Friday, 14 February 2014

A passed valentines by a begging man

Well its now one of the soppiest days of actually what feels like the soppiest years so far in my life. With girls i would love to be with, with others that feel it shouldn't be regardless if they rush things too quick, cheat but still end up with them, control them but nobody notices much or shurgs it off and other ideas, it is more of a time to reflect that my quest for love is still not going anywhere, sure its been extremely stormy, sure its actually nice to find out how selling on amazon works and sure things just have to get in my way when i had plans to be able to try to impress some of the most nicest girls i know of and have met in my life.

But sadly things haven't gone my way, which i will summarise later. But all i can do is summarise the recent month. By much of life events, there hasn't been many or even any. Since its been too stormy out in the UK to actually do anything interesting, ok sure i've been learning the ropes with selling items on amazon in work, The cookbook from canada came through which means i've not got plans to get things cooked, maybe i could do something with someone amazing in her new flat later on in the months, but there is alot of recipies which are quite cool, i've even started making candy bacon.

This is still pretty neat, there is even a valentines recipe, but its going to be a far away moment before that will ever be used, especially with the amount of people falling for the diet and gym crazes locally recently, i even called someone a former goddess since the attraction she used to have has almost vanished, its a shame but meh. But that really did smile and i did attempt making some candy bacon, well more cinnamon bacon.

 That kind of worked but it didn't have as much of a kick as i thought it would. Also if that worked for you then you an now see i got Instagram video working on my phone with the media_profiles.xml file working.
But thats been some nice stuff.

The bacon, covered in Cinnamon

Gaming wise, i've pretty much Finished Bit Trip Runner 2 (all stages are perfect and all gold and treasure collected). I've got some of the harder stuff to get done but that was neat. Elsewhere, i recently got back into Theme Park World, thats now working on both my laptop and my desktop. Oh and i recently started playing Uncharted 3, its hard to shoot but Naughty dog did something really good with that game. I'm almost near the end by making it into the lost city and now trying to kill arabs, as racist as that sounds.

But Pacman Championship Edition DX+ on Steam, well that has been fun and as well as only one trophy left and being a ranking of 35 out of over 20,000 others. But playing using a xinput emulator to make my  Dualshock 3 work has made it so much easier to use.
My Rank on CEDX+. 
That and i've not done much in terms of videos. Okay, i might of done one or two more unusual ones. Well more along the lines of Fist pumping and cheapy phone reviews. Well, sometimes i have to get the fad in quick and make something to pass the time.

That didn't take too long to make, i did get sweaty a bit but it was sort of worth it, even i was even prompted to advertise the video, which could of cost me £10 but i decided not to in the end. It was also funny that i ended up offered something from a Network a week before, i ignored after finding out it wasn't earning much if i did join.

But then it was a review of a phone by namco, which is reasonably ok, it doesn't have as much power as a phone should have these days but its more of a shitty arcade prize more than anything. It does look nice but its very weak for its budget.

That and i ended up doing another review, this time it was some earphones that i sell in work, which are quite good except the fact they keep falling out, so i need some glue to fix that, but the PSYC Capella's are really nice on the sound quality for £10, the design looks good, its only they keep dropping out of my ear which aggravates me with them.
The Capella Earphones, i got these for £10 (Staff Discount)
But 2 weeks ago, it was also time for more shoutouts, since i've not done them for months and luckily there have been a bit of requests for them, okay, its more of a "like/RT/Fave this for shoutouts" but still, it was nice to get a few more people. From paysite models like KayleesKandy to even a sister of an ex love of mine

Then it was pretty much summed up. Everything up until two weeks ago, hardly much, geekery, a bit of old fads coming back, of course, snapchats were uploaded every so often, someone whined about this and people whined and joked about something else, the usual. Which is not surprising. As well as that, its also been not too bad with more fapping, more flirting, planning ideas for gifts from Microwaves to even a cookbook for mothers day. Also i did actually buy laruen wise a nice big pizza,
The pizza i bought for a girl via Dominoes Via Paypal. Which for £20 along with some extras was nice 

But sadly, two weeks ago, on a late Friday, i got some messages for asking to help someone out, i actually did say no at first, it did take about 5 attempts before i ended up helping him, which was a big mistake. Basically he was kicked out, he wanted to get home, so why he messaged me to ask me to pay him to get home i don't know, but i did, it wasn't a massive amount, but it ended up getting more and more. I was promised that i was going to be paid back but he had "bad luck", which by this time i was getting irritated.

Eventually it got quite bad as of early this week, it turned out i had loaned him just under £1,000 and none of this, even to this day has been paid back, even though i've been told that once he has phone credit he will get me paid back, although thats been the case for 2 days. Its a shame with whats happened and that actually has fucked up my plans for this week and especially for today, which has really pretty much put my life on pause and i know i've been conned and i'm not getting it back. I've emailed a solictor, sadly that had got me nowhere. Even though this was all paypal based transactions, its counted as a personal payment so they can't do anything, which is a bit of an annoyance, even though the staff at the Twitter support account for them were helpful and partly understood whats happened. But it looks like i will have to take the next step, which is a shame but people that don't bother with committing to something they say they are going to do are pretty much well, alot of the problems with people these days.

But thats been the reason why the one thing i wanted to do this month has been chucked out of the window, i can't docs drop or name the guy for legal reasons, but thats a sign of life and its getting to the point of biting the bullet and admitting he was conning me, which even though i've been clearly told by plenty of others, i've been also told i will get paid back.

So yep, i'm surviving the storm, i've not done much to get the girl of my dreams, except maybe for dreaming about her more than usual, even enough to start the next part of the novel and also fell for a possible con artist, but thats life.

Hopefully the end of this month should have a blogpost with some decent night out type fun, but until then, enjoy a picture of how bad the storm had gotten in Tavistock, which ok its not that bad, but not everyday that a street gets closed from roof tiles falling off.
The closed road, outside my work

That and the kitten has grown much bigger, which is nice, shes still as explorative as usual, recently she has been enjoying the cage in the kitchen and looking at the bird, but shes been sizing her up for a few weeks.
The kitten in the basket bless her
Also on a final note, i thought i weighed about 180lbs, it turns out i'm much less than that, which most people will go on a "congrats, you look better type" thing, which it doesn't feel like that, heck i'm even the same size as guys that have beautiful 300lb or even 500lbs squash, which is extremely skinny.
Weighing myself, its a shock of a weight, considering how much i eat

So then, from me, i'll see you in the next blog post

omracer out