Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Family Christmas


Well alas, for me, My Christmas is over. But its been a good three days. Although all the hype of Christmas is only for  three days (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day).

But lets get started, i have a story to tell you to sum up this Christmas.

Christmas Eve

So to start off, its the Monday, the first day of the week. With my mum pestering me to get a haircut and i decided to do something about it, so i decided to cut it. After waking up with a nice fap over a beautiful blonde (originally it was this girl called Jazz but then it was a girl called Ellie then i ended up a girl i bought one of the Nandos vouchers for, this girl called Pheobe). I decided to get one with it and cut my own hair (actually for the 2nd time this year, but a more better way to do it). I cut a bit, then wet my hair and did some more. By the time i finished, my bath looked like this:
 It was quite alot of hair, and did take 10 minutes to clean it up and i did wake up at 9:30am lol. 

Here it was before i left for work :)
From this view it looks really good, well i thought that anyway :)

This was the hair from the front. Maybe it does look alot crazier but its wasn't a too bad attempt and people kept exaggerating lol

Well i headed off to work. Work was quite nice, finished at 1pm and also picked up some lunch on my way home. There was an offer in Spar with Thai Noodles with prawns for £1.25 from the original price of £2.49. I decided to buy it and combined it with some things in my fridge like a steak slice, biscuits, crisps, pretzels, cold gammon and maple syrup.
Well this was it, it does look quite tasty and busy for a lunch haha

 After this, i relaxed and also made a new Kung Fu Live Video, you can see this down below.

But while recording another round of that to use as footage, my mum arrived home. Yes she did panic about the hair and she decided to cut it, she kept saying how bad it was using various similies and metaphors. But then she got her clippers out and did a grade one on my hair. So then it looked like i was a skinhead, although people like it like this, i don't understand why.
Me looking like this after it had been cut.

So then it was a nice Christmas night playing Age of Empires Online and then was watching Family Guy on BBC Three until 1am or so. As well as asking questions on to a girl i like. Also i watched some good films on Christmas Eve like "The Snowman and the Snowdog" and "The wicker man", both got me interested but part of me was reasling where i would rather be and that would be with the girl i love. Might happen next year <3 .="." :=":" advent="advent" also="also" calender="calender" finally="finally" finished="finished" i="i" my="my" p="p">
A nice Cadbury's Advent Calender :)

Also my dog was guarding the Christmas presents in my sister's bedroom on Christmas eve, although this is nothing to do with Christmas, since he has been doing this alot recently, its probably his old age and him feeling lonely. His loneliness is not just felt by him, I feel his loneliness sometimes too. 

Christmas Day

Well it was now Christmas, i woke up about 10ish. Relaxed and checked my e-mails as well as preparing for two videos i recorded. As chance would have it, when my parents were both in the Bathroom, i ran out in my onesie and got the Merry Christmas video recorded as well as another shoutout:

And then when i got back, my parents paniced where i was and when i was out dressed in that onesie. Heck they even thought i was meeting a girl lol.

Anyway my Mum, Dad and myself headed out to my Grandparents in Bere Alston and then got there 10 minutes later and the preparations were being made to the BIG Christmas dinner. In  the meantime, my Granddad started a skype call up with his brother in Australia and we all had a nice chat for about 20 minutes or so. Also it was good that i helped my Granddad work some things out on his laptop :)

Then the big meal arrived, what people have been waiting to eat, across the UK and many first world countries. Heres only the main part of mine. With the standard features like: Stuffing, Turkey, Pork, Roast Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Pigs in Blankets (Sausages wrapped in Bacon) and other extras like Bread Sauce, cauliflower an extra Yorkshire Pudding hehe :)
My Christmas Roast this December 2012 :) Looks amazing
Then after eating that and a carrot cake (just the ones from The Co-Operative) for desert, it was nice to talk about various things with the family, more so my childhood and other morals my family has been brought up like and also the scabs (people too lazy to work and don't bother with jobs) that live and they know.

Then finally it was time to hand out the presents (from 1:30pm until 3pm), one by one, i handed each one out to each member and myself. My mum enjoyed the tablet i bought her ("The worst review ever" of this tablet can be seen HERE), my dad like the shirt i bought him in JD Sports when i handed Ashleigh Hillman's £15 Pizza Hut Giftcard to the girl that served me in the shop to give to her.

