Saturday, 21 December 2013

omracer's Night Out: A final bit of Friday fun in 2013

With only 5 days until Christmas Day and the days of 2014 approaching fast, it was nearly going to be the end of nights out, or so I thought....

How it began:

A week ago, I got invited to a birthday night out from a friend of mine, it was a 19th and it was supposed to be a meet up at the Berkeley. So I originally said maybe but then I was going to go ahead.
It was a busy day in work, with reinstalls, paperwork to sort with getting tablets and laptops in business contact manager in outlook, as well as trying to finish off some Microsoft Virtual Academy courses, I understand bitlocker on a basic level now. But I left work at 5:15pm and was supposed to get the bus at lidl at 5:50pm. I did have a quick lunch, that cost me £1.53 but 2 scotch eggs for £1.01 is pretty good.
My Lunch on that day, a nice cost of £1.53. Reduced Scotch Eggs and a bottle of peach Sparkling Water

I got home at 5:25 pm or so, just as I walk in the door, my dad leaves to pick up mum, mentioned that his friends are looking after Aries, that was a bit odd but I rushed to get changed and head out to the bus stop. Of course, wishing my dad's friends Merry Christmas is a small gesture of kindness. I got down to lidl at 5:47 and I thought I had missed it.

But luckily, the bus ended up late, so by 6:07pm ish, I was on the bus, paid £4.50 for the day rider and then was on my way. While I was on the bus, it turned out that someone I used to know from Tavi College was on, she sat on the opposite side then we started talking about, well a lot of things. From her realising that I'm one of the few people she hasn't seen since we left in 2009, to more geeky talk and the chat on how affiliate marketing works, oh and her saying about her job as a promoter for angels, which to be fair, its a lot more skilled than people think it is, maybe its a sign I need to not ignore promoters and help them out.

Eventually we both got off at Royal Parade, she started chatting with a bouncer in the Brass Monkey, while I walked to the centre of town. At this point, I walked around and started vlogging, I'll link it down below. But after I made the intro, I went to drake's circus to have a tiddle. That went quick and then I started heading off to the Berkeley to meet up with the meet up...

Drake's Circus at around 6:50pm, its very nice and the lights make it cool

That start to the night, a busy one...

I got there, walked in...WHAT THE FUCKING HELL, THIS PLACE WAS PACKED IN MORE THAN SARDINES IN A CAN. The problem with that place that was although my first time going in there, bear in mind that is unusual that a sophisticated club like this is first for being packed and so busy that even the bouncers were letting people in one by one if someone leaves. For example i left, someone else was allowed in. But there was no luck to finding Josie there, so i went to the Bank to find her.

I made my way to the bank, even though I've never been there before, it looks really nice, i might of originally entered in from the back garden but that was really nice to look at, searching all 3 floors and looking wasn't that long but i don't think i saw her in there, although there was one or two good looking bbws in there. After leaving the Bank, i checked  The Berkely again and although it wasn't as packed, it was still no luck, so i looked in the new Tesco Express nearby, it was quite

Then i decided to get a drink, so i headed down to the barbican and passed a few things on my way. But i got into the Gog & Magog, it was PACKED, well that shouldn't surprise me but after going for another piss, i decided to get a nice shot of water, so that was a quick order, a cute girl did serve me, i didn't see Bronti but i can't get lucky all the time. After that shot, i walked out and started checking the Berkley, then the Bank, then Union rooms. While walking to Union rooms, this guy and his mum were lost and looking for the Pavilions, so i guided them both to get there, then went into Union Rooms. 

All 3 were packed, it was also interesting that Union Rooms now has facial recognition software along with passport scanning, but it verified the age and i got in and looked around, someone did smash the normal doors for the Beer Garden in, but a bouncer was there to open the doors, but i looked around, quickly went back in and then went upstairs, looking for Josie still, but alas, no luck. It was nice to be in there but i decided to venture out, to the Casino. 

The casino was all in good fun, walked in there, then went to take another chance for a gamble in blackjack, it was a slight delay with waiting to play, but i was with people playing and betting at least £10 to £30 and even someone better in 2 £5 notes thinking that was cheap, when the person next to him (which was me) paid £3 to bet and that was all. The cards were dealt and i got a 10 and a 4. Sadly i twisted and got a King, woops, i'm out, the guy said next to me saying "i should of stuck". Then i left and started to wander around North Hill. 

