Sunday, 9 September 2012

A deep week along with gluttony and presents but no love :(

Well a chance to see someone amazing for her US Legality (21st Birthday), is today. Happy Birthday to her if she reads this, Emma <3 .="." p="p">
So with this in mind, i decided to get her something meaningful. So on the Wednesday the 5th, i decided to take the bus into Plymouth and bought her the contents below:
So this was a pizza hut giftcard, 6 cupcakes, a love letter and 2 bags of onion rings :)
Well i was going to drop it off to a friend of hers work who works in wilko but she wasn't in, so i dropped it to another of her mates that works in House of Fraser, she kept it in her locker and forgot to get it to her when she saw her the next day, which means she hasn't got it yet. Which kinda makes it harder for trying to plan things :(. After giving it, i  spent time with someone i met at the Olympic Torch ceremony once and her friend (also called emma, interesting) for a few hours and then ran back to the Crownhill Mcdonalds to get the bus home.

But then the next two days was quite interesting, well, actually the evenings. First off, on the Thursday i joined my sister, her boyfriend and one of her mates for a meal at Route 38. It was very tasty and below are the pics of what was eaten :).

This is called "The Combo" which costs £9.99

This was my meal, a Double bacon BBQ Burger and chips along with coselaw and a side of onion rings. This cost about £8.75

That was quite a tasty meal and i did end up quite full, but the big meals don't stop there.
On Friday evening, i went Lord Louis for a meal, now i've not had a carvery for months and it was my family and sisters boyfriend that i was with. The meal is usually pretty good but this time it wasn't the best. But its below and a pic of the drink i had :).
This was a nice lime and lemonade drink.

Now this was my carvery, this was a beef and gammon one along with potatoes, sweetcorn , yorkshire pudding, carrots, horseradish and gravy. This cost about £3.29 or 49. i can't remember

Anyways on the story of what happen on the night of Sat the 8th Sept/Sun 9th. Well after work, i got ready along with talking to my grandparents and having a gammon and chips (which were quite burnt). Then about 8:30, i left for the bus. I got to the lidl busstop at about 10 to and then left for Plymouth about 5 past 9.

I got into the city centre at about 9:30 and then i went into lavish and met a friend or two which was nice. We talked about this and that. took some photos (below) and then i headed to another place...

So i headed into Revolution and it was pretty quiet but its annoying i had to pay £1.50 to have my hoodie stored and i was only in there for 10 minutes. After that i went into the Casino and then played a few rounds with blackjack, i betted with £6 and i won £9 in the end. Not bad :)

After that, i ran to oceana and enjoyed seeing some people there. Like meeting and chatting with about 3 big girls, watched someone called furious pete. Also i had been hugging one of them and i did get a semi i remember, that and on the way to oceana i saw some friends from tavi and chatted to them and one of them admitted she was in love with me and that i'm a angel. Bless, but my heart was set so it was slightly awkward, but also one of her mates touched my crotch after i admitted having a semi since the girl that said she loved me wanted to have a threesome with a mates of hers called Jess and pig out with mcdonalds food while doing it. 

After that, i went into jesters for about an hour and that was ok, dancing with this girl that used to take the piss out of me at crappy city plym at various times. but to be fair i was waiting for Emma and her lot, but at about 10 to 1, i text her mate to see where she was. She said oceana, and at that point, i sprinted as fast as i can. For some reason my legs run sooooooo much faster at night, like i was almost outrunning a car i think.

So i got in there and met up with her and stayed with her for the rest of the night. It was fun and dancing to various songs like one of Bon Jovi's classic and Wheatus and some other good songs. But part of the time i was there was a awkward and i'm not going to say anything further apart from three letters S L B.

After that, more dancing and just sticking around with Emmas friend and then when she went toilet, some friends and a ex of a girl that i find attractive called Charlotte started talking and we got chatting and admitted char was an idiot, which intelligence doesn't really bother me since i'm the kind of geeky guy and well it feels nice to teach your girlfriend something if shes not as smart or has as good knowledge as you. After that, it was about 10 to 2 and i decided to start heading off home.

I ran through Mutley and it was surprisingly quiet and dead, and some people were saying how good i was running and some drunk guy took the mick and started running with me so i stopped, took my headphones out and said "Mate do you want to run with me then", he replied "Yep", i said back, "how far", he replied "only to the end of the road" and i put my headphones back in and sprinted as much as i could to the Crownhill Mcdonalds.

Just as i got up the hill near it, my sister called. She asked where i was and if i wanted a lift home. I said yep but i'm getting a drink first. Which i did and then i waited at the bus stop since i thought it was a taxi picking me up with my sis and boyfriend in it. But they called again and they were in the car park. So i went in and then it was a nice journey home, listening to quite classic songs and asking my sister's boyfriend of how it was like in Plymouth compared to Chicago for nightlife. He didn't like the smells since it was all body odour and sweat and the like. Then i got home about 3:40 and then was on my ipod until 5am since all i could think about was Emma and something else.

So there you have it. that was the 6th night out i believe. But to be honest, it didn't get luck and thinking on it, i fucked up even though i forced fate, by going to the wrong places at the wrong time. But all i can do now is just wait as long as it takes and hope for the best with a easy opportunity with Emma opens up, since i've been realising a few things this past week or even slightly longer such as:

  • The fact that i've not met her and fallen in love with her, now this hints strongly that it wasn't her looks which made me fall in love with her, although she does look like a beautiful goddess and a dream. It is her personality or the fact she was nice enough that she opened a door in my heart and i realised too late :(
  • The fact that some of the crazy things such as the valentines and the ipod for jess and heck, even going out on the first night (this night covered) with my parents at home, is something that i wouldn't of done if i didn't fall in love with her. 
ok it was two facts but still, its still proving enough that maybe i have found someone special, its just waiting for the chance to get so i can experiences romance for the first time. Anyways i've got a bath. Thanks for reading and i'll add some of the pics taken from that night and the videos.

See you next time, since these next two months might be busy both love wise and Youtube wise with a possible giveaway and maybe a public trolling video for halloween.