Sunday, 27 October 2013

omracer's Night Out: A spooky quick one with a few friends

Well with the half term approaching, for school kids anyway. It was the weekend before Halloween, which for odd reasons makes nightclubs host the annual Halloween events. I also found out that Charley hosted a small gathering. I've missed that girl for about 3 months, is that long, she didn't feel it, but I did, we did talk about wanting a meal next week, but I'll explain later.

But to start this all off. With some events possibly happening, I was close to getting a proper night out, in fancy cosplay. I was thinking along the lines of a Hotline Miami Character. But insert coin still HAD THE JACKET INSPIRED BY THE GAME ON FUCKING PREORDER. which meant I was supposed to get one locally as well as an animal mask but had a catch up with friends which is actually more important.
So now it was Saturday, after a usual day of working, managing the shop as per, although by myself. It came to 4:25, I locked up and got the place sorted and the usual closing. Then started to run home, just as I passed my sister and mum by, yup, it was going to be a trip to Morrison's, which was a bit irritating since it was a rush to get prepped up and run to the bus. Which it happened to FUCKING PISS DOWN WITH RAIN.

By half 6 I was on the bus, paid £4.50 for a day rider, soaked mind you, but watching the Robotnik Collab, I have it on vlc on my iPod. Although the bus was quiet until Yelverton, where some guys decided to have a picnic right next to me, sort of. They got off at the stop just before mutely, which I got off then at mutely.
Just after getting on the bus, being soaked completely

I looked around, went for a piss while tweeting in the mannamead toilets, checked in papa Johns and even asked if they can do pizza without cheese, they can, also the prices were a rip off for the side orders. I also went into premier and I saw the biggest "slice" of angel cake I had ever seen with my own eyes. I mean each layer was the thickness of my own hands and it only cost £1.99, as seductive as that was, I decided to skip on it. That would be too forward after a 3 month gap. From here on out, the vlog kinda starts, well actually it started when i got off the bus, its below anyway: 

But it was now 7:30 and i decided to pelt it and run in the rain, which maybe it was a not too bad effort to get from mutely to the east side of efford in 30 minutes and that includes some stops along the way. But i got there just before 8. Knocked on the door, Charley said hi and let me in, then we chatted on her sofa, even talked about work, I'm not sure why she was interested, but she was. But we chatted about alot of things, from  organising a meal for next week, to some arguments between James and some Dave twat. But it was nice and comfy, nice to catch up and i know i could of been better but there is always the first time nerves when your with someone amazing. Her lounge looked really nice, with a decent TV, Wii, nice comfy sofa's, nicely lit, part of me made me feel cosy and well if i was lucky, i would be enjoying romance in that room. But I didn't risk that right now.

Later on, when me and Charley were in her bedroom, since she was finding some cigarettes, 2 of her other mates arrives, looking like some horror students from a haunted school, possibly vampires, well one (Jodie) had a custom made bite mark which looked quite cool. Soon after Muneetha and Oleisha arrived, then it was pretty much a nice gathering along with some not too bad music, chatter drinks and well my belly rumbling like thrice which got awkward towards the end. It was funny too with hearing some 3am voicemails from Jordan on the night before, which actually that was pretty fun, hearing alot of gossip but most of it went over my head. Muneetha also asked me if i had any laptops in work, ideally to give away but to buy, so i mentioned the recent stuff with XS Distribution, but that was a bit pricey to her.

By now it was nearing 10:15 and we all were trying to get taxi's, well calling various firms, some were expensive, some didn't even answer the call, but eventually we got a six seater which was about 10 minutes late and the fair came to around 9.70 for all of us, which from what i heard on the phone call to them, it was 9.70 per person to get there, so i paid that and let the cabbie have the change as a tip, although there was no good reason to.

By now i was with Oleisha and Jodie, which both of them added themselves to the guestlist, so i got in for free. which made that better, she said i would get her a drink, so i probably will next time i see her, i did kind of walk my way out of that. Just after i got in, i went straight to the Lodge bar and ordered tap water, and it was the best moment since Ashleigh served me, in her sadistic, muderous clown outfit, which she actually was slightly shocked to see me but smiled as the usual way with her, but i said thanks and walked around.

It also seemed that they've changed the place around a fair bit, With the usual entrace to the Woo Woo bar changed and new carpets. But i raved in the ice room for  short while, randomly dancing with anyone, some girls knew me in there, so dancing with them was neat, i saw a few bbws in there, some in Alice outfits, which was quite funny since one or two of them were tall, so it made the giantess appeal happen.

Soon after, i walked around the smoking area a few times, i chatted to some people, one of them knew a girl i used to know years ago, and she was out of her ass, but she went on to chat things like "that girl is absolutely beautiful, her tits are amazing", "you into tits", "if you treat her wrong i swear to god i'lll...", "I love you, some people just go like "yeah ok", but your like "yeah ok" and i can feel were good friends" that was from someone i've probably only seen once in my life and this was that once. Also before i walked back inside, i saw a friend of mine that i thought was pregnant since i was a bit down when i found out she was, when i asked zoey about it, she said "do i look like i'm pregnant" and mentioned that Jessie fraped her, which pretty much meant that well, i overreacted in august

Time was nearing 11:30 and i had one last rave in the ice rooms, but before i did, i saw charley and said goodbye and kissed her on the neck, or actually the shoulder, but she didn't pay much attention, but she did say bye, so its better than nothing. Then while raving in the ice room, i swear to whatever i saw Jess out, but it turns out i was hugging Jasmine, but i hugged her a bit too hard, then danced then wandered off.

Finally before i started leaving i realised i have 2 packets of Love Hearts in my pocket, so i gave one to ash and she smiled in an "aww" sort of sense, then i went out. As i was leaving i was passing by 3 pretty attractive girls, i knew and have fapped over all 3 in the past, so one of them saw me and said "hi mattie, oh look who it is" when Ashleigh in a cute cheerleaders dress with amazing thighs and belly pointed in Sophie's direction, she didn't even see but meh. Since ash was a bit hurt after some car crash earlier on the week, i asked how she was, she mentioned something about her shoulder, but it was a bit crowded to hear her.

After that i left and got the bus back home, i waited about 10 minutes at Bretonside, got on the bus with the day return and then a relaxing journey home, well typing some of this up which was nice,  i got off at Lidl, then ran home, eventually my phone's battery died just after i got off the bus, so it missed a call, i got home like 12:40 and got my soaked clothes off and then relaxed before deciding to call it a night and sleep.

That sums up this short night out, Next week i might be able to get a meal out so another post and vlog might happen, i can't 100% guarantee that (i've said that line to customers at least 15 times this week :@) but after that, its fireworks which means more vlogs and blog posts.

See you soon