The North Hill Wandering

Walking around North Hill was reasonable, well i did browse a few places. The first place was the Caffeine Club, which is similar to a 24 Hour Costa except more a local business than a overpriced franchise or even a corporate conglomerate that doesn't even pay Tax£s in the UK (*Cough* Starbucks *Cough*). But i wandered into there and it was a nice atmosphere, well the staff were nice, although some bloke was giving one a hard time for asking him a question. But i then got asked if i wanted anything, i said "i'm just looking", i think i was staring at the menu for a good 15 to 20 minutes. Some of the options were good, like the Monster Menus but i was a bit off put by the price, since water was only bottles and £1.99, then it would be over £10 for a meal, which isn't on to be honest, anywhere. Then i left and went to Cuba...

Cuba was quite quiet, yeah sure, there was a bit of a atmosphere but it was plenty of empty space. So i went to the bar, i decided to look at the cocktail and shots menu for some random reason, i mean some of the names in there were amazing like: "Gluttony", "Strawberry Cheesecake", "Walk of Shame" and other strange types. Now this was quite interesting, since i did think if they actually blended in the food flavours, like the cheesecake, so when the guy at the bar asked if i wanted anything, i asked him about the cocktails, he gave a strange look on his face when i asked him if it was as literal as it says "Strawberry Cheesecake" for example, in a shot glass (blended for obvious reasons), he said "it consists of various flavours of alcoholic yoghurt and spirits", it nearly got into a heated argument, then when i asked if they did anything non-alcoholic gave me a odd look and just said "the only drinks like that are fruit juices, so i said "ah, ok" then sat down and checked for tweets. Then headed up to Mousetrap..

It was a quick time in there, i went up to the bar, asked the girl for "Water in a shot glass please", now she gave me the strangest look, but nevertheless she did it and i got the nice shot, so i gulped it down then walked out. After that, it was a nice walk up and browsing the north hill spar. It was nice in there, browsing through all of the stuff, some stuff were pricier than the Tavi Spar, but i found the nice row of Hot food. Believe it or not, i saw the pasty i love, a Chicken and Vegetable one, for £1.35. I smiled, then asked the girl "what the minimum card limit" she said £1 and i instantly purchased it on my virgin card. Just as i walked out, looking for somewhere to sit, it started to have the skies open up (which means it started raining, heavily), That was a disappointment, but never the less, i ran to Drake's circus to eat the meal. 
My late tea for the night. A chicken pasty for £1.35.
So i made my way to Drake's circus, with the pasty, i found a nice seat and starting to eat it, well after tweeting it and instagramming it of course, since thats the daily life. But then it was nice to continue eating and ranting about things, but as i was eating, i got some snapchats from Jess's Sister, who thinks i'm a gentleman.
The snapchat i got
So i replied asking which place she was at, i got a reply almost instantly. 

The reply
So i replied saying i'll be over there in about 10 minutes, well after enjoying the pasty, which was really delicious. I headed out to go back to union rooms to see her and possibly even get lucky with getting tips to maybe find a way to ask jess out, but as i got there, the Queue was long, so i decided to bottle it and go somewhere else. More over to the Barbican.

Now for the real bit of enjoyment.

I walked to the barbican and had a short look around, it was wet but people were still boozing and shouting about, well there were the usual bars open, not that busy but still open with people drinking and Cops on the streets, so i walked around, looked into Blackjacks, which is one of the nice ones, the bouncers didn't even want to see my ID, not sure why but with everything, its better to have it then not have it. Afterwards, i started to make my way to oceana, well more the leisure park, since Charley was at tenpin for a bit and it would be nice to finally catch up with her. As i made my way there, i checked out Cap N Jaspers, as i was looking, a old friend, well more girl i flirt with on twitter here and there, waved at me, cute blonde with nice eyes and although slim, she could be a cute feedee. But then i headed out via Sutton Bridge. 
The view of the Barbican from Cap N Jaspers
I ran in puddles, smelly fish and chavs chanting things but i made it to the leisure park, so before going into tenpin, i decided to have a browse in vue, which is more like the place where the best slush puppy type squishee i've ever tasted....TANGO ICE BLAST, but of course i just wanted to see what was coming out. But the choices were (From the posters at least)
  • Anchorman 2
  • Frozen
  • RoboCop 2014 Remake
So that was nice then it was looking around the food section, well i didn't look that much but it was nice but also depressing seeing the best food but at rip off prices and margins. Then it was time to head to tenpin

So i walked in and browsed some of the machines, smiling to myself as i was remembering "oh yeah, i have Deadstorm Pirates on Move" and even saying about Outrun 2 and especially the funny facts with one of the new character DLC for Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed.  But before sitting in the cabinet, i decided to get a drink from the bar, a shot glass of water, and funnily enough, i smiled to my left and then i saw Charley gave a gasp then started to walk over to me. We then hugged and greeted each other. She was surprised to see me there, to be fair, so was i but then she said "thanks for the presents btw" then was saying about the chromecast i got her, she loves it, which made me happy. Then i looked around some more after letting her go and she continued to enjoy her work do. Played a few games of Monopoly: Road to Riches and lost eventually, then i think i saw Catherine (a blonde girl i kinda want to fatten up and pigs out on alot of food but is really really slim) but i don't think she noticed me. I did go for yet another tiddle before i left but it turned out there was tissue paper with shit on it, lying on the floor, not the nicest thing, i must admit

