Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: A Chilling Night

So it was after 6pm. i've just finished editing the day vlog and it was time to start to head out to enjoy the evening. I left just before my parents and ran down to the town, it was getting busy with people leaving and entering Tavi, buses were getting packed and all in all, mostly a better time. Even as i was walking, the bright and attracting rides were there and just as ever.
Heading down the fair from the West Side of Tavi, near Drakes Statue Roundabout.
As i was walking, i noticed a few things here and there, as well as stock being cleared out, the general atmosphere was more busier and harder to get around, but i was getting closer and closer to the fairground. Passing by almost hundreds of people, even some that knew me but didn't say hi or i thought wasn't shouting to/at me. But as i got to the fairground it was nearing towards 6:30pm and the clouds were getting darker and the night was closing in, which the bright attraction was reflecting on the sun very nicely and as the usual, taken some pictures.
The view from the west side, near Meadowlands and the XLR8 Booster
The Ghost Train

Shanes Sizzler Twister

XLR8 in full swing while the clouds are starting to move in 

Freddy's Revenge in motion while the lighting was as bright as ever

From this point, i looked around the fair some more, then started to make my way to the square, and just as i walk down, i end up meeting with 2 friends of mine, Summer and Meg, its been a while since we last saw each other, we asked how each other was, then she said about job wise and then no ones down here tonight, any of the old lot. She then said to me that Abbey split with matt, now years ago, i would of wanted to hear that, but now, i smiled and even though i was tempted, i know I've lost the chance, so there is no going back. Then i walked back to the fairground with them both, and i left them as they went on the dodgems. From here on out, it was 7:30 and started vlogging, just as it was raining, and i mean a heavy dose of light showers, which was a shame, although that didn't last long.

Since there wasn't much i've already covered, the clips were shorter and i didn't film as much, i did walk around and meet up with some people. Like i saw Eloise while i was filming, especially which her baby was due today or actually yesterday but as far as i knew, she didn't have the baby that night. As well as while i was looking at some sweets, i ended up right next to another ex, Sammy. I was right next to her, then she noticed me and said "hey you" in her cute voice as ever while nudging me with a plastic tub of sweets, she looked as nice, but more brunette hair than black but the same figure as always. I then walked around the fair and square some more:

Freddy's Revenge on another ride, going as fast as usual

The view of the Fairground from the East Side of the car park

Another view of the fairground from the opposite side of the car park

Tuson Evan's Ministry of Sound spinning as fast as ever and the speed is shown in this amazing blur

The Sizzler in the squar

I walked around and I found a nice little invention which was a air based whisk, which is used to make a better froth for coffees or even make omlettes with it. You saw it in the vlog with a demonstration, i liked it to be fair, even bought one for £10 before i left. I'll do a review on it soon but if you want a similar one, look below:

As well as that, i ended up buying some more incense, since incense is a nice fragrance that you can burn and make it easier to smell and relax your senses, especially if you feeling various emotions and all. I decided to buy 6 for £5. which isn't too bad and there is about 10 in each box. But after buying those, i browsed and wandered the fair a bit more, i saw sadie and saffie and we talked for a bit, she even asked if i lost my virginity yet, i said nope, but she wanted to see my hawaiiian shirt so i gave her a peek. Then after that, walked around in general for a bit until 10:10 and then decided to run home and get prepared for rendering and the day blogpost. So i got home and then upacked everything, what i bought is below:

The 6 different packs of incense i bought for £5 and the whisk i bought for £10. 

So this year has been an OK one, sure there wasn't as much of a good range of products this year but, the rides were slightly better than last, with repaints and all. I also seen people here and there, chatted and well just a glimpse to be fair. Heck i did even find out that Charley's family was there and saw me but didn't shout or i might not of heard them. But i did feel lonely as fuck, that is mostly my fault. But waking up on the morning after did make me realise i do wish i never moved on, but i said to myself, if i moved on, this would of happened anyway.

For now, that's a big event in my year almost over, once its the end of this week, then that's official Goose Fair done and over with, which is a shame but its a once a year of some amazing things at times. I'll let you know what's next for me in the Night out blogpost. Even this Saturday makes me realise that I've been a YT partner for 2 years about now. Which is pretty amazing and its also helped me with life and in a essence, selling my story.

For now though, i will see you Saturday