Tuesday, 5 November 2013

omracer's Night out: A banging firework display

Well with the first set of fireworks over in Tavistock, the next for me to see was the annual one in Plymouth. From the tweets I've read, I found out that I could finally see Emma again and ignite the burning flame in my heart that has been shattered and that flame was close to burning out, which I don't want to lose. But will I see her and replenish my heart, especially on a wet and cold November night. Read on to see. But if you want to see the vlog for that night: click below:

The beginning of a hopeful evening

To start the day off, I was working an extra day at work, to help me focus on things and to be honest, make me earn the reward of something amazing. Anyway it was a usual day at work with:  demanding customers, orders to make, cold weather, researching. But about 4:15 after checking on a HDD enclosure for a Seagate GoAgent desk, I ran home in the small rain, hoping I would get to see Emma tonight
Then I got home, I got changed into my usual attire, after a shower. Then i checked my emails and had to ignore the cry of windows 8.1 pro wmc to be activated which I've had for a month at least now. I finally left at 5:11 and pelted it to the bus stop by lidl, where I always get the bus now. After getting on and paying £3 for a day rider (Finally cheap to go on a bus) I was on my way to Plymouth.

While on the bus, I carried on reading a PDF of The Pandora's Box system, which is a book by a possible scammer but more known as a pick up artist Named Vin Decarlo. I've been reading this book for some time now, its sort of insightful and teaches you some nice skills in some respects. I'm still reading the last section but its good to know the chat up lines and tactics which hopefully i could use to get a chance with Emma or someone i want to devote my love and heart to as much as her. If you want to read the book, click HERE.

While I was passing Yelverton reading a chapter of the book, I got a text from Jess which I won't explain since I can't but it ended having to retract my realisation of something. After that was sorted, I got off by the Morrison's on outland road, and started running my way to town, listening to music from persona 4 arena, hoping I get to see Emma. By this point the firework vlog had started.

The view of the wheel and oxygen Booster from outland road

As I got into town, I looked around and ended up passing chavs, bbws and other types of people. Even some chavs asked me "are you living the dream ". I said no, they are laughing and carried out asking others the same thing.
Later,  I went to the casino, which was very good, considering I used a £1 to donate to a musician on the way there, I bought a glass of lime for £0.35, after a quick filming and drinking that, I played a few rounds of blackjack, the guy was acting like a card magician, but I did get 21 twice so he might of been.

The drink from the casino that cost me £0.35. Quite nice, definatly refreshing for me, the only drink today i have had at this point of the day, about 7pm.

Then before I started making my way to the main event, the hoe, I decided to pop into Charley's work, just in case she was working overtime and I could possibly see her for one last time this year, but my luck may have started running out, I didn't see her. So I sighed and made my way to the hoe for the fireworks and bonfire.

I walked around, the music was much louder this time by the stage, there was a crane holding it up which might of been the cause but at some cases, it was making the ground tremble, well during the actual event.
The fair was reasonably good, some old favourites from Tavi Goose Fair were there like oxygen and Tyson's Typhoon as well as the rides from David and Shane Rowland. Some beautiful pics of the night were taken, enjoy them below:

The Big Wheel and Drakes Statue

Smeatons Tower

The Bonfire when fully alight

David Rowlands "Rhythm Dancer Miami"

Shane Rowlands "Sizzler" Twister

Tagada in motion

Edward Danter's Superbowl

Edward Danter's Oxygen, and look at the mirror type ghosting effect again

Edward Danter's Superstar N1

David Rowlands Dodgems and Groove Rider Walzter

A general view of the fair.

Another view of the Fair from the East Side of the Hoe

At 7:31 the bonfire was lit, although the smoke was blowing east, nearing the citadel it was still a nice tradition being shown for sky to light up on. Then it was more wandering around until 8. Which just as o was setting up Ustream on my phone, the music blasted and the fireworks were on for 17 minutes. Maybe the music was too loud, but it was nice, even the heart shaped red fireworks, which made me wish i could see Emma, but alas I missed that dream and I even walked past jess, she noticed me but I didn't, I feel like a complete twat and considering I have plans which might need her help, I do not want to lose her as well.

After the fireworks, i walked around before waiting 10 minutes at the big wheel, my boss suggested i should do a meet and greet there, but that didn't work nope, no luck, even if i did get 2 retweets from the tweet mentioning i was doing one

But alas after walking around, i wandered back into town, looking in various pubs and bars, looking for a bite to eat and maybe a drink. I tried some places near uni, even this new "Caffeine club" which looked pricey and there are rumours you have to pay for TAP WATER :@. So i walked out of there and i was in a clamour of about 50 to 100 foreign plym uni students, walking around wasn't too hard but a bit tricky in some cases. I popped into places like Cuba, KFC, Spar, Papa Johns, Pizza hut and others.

Some good offers were in a premier store in Mutley, i mentioned in Halloween night out blogpost about the large cake, well i saw them again and i wanted to actually show you how big they actually are and for £1.69 each, this is top notch fattening food on a budget.
Look at the sizes of that Angel Cake and that Chco Cake, that looks orgasmic and tempting, more than a 300lb girl i like, but if she was 300lb, she would get both no questions asked

A better look at the large chcolate cake, this looks too good to be true, i hope its as good as it looks
Then i walked into dominoes, and i looked at a menu, so basically there shouldn't be anything else to mention here, nope actually there was a helpful middle aged chap at the till, i told him about being lactose intolerable and he mentioned some options like having a BBQ sauce base in half to cover the cheese flavour. I wasn't really paying attention since i really wanted to buy this for a girl and spend time with her while feeding it, but after 20 minutes, i decided to head out.

Then i went to the house, it was nearing 10 by this time so i bought some nice meatballs on the way to the House, for £1. Since i was hungry, me saying no was not a good idea. So i took them with me to the house.
The meatballs, they are the same from the spar in Tavi
When i get to the house, i ring the bell, the usual funny chime rings. James answers the door "alright bey", then lets me in, i firmly close the door behind me, then he shouts "PETE, GET DOWN HERE" at the top of his lungs, then James says "hide" when i walk into the lounge, Pete gets in, says "what" as he enters the lounge, so i tap him on the back, shocked him slightly. But after that, we chat for about half an hour, more going back to the erotic novel and the best line was "and then he fingered her". But it was quite funny, thinking of it, then i might of spoiled to them a part of what happens in the 2nd novel I'm working on, but it won't be finished until early December but defiantly before this year ends. That and we were also discussing chat up lines since i mentioned some from the Pandora's Box system PDF. It is always a fun laugh down at the house, it cheered me up after losing the possible final chance to see her again, unless something happens *sigh*.

Then it was time to get home, i pelted it up the hill and got there 2 minutes before 22:50 and the bus ended up arriving at 23:10 which annoyed me. But then it was relaxing and typing this up.

So there we have it, that's another year nearing its ends, the next blog and vlog is possibly Dickensian but there might be some extra ones if i get a meal out or if i manager to get Sophie a 20th birthday present, but for now, its relaxing and working while covering my workmates possible hours since his daughter named Paris is now in this world.

Until next time.