Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A Poundland Purchasing Plymouth day out

Well as its now officially two weeks into the new year, this life I have has been quiet, actually more sexually active but still quite quiet. Realising that only a few days have passed that arguments happened with me and emma in 2012 which lead to the most impressive gift I had given. Ok it was more people arguing with her in Facebook comments but that changed things.

But more recently, a few days ago, a girl started chatting to me over Facebook messenger, her name is slightly unique. not catfish type unique but Stevie is not a common name around The Devon area. But after talking, even close to sending nudes to each other wednesday morning, she wanted to meet.

The Tuesday

But originally this was going to be on Tuesday when I usually go for my bike ride into the city, but this weather is making life utter shit for non polluting transport, flooding, power cuts and burst water pipes which is a shame really.
So instead, on my first Tuesday off from work this year and after past 5 weeks of working extra Tuesdays, it was time for a day out, but instead it turned into a day in.
Cleaning my bike, was even starting it in the kitchen to make it warmer for me to do it, but it was a shouting at or so.

The bike before i started to clean it, its not looking the best i suppose

After that I started gaming some more and chatting to Stevie as well as my boss asked for help on stock, especially now we are dealing with Logic3 again after they resurrected from the dead. Mind you, updating multi man and a copy of uncharted 3 was not making my shitty belkin router happy, I had to reboot it 3 times. That and it was cute that Aries was sleeping for most of the afternoon.

Bless her, sleeping away

That and I noticed a new bigcutie that is from Oz and she is good. But to be fair, it was a quiet day, also being close to finishing Pacman CEDX on steam is worth noting, I've got some good clips from my i7 laptop. Also who is tarryn1993 on snapchat, she is one good and nice looking bbw who had empty food packets I her flat, an arousing moment at 8pm is.

The actual day

So, it was now the Wednesday and the weather is and was still quite bad, but I woke my eyes about 8:30 and checked the tweets and other social media for about half hour, then Stevie started chatting so that got me up at 10 after delaying in fapping, over her while talking to her, she knows I'm into squashing but she was not that worried and thought I was into rougher stuff haha. I think I used haha about 50 Timex when talking to her, but its not a deal to worry over.
after that, I got up, got changed into my usually shirt and jeans, my kingdom hearts x Zelda shirt did nicely. Then I ran down to lidl at 10:30, got there about 10:40, even though my legs aren't as good as they used to be, I might need to kick them up a notch. Paid £4.50 for the bus and now its been a quiet journey, typing this up, the phone's battery was not too bad but i left with 90 and i came off the bus with 79% 

Eventually i got to the Railway station and made my way into town, passing through the armada shopping centre, looked in wilko and then even saw bianca for a short bit, she was serving but it was only a short glimpse, its a shame that ship had sailed by but anyways. 

I was looking around for various things, of course i did go to both poundlands for having a look at things, the usual was in therem but Bluetooth adapters for £1 were tempting but i have no use for it. In the end i bought the following:
  • 2 x USB Notebook coolers
  • 1 x Blu Tack
  • 1 x Screwdriver Set (5 different ones in a pack)
  • 1 x Laptop Stand that can be adjusted
Just the stuff i bought for £1 each in Poundland. It makes sense with 2 of them in the city centre now, both within a 5 minute walking distance
Now this was also a time to browse for games, now i popped into the Market and noticed my favourite game for the Vita TV was on sale for £10. So i said "yes" and i bought Lumines Electronic Symphony for £10. Which i'm going to enjoy soon. But at the time i was looking around and also text Jess since she had some sunbed things, it turns out she was with emma, that made me sigh as well as jealously as well as...guilt, yep since of the things with Stevie, i did text her, she was doing other things but it was looking like i wasn't going to see her.

Lumines for £10

Later on i went back to Maplin, well i always go in there, its slightly overpriced but Ally is pretty attractive and a cute voice too, but when looking around i noticed that they have their own branded USB Capture Card for gaming. it was £50 and there was component or S-Video, but that might be for a later date, since i'm more doing PC gaming right now. But i was picking up a Motherboard Testing kit for work, since its going to be useful for various jobs. But that was nice, although ally didn't say a word to me, interesting.

But i was browsing other places, phone shops to check on the black thing on my camera, two shops mentioned it was dust inside the camera lens, one thought it was the screen, i was offered to have it fixed and sent out to a lab for £35. I said no and thanked him for the offer.

Before that, i did look in Bright House and i found something awesome. a Acer GR235H 23" LED 3D Monitor for £164. That is tempting, since i've been thinking about getting a decent monitor and i would love to see how 3D feels with my content, well RR7 and Arkham City etc. I might be buying it soon but i'll wait and see, its got a years warranty and free delivery.

But it was arriving to 3:15, which i popped into CEX again to buy a 4GB PS VITA Card for £8, it was still in its packaging and as new, so i had a nice girl serve me and then it was a quick purchase, paid on the card and started to run back to get the bus.

So with this happening, i did text stevie that i was heading out home, she was ok and she was busying with something sister related. That was a long 40 minute run from Town to KFC near B&Q. But i did pop into a florists in mutley, it made me have an idea to treat sophie for valentines, but i'm probably going to skip it, i did ask the girl it was for valentines and she smiled and giggled.

But then it was more running and after being soaked in sweat as well as the rain pouring down, it was 3:55 and  i was just nearby Mcdonalds, the legendary one. I waited for a minute or so, then carried on running, sadly the bus past me, until i pelted it on the road and caught up with it, but i was let on then time to dry off, check snapchat where i saw a perfect pic of emma and even listening to them 2 singing was fun. That and i read the manual for Lumines. Then it was a case of getting off at lidl and running the way i came.

I got home to find this:

Finally, something that one of my New Years Resolutions is based on had arrived, yay for EpicMealTime Cookbooks
The Cookbook i had ordered which is one of my new years resolutions has arrived, i'll be doing a review on the book later, but for now, its still sealed in the USPS packaging.

But i got into relaxing clothes and then unpacked everything. Which you can then see all the stuff i bought below, from USB coolers to Games:
The Collection of what i bought, its as follows:
  • 2 x USB Notebook Coolers = £1 each
  • 1 x Blu Tack - £1
  • Lumines: Electronic Symphony - £10 Pre-owned
  • 4GB Memory card for PS Vita - £8 Pre-owned
  • 5 Pack Screwdriver Set - £1
  • Motherboard Testing Kit - £4.99 
  • Adjustable Laptop Stand - £1

So that was my day, it wasn't a busy one but its got a nice amount that might be shown off to you guys for projects i have on idea. I was even closing to buying God Of War Ascension for £7.99 but i passed, but hey, i might see that in a weeks time or longer. The things with Stevie i'm not sure will last long, but i'm hoping for something with Jess or Emma. Its best to focus and my heart is still set on her, over 2 years later and nearly a year since i would of met her for the first time ever, time changes eh. But for now, enjoy and i'll get some videos up of the Book and maybe some project for the fans :)

omracer out