But then i walked to Oceana, now luckily i got in for free since it was about 10:20 or so. So i wondered around, noticed a girl that i used to fap over before she lost alot of weight and then blocked me, then went in woo woo and noticed a few things. Well apart from my favourite barmaid serving (ash was having the most amazing soft cheeks, i picked up on that), but we didn't speak. I also danced for a bit, some neat songs on, there was this really cute girl with a really nice softness to her smile, blonde hair, wide eyes, thick thighs and even had a girl i know of and later on hugged mne , i did try to say hi but it didn't end so well. Then i wandered into the smoking area, then it turns out a good looking curvy girl with black hair realised who i was and asked "am i fat enough" although she wasn't too big, i did feel a semi D happening, then one of her friends who was a slim blonde  started chatting and even convincing me to go with her to a taxi back to her place to have sex with her. I quote these words "My boyfriend won't mind, we could have a 3 some", that then changed to a 4some when the girl tha first spoke to me said we could. Then it was i think another close friend of hers put his arms around me then ask how sexy the slim girl was, but i had no attraction to her, i tried to hint that, he might not of got the point. Then i headed back inside to try to chat that other blonde up again.

While that was happening, an old friend of mine came up to me and then we hugged and we chatted, "I've not seen you in years" Issac said. So we chatted up and he knew i was trying to pull, but he asked anyway, "how much money did she cost you" as a joke question, i said "i've not paid her yet" then laughed, then he mentioned something about his laptop and calling me, but he sorted it with warranty. Then it was more browsing around. 

As it was getting near 11pm, the Ice room started to open up, with people flocking in and then i see another bbw looking incredible, cute face, blonde hair, huge arms and i even tried standing next to her by one of the tables near the entrance, she was quiet but her mate caught on and shouted hi and then "what brings you down this way then" and i just said "just browsing around the sights" then i tried to say she looked beautiful, i guess it didn't work. But then i walked off an raved for a bit. 

Later on, it was getting nearly time for heading out, but it was fun, as i was walking around, i had raves with Lucy, Lawri and one of their mates, who liked to dance behind me for some reason, but i tried to grip my hands by her waist, she backed off slightly afterwards, well its better than nothing. After more enjoyment i met Nais, Phoebe and some mates of theirs, i think it was an assortment of kissing and selfies, it was like we were all leaning on each other, but was fun non the less, that and Phoebe was trying to make a big round bump, but i did nearly touch her belly, she was a bit surprised to say the least, but shes didn't even had a soft belly enough for it, so i didn't get the excitement i guessed. Oh well.

Later on, apart from the being looked down on by a Emma that i used to like and still do but although she smiled once to me then now just snoots her head up, and i was close to hugging Emily and Sophie i didn't get chance to say hi or even hug her *sigh*, but i walked around the Disco room which opened up quite early this time, i ended up walking past some guys who then wanted to do selfies with me, it was funny seeing one of the bar tenders look puzzled or giving a sigh since he was halfway getting a payment for drinks, well there was 2 fivers on view, which made sense. Then i walked back to the ice room, raved then some guys approached me then one said "would you want to fuck Sophie barker", i said "yes" thinking it was Sophie H and then i think her brother said something i can't remember but then he asked "i bet you want to fuck Emma child ?" well of course i nodded and said yes,  stated to make my way out, before i left, i tired to say hi to the girl i saw in woo woo as i got in, but she walked right past me. Just before i left too, i saw Nicola, which was a friend of Charley, we hugged and asked how each other was and then she had to sprint to catch up with her mates.

Then i made my way out and started to run, in the pissing rain, getting soaked, well until bretonside. The bus was about 3 minutes late, but i got on then it was a wet and calm journey home. Then i got off at lidl and ran through the rain home and got in at 12:50, then got a gulp from some carton and changed then that was it, a nice night.

Well this is possibly my last night out until 2014. I've done so much in these nights out, seen people, done things i've never thought i would do. I'll do  year in review before this year ends and update you on my progress, but for now, its seems as though i've lost the chance to get into a relationship before 2014, so i've failed this year. But for now, its time to enjoy awkward family moments when christmas has arrived, although i'm working next week like normal (except i'm working Tuesday instead of Thursday) and same until New Years Day, but then its a normal life for me. But i have plans i want to start, you'll find out more soon.

Until then, omracer out