30ish then started limping back to the town centre car park, then drove home and had tea

On the Friday, we decided to return home and we got packed up and tidied the place up then drove home. Before we left, as my mum was tidying up the bedroom, she found this. a DEAD, SQUASHED RAT. We then chucked it out and then drove home, with lunch from the SAME Subway we went to on the way there. 

And then relaxed for the rest of the day, well i did anyway.

Okay, now thats the end of my holiday down cornwall. It was good and although it turned out bad for my ankle, it was a nice relaxing holiday. But i did go to work for a bit on Saturday to help out, got told to keep things in mind.

Well one last thing i realised is the girl i love now works in Tavi sometimes, on the monday there was a festival in the meadows and she was also working from 3 til 8 somewhere, after recording the vlog below 

and wandering around for a bit, i tried to find where she works and actually see her for the first time. Looking in both Co-ops, Lidl, and other places for about 2 hours and running on my legs was not the nicest feeling, but after checking morrisons, i gave up and had to run home and missed a chance i had to see someone that means alot to my heart and has made me happy and made dreams that make me feel like i'm with a goddess or an angel. But i'll have to plan another opportunity to find love. Maybe not with her for the time being but with Jess (but shes taken which makes it close to the same situation months down the line) or someone else. 

Well its late and i need to sleep since i have work tomorrow (on Wednesday, to cover the 4 days this week and maybe more to work back the week i had off), night all.