Sunday, 13 October 2013

omracer's Night Out: The Frozen Finale of the Fair

So with the final night of Goose Fair happening, i decided to have a final visit for this year and see the rides for one last time.

After about 8:30pm, i got changed after watching some SaltyBet. Into my old jeans with various holes and the bacon strips shirt and the hoodie i wore to work earlier on in the day. So i ran down, it was cold but the fair was louder than ever and the crisp air was probably the reason, unlike last year when it was a damp and wet night :(. So i pass my usual viewpoint and the fair was standing out, just as ever...
The view of the fair from the viewpoint near monksmead, 

Then i get down there about 8:45 or so, walk around and then i started filming, it was ok, i mean there was no changes for the most part, the rides were starting to be dismantled one by one nearing 9:30 or so, with the trucks nearing in.

While i was walking around, i didn't see many people i know, just about 1 or 2. Mostly underagers and i had a girl called Kayleigh say that she liked me and gave me that cute girl tease type smile, but i walked around a bit more. I also tried a fruit machine, lost £1.20 which was a shame. Here are the pics from the fair for the final time:
The View of the fair looking towards the east side

Typhoon in motion for the 2nd to final time this year

Shane Rowland's Twsit with the sign being taken down. But Izzle is a nice name :D

XLR8 with people still riding it, even in the final hours

So after 9:30, i decided to wander into town, i first went to the orduplh, which apparently on the way there, one of the guys from the bus i used to take to go to #crappcityplym said there were some SSBBWs there, i checked and there was none, also it was like most people were ramdomly staring at me, so i left. After that, i walked into Co-Op and had a check on any deals, which there was none. Then i wandered ino the Tavy inn (The british legion pub) and there was some band playing, so i sat down on an empty table and was going to check the internet while they were playing, but there was no signal :(. So after 5 minutes, i just walked out and then decided to head out to the Cornish.

Going to the cornish however, was a wasted walk, it was almost completely full and no seats i could sit down at which weren't mainly for food, with the prices there, food is no way worth it. So i walked out another door and then to the Union, which was also jam packed and busy, i saw a mate of my work mates and then i was kind of feeling in a fuck it and not even bother, so i walked to the square and then popped in spar just as they closed (the guy in there closed the door just after i left), then i ended the vlog at this point and walked home, though the fair, with most of the rides being dismantled, the dodgem trucks arriving and then i saw XLR8 Being taken down. After, i ran home, as usual.

To be honest, this night ended here, with nothing important to say. Maybe i'm just feeling lonely and missing people and worried about things, but thats life in general these days. But i do have some new videos planned as well as maybe some more content on here. But you'll find out soon enough

And a final goodbye to the Fair this year
omracer out