Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Tavistock Goose Fair 2013: The Day of Wondering

Well after the thrills of the rides starting last night, it was finally the official day of the fair. So i had to prep up and start getting the coverage and set up my PC ready for me to quickly get editing once i arrived home.

I woke up at about 9:40 and then did the usual shower and also set up my main pc to install the font i will use for the vlog and also copied music from my laptop to the PC as well, also theres an annoying glitch with USB mice on OSX for me if i plug a device into the front usb ports, i think i've been overdoing the bandwidth.
Anyways, after the music was copied and the font was installed, i got changed into a all white style night out attire and ran down to the town.

A Poor and blurry selfie to show off what i wore for the day and night. My Hawaiian Shirt, White jeans and White Socks

I walked around, down the main section, passing various stalls and making my way down to where i have started the day vlogs for the fair the past few years. It wasn't as crowded as earlier years, but as the day progressed, it got busier and busier. But from here on out, the rest of the part of this story is in the vlog. 

But there were some neat additions and the apple juice was tasty, i did miss getting a squishee but the food looked just as good, but i didn't notice many people during the day, also it was nice to pop in work and catch up, yet again customers pop in asking random questions like if we sold Coaxial leads for a car radio. 
But below is some of the best pictures i snapped before i went home to edit the vlog:

The View from the entrance from the main road

The DAT ASS Kardashian girl lookalike on Atlanta Dodgems

Typhoon during the day, just as a ride was about to start

Terminator along with Oxygen

A view of the east side of the car park, with Toro Loco and Oxygen

Energy Rush

Rowland's Terminator

The Phantom Menace in swing

eVolution. Just as it starts to ride

Sizzler at the square

Then i get home, start to eat my lunch which as you saw from the vlog, it was a burger and chips. Although i did add some extras on to it (see below), it did taste really nice and was worth the £5 and the running up the hill in a bread bag for.

My lunch as i got home. 1/4lb Burger, Chips, Crisps, Coco pops and salad cream

Now after that, i got the dog out to do his business after a fair bit of nagging to say the least, then i edited the vlog until 6. Which then the tale of the Night at goose fair begins. Which is alot busier and will be in a separate blogpost. 

See you then.