But below is a quick view of all my presents for Christmas day from my parents and grandparents:
Here are the presents: A pair of outdoor Trainers, a pack of socks, a can of Addias Deodrant, two flannels, Shower Gel, A desktop Mic, a chocolate santa, some outdoor boots and £160 cash: £60 from parents (which is one weeks wage for me haha) and £100 from my Grandparents. 
Well that was that, afterwards we all watched the Queens Speech, ok it was not the best one but i wonder how people liked the 3D version. Afterwards we all watched one of my Dad's present's - The Dark Knight Rises. Now this is the 2nd time i've watched this, the first being online in a cam quality. But its quite a good film, also i realised one of the cast from Torchwood is in it. He's a good actor, even if he was beaten up by Anne Hathaway :).
Finally after two hours of the conclusion to Batman in the thought of Christopher Nolan, it was time to have some tea, and there was a whole range of buffet food to choose from, see for yourself:
So much choose from: Ham, Sausage Rolls, Carrot Cake, Crisps, Profiteroles, coleslaw  apple pies, pretzels, Choclate Yule log and some more i might not of mentioned :)
This was my first portion i chose, not much but it was really tasty :)
And it was nice eating that while watching Strictly Come Dancing (Which was ok, as much as those shoes are full of crap). Then soon afterwards, my Nan's phone went off, my Granddad answered and it turns out it was my Sister. It was amazing to hear her voice on Christmas Day, with asking how she got on, her being hungover, her winning a PSP after getting her colleagues to do the can can in front of Human Resources on the Royal Carribean Cruise Liner she works on and more.

Which to be honest, that completed the day and then half hour later, me and my parents headed off home and then i edited the video for the shoutouts, and then relaxed and taught my mum on how to use her tablet for a while then went to bed at about 11:30pm.

Boxing Day

Well this was a maybe less paniced day. I woke up with the usual morning glory but it was also a glimpse of dating a bbw version of a girl i'm slightly good friends with, Bianca. Now i'm not sure the details of this glimps but it was amazing with her jet black hair, amazing smile (with the extra roundness) and inflated looking figure and things. But i couldn't try to fap, just didn't have that soft feel to her (pics). 

Anyways i woke up about 10:30 and checked my e-mails then got changed and charged my battery for both my ipod and my phone. Then left for the Rifle Volunteer in Gunnislake at 11:45. We got there and met up with my dad's side of the family. Then chatted about various things, trips, Google Analytics, me cycling and running. Then the food arrived about 12:30 ish. It looked amazing, Roast beef with big potatoes, a block of stuffing, vegetables and much more. Costing £6.95 as well. 
As small as this looks, it was quite the challenge to eat it all. But it was done and it was very tasty :)
So it was nice, everyone enjoying their food and i did cry from the Horseradish lol. But it was really nice to have this side of the family getting on quite well. Also i've not been to this pub for about 6 years at least, new owners and i think it was very well cooked. If you do think about going here, i recommend it. But after this, was the Desert, which was also incredibly tasty. A warm Chocolate Brownie, for £4.75, the portion was tiny but after the roast, its best to be that size anyway :)
The Chocolate Brownie, small but incredibly tasty. Finished it in about 10 minutes lol

Well after that and letting the food rest and casual drinks and chitchat with the family, we left to head off to my Grandads's FiancĂ©e's House. Its was a nice place, a nice buffet laid out as well. All the family went into the lounge and again, i started handing out the presents. Some were good, some were quite interesting and actually thoughtful to people. But also hearing the chatter i learned a few things. Like theres a 80 year old perve that goes round pubs purposely making a move on girls and squeezing her right breast to make it look like an accident. Also Exeter University is full of arrogant Eastern Asians, reminds me of Crappy City Plym lol. Heres a look at the presents i received this year :)
Heres the presents this time: A Cadbury's Selection box, an Emergency  keyring to hold money in, a  credit card holder for various phones (i've yet to test this), a £20 HMV voucher and £25 in a Christmas card. Also not shown but £50 was given from my Grandparents on this side of the family 
Well that was nice some of those present, afterwards it was time for the food. Here it was not as a varied selection but some of it was amazing, like my auntie's home-made Potato Salad, Sausage Rolls, fresh cut ham, Pigs in Blankets, Coleslaw and much more :)
This was the first portion. Ham, Crisps, Pigs in Blankets, Egg, & Sausage Rolls and Coleslaw.

2 Portions later, this was my last portion, Ham, Crisps, Pigs in Blankets, Home-made Potato Salad, Sausage Rolls and Coleslaw.
 Well after eating that and more chatting, it was 6pm ish and it was time to head off. So after packing up and tidying up and getting the gates opened and shut, i ended up on my way home, it was also nice tweeting to a nice girl i like and is really kind and i bought something for her 17th Birthday earlier this year who wished me a Merry Christmas :) 

And that my friends. is my Christmas over, with work tomorrow and a normal week and thereafter. Life will go back to normal, ok i am writing up a guide on how to use Windows 8, but thats to help me teach it to customers next year when my work is doing lessons. That i'm excited to help out with. 

I'll get a review of the year blogpost sorted before the New Year draws upon us. But i hope everyone got what they wanted. For one of the girls i've got on with and is nice to me and i would want to date or at least make out with, her wish came true, lucky you Jess :(. 

Enjoy your night if your out drinking too, its cold out.
Kind Regards