Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Quicker ride to Plymouth, only to be mocked

So today (Wednesday 19th September) i decided to cycle to Plymouth again, especially after the news that the tunnel side of the trail is FINALLY OPEN a couple of weeks ago. So with that, i decided to cycle to Plymouth. 

I started out from my house about 10:20am. it was quite a fresh morning with a cloudy outlook but looked like sun was peeking through.  So i started to head off. Below is a video of the journey from the entrance of the trail from the redrow estates to the end of the trail which is at the end of "The Old Station" in Horrabridge.

 Below is some of the pics i took along the way :) 

So this was passing Yelverton and listening to some pretty decent music

At the Plympton Mcdonalds to pass through to get to town

on the bridge after pelting it on the embankment road

Well when i got into town about 12:20. parking my bike here and surprisingly it looked again
Well basically for about an hour or so i was walking in various shops and looking for phones. Then it was about 1:40 or so and i read some tweets that were hinting a Fast food chain is offering free food and some merchandise and also some condoms. So i headed off to a tent where there was a large queue of students and people wanting this promotion Dominoes Pizza were offering. At the time it was quite a large queue and i was just randomly waiting with no idea if it was moving or not. But they were offering a bag with a menu, strap and a pen.
Some of the stuff i got, included two menus and a bag with a pen and wrist strap, Also some student uni rep gave me that newspaper, i felt like a fresher lol

After about 10 minutes, i decided to have lunch and i went to a burger bar nearby. Its called Hang Ten and they have been known to have HUGE burgers which i would love to have a date there so i can fill whoever i was dating up. But the value is ok, the wait though, was about 20 minutes or longer, ok there was only the chef and a student working there but it felt awkward waiting. In the end, i bought a bacon burger meal deal which is the burger, chips and a drink, all for £5.50, which is ok. But its fresh fattening food, which is better for you when eating junk ;).
A bacon 1/4lb buger, can of 7up and homemade chips for £5.50. Not too bad

After that. i decide to get a condom from the Dominoes stand. Now HERE is where it gets funny/sarcastic/pisstaking/awkward. I was waiting in the queue and they shouted "pizza hut sucks" and "who wants pizza for £1" with none of the crowd even responding to it. But then i walked out of the crowd and down to the tent. Where a nice looking black haired girl with some cute curves (i must admit) shouted "anyone want a FREE slice of pizza" and handed some out, then to me which i asked if they had the condoms and then they laughed and then one of the guys at the tent acted like "it might not fit you, since you have an xtra large one". Of course that isn't on at all and i didn't find that funny what so ever. So i was direct and said "its not that big" and admitted the measurement i had done years ago, which is the closest i remember and they were silent (but trying not to laugh) and i asked if they had any, they said no. 

Then i was direct with them again and asked if they are sure and then one of the guys made a sarcastic remark saying "is it for today", then i explained it was for Saturday, i can't remember the reaction to that. After that they handed me the condom and then nicknamed me Condom boy/guy. So dealing with them just to get a condom was irritating. 

After that, i was killing time and looking in more phone shops and asking around to find a phone running android 2.3, 640x480 screen resolution and under £150 on PAY as you go. Since i explained that I've never used 400 texts in a month, the most I've used is about 200 and I've only ever gone over my data limit of 100mb per month and that was back in June/July when i went on holiday. I went into Virgin media and this blonde temp served me and got someone else to help me which he did but didn't know the resolution of my phones i was after. it was the same in one of the Orange shops, except they were slightly more helpful and understood me more. Although it was some guy with a slightly noticeable feminine accent that served me and got confused and asked some of the other members who then understood what i was after. 

After that it was about 3:15 and i decided to head off home. But before i did, i picked up another condom, the girl that served said "oh look, condom boy is back" and then the guy in the cowboy outfit said "Oh used your other one up have we ?" i said no, and asked for another one, then started my Journey home. Enjoy some pic of the way back. :) 

This is on the Plym Valley Cycle Path near Bickleigh, 3/4 of the section between clearbrook and plympton

This is after walking up a steep hill which is at the end of the  off road section from Plympton to Clearbrook

The Gem Bridge entrance of the Grenofen Tunnel

The Tavistock Entrance of the Grenofen Tunnel

The tunnel side of Ashmill Bridge

The gates of the entrance to the trail from the Redrow Estates
Well that was about it. I arrived home about 5:40 and it was a nice evening, slightly cold mind you, but its close to Autumn and October which means Goose Fair :D. But its been a good week in general so far, Emma facetimed me on Monday night when she wanted help setting up her SNES (yep, i was surprised too lol) on her sisters 3D TV, and we chatted and my heart fell in aww and made me realise that I've fallen in love with the right person, its just to find the opportunity to get the chance to be with her :). That and this weekend there might be a night out vlog and blog post, but you'll find out. 

Until next time.