Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A cold cycle for some quick shopping

With November prancing past us, day by day, i decided it was time to head out into Plymouth once again. Even though its been a busy 2 weeks after the Fireworks at the hoe, with work being busy, covering maternity leaves to even being stuck in a porch. Now that was NOT fun. But i'll get to that later.

The first thing to announce, is that my sister bought a 9 week year old kitten for £200. She is a maincoon, adorable and intelligent as well as playful, i've been bonding with her often, looking after her, making sure both her and the poodle get on, which she does. Shes named Aries, but based on her blue eyes that she has more than the greek mythology.
Aries enjoying some cat videos. 
But this leads into some recent events, the time when i was stuck in a porch for 2 hours :@.
To sum it up, i was checking on Aries last friday, she was in the porch since everyone else was out, so i closed the door between the porch and the hall....BIG MISTAKE. It turned out that it locked the door without me realising, so i was trapped there, even though i was using ways to force the door open from using some wire from my dad's old toys to pick the lock, to using a small portable radiator looking heater and smash the door in. I got locked in there at 9:35, i got out about 11:30 with the postman going in the back door and opening the porch door from the back, crazy stuff. Then my day was as normal, i did dent the door in slightly but only a few marks, but that was about £300's of damage.

But back to today.

Preparing the bike for the journey

Now with the Christmas shopping underway, well not for me but with Plymouth in general, it was time for me to do my usual shopping and see the sights. I decided to cyc1e there yet again. I woke up at 9:30, after fapping over a beautiful chubby girl names issie hartley, i got prepared and then i left. My sister was asking me to take a shot of the globe thats in there. I cycled out and it was a breezey journey, it was freezing cold, even with the pure sun beaming in my eyes, but i was warming up nearer and nearer reaching the city.
By Clearbrook, the Sun and the wet trail
I got into drake's circus about 12:21. Which was about a 1 hour, 50 minute journey, which i just pealed in 2nd gear for the most part. But i decided to look around in a few shops, first off was primark. I decided to have a look at jeans and i ended up buying 2 of some 32" waist bootcut jeans.
The jeans i bought from Primark - Bootcut Denim Co size 32" jeans for £10 each
After that, i browsed a few phone shops, including Carphone warehouse were i was having a nice geeky chat with a cute bbw redhead, we got off on the right foot and it felt nice talking to her, she helped me out with the specs for the SIII mini but that was £149 Sim Free. It was a nice phone to be fair, but i could get cheaper and better value from Chinavasion. After that i headed out to meet up with Pete and James and i thought Charley as well, but that wasn't the case.

I was supposed to meet them at the Top Lyolds bank at 1pm, i ended up going to the bottom one, which then Pete called me (which the number said unknown, maybe the MTK6589 caller id glitch) and i ended up meeting him at poundland. Me and Pete both looked around, i needed a USB fan so i was going to buy one, but it turned out the queue was pretty insane, so we left it until later.

Eventually, me and Pete met up with James at Starbucks and then we walked around looking for a box of chocolates for Pete colleague's birthday, so we looked around and eventually found a nice Mint boxset for about £5, he paid for that, then bought a bag to put it inside, we went to a mini store place, which had plenty of Christmas Decor, bags, cards and other bits of tat. So i looked around, some sex toys were around, train sets and other bits of toys which are better for melting than playing. But then we all met up again after pete paid for the bags.

We then headed out to a local cafe near Primark, called Caffe Latte, it was a small breakfast bar but had some really cheap but tasty food, so Pete had a sausage and bacon bap, Me and James had breakfasts baps, with 2 sausages, Bacon, eggs and whatever sauces they had on offer. James had Brown Sauce, whereas i had BBQ. It was delish to have and only cost me £2.49, which is an ok price since there was no drink included.
The Breakfast Bap, looks delish and only cost me a okish £2.49.
Both James and pete were chatting about various topics, then it was about 2pm and Pete had to get back to work, so me and James explored a few places. Chatted about various things, i even found out Bronti is single from some events curly haired people do in the Jesters rave room. Also James asked about the novel as well as possibly planning a meal next month as a final meal of the year. I hope i get some chance to do that before 2014. Then we looked in various shops, like the Apple Store, which was testing and asking about iMovie for OSX 10.9, then browsed the American Sweet ship. After that, i took some pics of the Globe that was near the christmas market, it was an average globe with £2.50 entry fee each person, it looked nice, with the fake snow and a small inflatable globe
The Inflatable Globe 

The mix of Globes nearing the top of Armada Way

After that, i looked in CEX and decided to buy a 1TB internal HDD for £40 which was nice, it was a segate re-certified 3.5" and looked ok, it had been fully tested and works fine. The queue for it was alot shorter than usual, so it was quicker to get served in there, a nice chap served me, he explained the HDD history and about his setup and vice versa. Once i bought that, both of us went in Poundland and then i bought a USB fan and a PS move Charging stand. The official one for £1, thats really good value, although the  After that, i looked in House of Fraser to speak to Maisie, for something i'll mention later on, but she was nice and helpful. Then it was helping james out with shopping in Tesco, he picked out a range of things, like blueberries, frozen vegetables, alpen and other minor things. 

Once that was done, we split our ways and then i left for my bike, which was ok, but having to clean the bike with a toilet roll was quite effective and then i got set and left for home. The bike ride was ok and my legs were feeling stronger which made hills less difficult. The temperature was chilly, it was even starting to rain nearer the end. I got home about 5:20 and then got unpacked as well as let the cat out. But below is what i bought on the day:

The stuff i had bought today: 2 pairs of Jeans for £20, A 1TB Segate Re-Certified 3.5" HDD for £40, A Playstation Move Charging Stand for £1 and a USB Notebook Cooler for £1. Total Spent = £62
And that sums everything up, now next up for the blog will be Dickensian, which is the final public event before Christmas and New Years, which i might blog about. Maybe soon its time to get christmas sorted and possibly a giveaway soon. But for now. Enjoy the cold Winter nights, Shitty i'm a Celebrity with a guy with brighter teeth than an average person's future but who is dumb as shit. 

For now, see you in the next one