Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The final effort for love before the end is near...

So its been over a month and time is nearing to a close. Comet has been edged off the market, Poor kids and teachers lives innocently taken from them by a psychotic madman (My condolences goes out to everyone involved in that shooting). Christmas only a WEEK today (feels quick doesn't it). But with all this in mind. sometimes you have to make a final effort to get a chance with a beautiful girl.....ok 6 girls maybe.

So this story of a day  which has been an amazing day. Here is a quick summary of what happened :)

I woke up at 10am and started to get ready to go to Plymouth. Since for a last effort and since its the sprit of Christmas and all, i decided to get some presents and deliver them to some girls who i've liked for a while and of course Emma since i still love her. After leaving at 10:45. i cycled the usual route to Plymouth, getting to clearbrook then instead of turning left to go down to the trail, i decided to turn left and use the main road.

The reason for this. Well actually its the 2nd time i've done this but its much quicker and also i had to buy and deliver a present on the route there. So i got to the Pizza Hut in Crownhill to buy the first present while delivering a birthday present to a good friend of someone that works there :). The awkward moment with this was the hint i wrote the card just outside which the girl the presant was for came out and asked if i needed anything haha.

After delivering the Present and buying a giftcard to a girl i liked but recently lost the chance with. Although she is a pretty popular girl and it took 3 weeks and another guy started dating her >.<. I started cycling into town and it was quite a nice downhill ride. Navigating the mazes of subway tunnels around crownhill and then cycling a different route signposted at a junction before morrisons on outland road. I got into town and then cleaned myself up then got started on what i needed to get.

Stage 1 - The Nandos Demand

So this was the start. After going into stormfront to update the spreadsheet of what i was getting which was on skydrive. I decided to get the main expenses of the plan. So i walk in there, there's a queue of a couple of people. one was a couple and they were pretty intermate and actually quite cute. So when it was my turn. i got my phone out and loaded skydrive and the file up on it. (its a shame that office docs app bundled with various andorid roms does NOT let you edit the files :@). I then asked if they had giftcards, the staff got her manager to get some for me. I said how many and shows her the spreadsheet to help her understand. Then she loaded the credit i asked for one each card and i only paid the TOTAL amount which came to £110. So i think i did the right thing, as much as nandos is overrated, expensive posh food. If girls like it, you can't go against it. But much better service when i last went in there. Afterwards, here was all the cards. shown together. 
This was all 4 giftcards. quite hard to spot the difference hahaha :)

Stage 2 - The prep for making it look good...kind of

With all the majority of the presents bought, and finding a ultra cute xmas card for £0.69 each. i bought 5 of those from Clintons cards, then went and sat on a bench and took about 30 minutes wrapping them up. Now this was the time consuming part. Having to write the cards out with putting a heartfelt message related to my feelings for the girl, insert the giftcards into them and pack them up. 
This was before the packing and writing the cards out. To make it all look the same or know it was from me

Finally packed and written out, to the people mentioned. Some you might know, some you might not. But i decided to make a shot of it. Also with the one in the green note. That was the most awkward one to do, due to the fact of  the person i'm trusting to deliver it to Sophie, (Her best mat Ashleigh, who looks beautiful as Soph) probably hates me so i needed to explain to her

Stage 3 - The delivery

Now this was not as tricky as i thought it would be. But first off i went to wilkos to deliver the MOST important card. As luck would have it, one of her mates whom i'm also good mates with, Bianca was in and was serving this asian lady with regards to makeup or perfume, i can't remember. So waiting by the shelf out of her view, i waited until she was done then tapped her on the back and asked her to deliver it. From 8pm i found out Emma had got it, which is a sigh of releif, although being told she doesn't deserve it is slightly heartbreaking. 

Anyways, the next one. Now this was a local...whats its called...ah yes...Fancy dress store which surprisingly enough the next girl to deliver for was working. She was seriving a customer for about 15 minutes and still had a amazing accent. Patiently i waited and then once she had finished, i said hi, gave her the card and said "happy christmas", then left. maybe i should of stayed a bit longer but i did get the vibe she didn't know who i was. 

The thrid one was at JD Sports, now to be honest i felt abit awkward just asking the till assistant to pass the card on to the next girl i was delivering too. So i browsed around and found a nice, cheap T-shirt for £7.00 and decided to purchase that for my dad as a presant, after a short queue, i was served and she was helpful and got to presents sorted (one for dad, one for the girl). Then that was that.

Now for the "fun" bit

So i was supposed to meet up with two girls at a local cafe in exeter street. I ran from JD to the cafe, with the help of Google maps, i might add to go out on a meal with them. Now instead, i did get to the cafe 15 minutes later, but as it turns out one of the girls was running late too. So after chatting for an hour and a half or so about various things with Muneetha. IT, Girls, news and also how Social media works was just part of them. The other girl and two mates of ours arrived. And here is where the fun begins, well to Sum up. I fed the other girl called Eloise, some of her birthday cake. Now this was an incredible expirence for me, maybe she was confused on what to do but enjoy the clip one of my mates recorded of it. WARNING VERY NSFW/OBJECTIONAL FEEDER RELATED MATERIAL. 
Birthday Cake feeding by omracerfaps

Then around 4:20 i left for home, ran back to my bike in drake circus and then started to cycle back. Although on the way, i dropped the last remaning cards off to the places they needed to go. An estate agents in Mutley Plain for one and Crownhill Mcdonalds for the other, but me being me, i bought two dips from there as a little fun. Then a nice race in the dark to cycle back, I got home about 6:50 and then had a nice one of my usual meals for tea. With that exta Chilli Sauce i bought from Mcdonalds.

well my late tea after my awesome day. chicken tika, bacon, h... on Twitpic

Then that was about it. A summary of what happened today. I'll try to blog more often, but with work being busy and of course Christmas a week away, times will be hard. But i'll do a summary of the year nearer the time.

Enjoy your week and have a Very nice and Amazing Christmas from me. Also I've had a request from a fan's girlfriend to do a shoutout, i'll include that in the Christmas onesie video. If you want in on that, Tweet me, FB me or send an e-mail to omracer9 @  googlemail.com with the subject Xmas shoutout and i'll add it in. Also that reminds me, i have to finish 3 more lots of shoutouts at some point. I'll get that done soon

Kind Regards