Thursday, 4 July 2013

Cycling for more presents

Well as its the start of july. i realise there are a few birthdays thats happened, such as one of my old blogtv friends, my boss, and a few girls i like, Which for one of them, i got a small birthday present. The events thats happened are actually not that significant, but as people say, the little things in life can open up to big opportunities, especially for my search for love.

To start off

Well i woke up, had a fap over one of the British models on bigcuties, then got changed, checked e-mails, yada, yada. But after setting up My tracks on my phone and since the GPS is much more stable than when it once was, i could give it a test drive. So i did. I cycled from my house to Crownhill, (just before the footbridge near the A38 Underpass) in 1 hour, 20 minutes. You can see the journey made from google maps below: 

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After that, i had to change my route slightly to visit a customer's house for delivering something that i had to test on the day before and also give some pointers of changing account pictures and wallpaper in windows 8.  A friend of the customers arrived in and it was nice talking about Pi (Rasbperry Pi) and other techy things. After 20 minutes i got into town, cycling through a interesting route, passing a cemetery near central park, it wasn't as nice as running past a park near lipson when i was on the latest night out to be honest.

Getting the presents

Once i was in town, locked the bike up, i was browsing in a few shops but making my way down the same florist that i previous bought Charley a rose for her birthday from. Believe it or now, the flowers i picked were £1 each, which i think was a bargain. But i bought those, the girl that served me was quite polite and smiled and although it was akward with having to bend the stem in my rucksack to make it fit :(.

After that, i browsed more shops, CEX, ComputerBase, Nerdz, JD to hope to see a girl that works there. Then i was passing Nandos, which the 1st main present was bought. A £20 giftcard. I was about to ask the girl that served me for one but she instantly said table and while i was wating in a queue of about 4 people, i typed up a note on google keep to show her (the same way as in oceana) and she understood. I think thats a lazy way to say clearly what i need when ordering if they can't hear, i know its partially rude but it better than "what was that ???" asked to me. 

After nandos, i walked down to tesco to get another of the presents, now i originally was going to have 2 of these for one present, but in the end i put one in each present. It was the Caburys Marvellous Creations popping candy chocolate bars. Which in Tesco, were priced up at £1.50. So i bought 2.

Paid for that nicely, then popped into Clinton Cards, i found some cute cards, but for one, i couldn't give a "i love you" since that would be cute but cause some problems and also it would be more leading her on. The other was a birthday but i found a cute card, the only problem was, they were quite expensive lol. £1.50 and £1.75 for a card is a bit steep, but nonetheless, i've paid and sorted it.

Then i got to a table in StarBucks and started writing the cards out. Basically one was a happy 20th and one was a present as an apology for me being a shit friend, like when boyfriends grovel and gift when they have done something wrong. But below you can see what i bought each:
The present for a friends 20th Birthday. 

The present for me making up to a girl for me being a shit friend to her as of late...

After writing the cards out, it was time to deliver one of them, at this point anyway. Which is a funny story of its own.

The mix up for Gala's delivery 

So basically i had to deliver the 2nd present to one of the gala bingo locations. So i walked to the one next to staples, hoping that i got it first time, i felt nervy and so on. Its a nervous thing since it can go wrong, BADLY. So i went to the reception, i waited about 10 minutes and then a colleague who was outside cleaning served me, it was tricky to explain what i was doing, she eventually understood but it turns out i went to the wrong Gala. So she told me to try the Derrys Cross one. 

I sprinted it to that one, then i passed a pub which is quite highly known and called "the bank" for the first time, it looked ok and quite reasonable meals, maybe i'll try it soon. But i walked into gala, then a older blonde served me, i explained to her, she understood much easier and even offered to get Charley to see me,  but i said its ok and guided her on giving the present. So that eventually worked. 

Back to town. 

Afterwards, i walked around, bought 2 notebook coolers from Poundland for £2. Which is a pretty good deal to enjoy. SignAlex isn't too bad a make either:
2 Notebook Coolers for £2. Great Value i think
After that, i met up with James, Niamh and Nath, we chatted, popped into tescos and then to a bus stop, she got on the bus, so we headed back to starbucks to relax and kill an hour or so. During that time, i got another shoutout done:

The people that i was talking about in this one were:
Jamie Stewart
George Bowrey
Keiran Mcclary
Jason Lee
Muneetha Kent
Cubb Thompson
Holly Posting
Will Palmer
Sean Allen -
Pete Robson

Afterwards, i decided to cycle back home, it was 4pm by this time and i wanted to make sure i had enough time to get some extra shoutouts done soon. Which i did.

But on the way home, i had to drop off the 20th birthday present at crownhill, so i got into mcdonalds and as i did, she saw me which kinda made it easier but it might of embarrassed her a tiny bit, but some chap served me an i ordered some cheap dips and then gave Jess (Girl i love's best mate jess) her present, she smiled and thanked me and said see you later which is a nice finishing touche :). But the journey home was quite hot and also exhausting, since the skies were getting clear and the sun was shining which made it so. 

The next shoutout was recorded near clearbrook, in a place which was avoided by the strong wind that is usually around there. But heres the 2nd shoutout video made today below:
Now this one featured:
Jack Porter -
Jacob Harris
Rebecca Joyce
Matt Mclung
Jessical Flynn
Lee Lashbrook
Tori Talia -
George Grundy
Chris Bond

Then it was more cycling back, up some slight hills and on minor roads, then i got to gem bridge about 6pm and got the final shoutout video recorded, now i've not editied and uploaded that one yet but below is the names thats included in the 25th shoutout in total, but the 3rd recorded :)
Joe Hiscocks
Liberty Sale
Sandy Mcdougall
Finlay Greig
Ash Churchill
Matt Roberts
James Follet
Lynn Channing
Charley Campbell

Then afterwards, i cycled home, got changed and put the bike in, then had a nice microwaved meal for tea along with some extras, including one of the dips i bought from mcdonalds :)
The tea i had. Chicken in black bean sauce, egg fried rice, ham, smokey bacon crisps and the Sweet Chilli dip from mcdonalds. 
After that, this ends here, and it was getting the shoutouts edited, playing some psp games when it was uploading and then typing this up. But as much as i wish i could say a chance with either of the girls would happen, i have a feeling its not and maybe this was all for nothing, but Charley thinks of me as a really sweet friend which is a good start, although people think i've friendzoned her which is worrying me a fair amount. 

But i need to sleep, night all and expect more blogposts, maybe in late july, with the Tavistock Carnival and more shoutout videos to be done, remember if you want one, let me know :)

Cheers then