Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A final time of giving in 2013

Well with Christmas Eve only a week away. Time is getting short with the final shop before the festivity begins and i had to get the presents sorted and give them out to people i care about as well as sort my family out. So lets begin...

I woke up, slightly earlier than usual after a nice releasing fap. Then after i got changed, it was nearing 10am, i decided to get the bike out and prepare everything. Eventually after doing that and checking on the kitten, i headed off and started my journey.  It was quite a nice one, although i had some busier traffic on the roads, passing a few construction sites and even having a horse give me evil looks as i tried to pass it near yelverton. I made it in under 2 hours.

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The Bike, parked at Drake's Circus, but looking shitty from the mud along the journey there

Then it was more or less the case of getting what i needed and preparing it for delivery. Now i did make a vlog which starts from this point. This isn't as good as other vlogs but thats the front camera having a REALLY bad framerate, hence the picture jerking, nevertheless, you can see it below:

Then it was mostly looking in various stores. Testing a Dualshock 4 out, telling some people what injustice is, buying phone cases, browsing cheap jeans in primark, which i'm usually ok at and more trolling phone shops, asking about the Sony Xperia C. That was in a ramdom order.

It was rather quick, purchasing what i needed, Fone World was quite pricey, but the staff were much nicer than before, but then it was making my way to Pizza Hut to buy the gift cards. Now it was the usual nice smell with that store, people were eating pizza, a nice bbw served me, although she had to get someone else to set up gift cards, which is very similar to last time. But it was interesting regarding the "instant win" guranteed vouchers, after asking, i got given 2 of them, although the terms did mention it was "only one per billed customer". So i bundled them with each gift card.

After that, it was time to get the other phone case for my mum, now this was important since i wanted to make sure it was a good one and it turned out to be cheaper and just as good looking as an official flip cover for a SIII Mini which she bought for £90 off Roger (The watchman, if your from Tavi, you might know of him). She loves it. But that cost me £9.99.

Then it was more walking around, checking computerbase, the Arena, Nerdz, Wants Xtra, Sony Store and then back to vlog bits of the christmas market, which i wish i could of filmed more of, but knowing people, they get fussy with a camera. But afterwards was the visit into Winter wonderland was well worth it and needed. I found decent Christmas bags for £1 each and a nice pack of cute kitten based Christmas cards for also £1. After buying that and popping into ann summers to buy some body paint, which there was some girls and one said to her mate "that taste's really good" and i went to the till with one, then went back and bought 2. The girl at the till said hun to me a few times, that felt nice. After, it was time to get everything organised. I found some space in the seating by starbucks in Drake's Circus.

Pretty much what the presents i've bought and/or had to deliver. 

So basically, it was about 30 minutes of preparing the presents. To make it simple, i'll bullet point what was for who. The Chromecasts were from HD-Direct, i only saved £6.30 from buying 3 of them, £39.95 each.


  • £20 Pizza Hut Giftcard
  • Google Chromecast 
  • £20 Pizza Hut Gift Card
  • Google Chromecast
  • Ann Summer's Chocolate Body paint (£5.00)
  • Google Chomecast
  • Ann Summer's Chocolate Body Paint (£5.00)
  • £20 B&Q voucher
  • £20 Primark Gift Card
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini Flip cover case (£9.99)
  • iPhone 5 Flowery flip cover case (£12.99)

Then it was nearing 2pm. I decided to deliver to Bronti first off. So i made my way to her work, through Primark, Walking through Brentonside, and i got to hers, i was waiting at the bar, she then saw me and served me, i gave her the bag, she was a bit taken back "Are you sure", i said "its fine, its the least i could do", so she taken it and said thanks, she was a bit uneasy, i might of been a bit blunt and walked out. 

It was then onto Charley's work, a slightly longer time, but i got to her's. Then i gave the back to two not too bad looking girls, i said if they could and they happily said ok, i might of been worried if they knew which one and i think they knew, they giggled and said "we love her" or something very related. Afterwhich i left and decided to pop in the casino, well i needed to take the toilet and also play a round of blackjack. While peeing and tweeting, i had to deal with a Chinese guy shouting on the phone. Then i betted £3 on blackjack and i lost by one number lower than the dealer. 

Then it was time to make the walk to finish emma's present. So i got into House of fraser and saw maisie, she was slightly annoyed from the looks but once we started talking, she was in a better mood. She explained some options she liked, which to be honest makeup wasn't my thing, she recommend something and i did mention she like red lipstick, she did say "good thinking for picking up on that Mattie". Then we talked about the past and also she was still shocked on the present i gave Emma for valentines day last year. But after that, we sorted everything out, i paid £32 for the lipsitck pack, gave her the card to give her and then i left. I felt warm and fuzzy and also relived i talked to her about it, maybe its to clear things up but i'm not sure. 

After that, i walked about some more, browse Maplins for a while then i started heading back home. The Journey wasn't too bad, i think i left the bike seat up too high, it was embarrasing to climb up onto it. But once i got to Mcdonalds, it was really convienent that just as i was about to park my bike, Jess was walking out, with one of those inspector coasts and her smile was more my type, but i said hi then we asked how each other was, then i quickly gave her the bag, she was about to catch the bus. So i carried on, it was straining towards the end, but i made it before 5:30 :).

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Then i got home, it was a nice evening, actually it turned out that just aftet i edited the vlog, my desktop went haywire and i've now lost my OSX hard drive, well it won't boot anymore. Files i can recover, but its looking like a re-install. WHY CAN'T IATKOS M BE OUT YET :(.

But back onto my life, times are going to be busy the next two weeks, its turning out to be more working, possibly a vlog, defiantly a blogpost about Friday night when a friend (who dating a jerk, imagine a girl being told when she can cuddle her own boyfriend, that type of jerk) is having some drinks at the Bank at 7 i think, i'll try to go along. Also Bronti feels really bad about the chromecast so i might be having that back :(, Also i'll try to get a review of the Year blogpost and vlog done. But for now, enjoy your night :). Also this marks the completion of the New Years Resolution to cycle to Plymouth and back at least once a month this year, so congrats to me for that :).

See you in the next blogpost