Friday, 30 May 2014

omracer's Night out: The Cloudy May Birthday BBQ

So, this was a late night out idea, since it was Swaggy's birthday and friends of his and some of mine wanted a BBQ, i ended up joined into a FB group chat a few days ago, so with that, i got told to go to this place and then bring something.

After i finished only 30 minutes earlier than usual from work (Which i have been doing overtime by about 10 hours this week i think), i ran home and needed to check e-mails, so after letting the cat out i became a nudist whilst checking e-mails, since the house was to myself, it was a nice moment, the cat greeted me then done what ever she does, bless that kitten that not had her first season yet :/.

Then it was time for a shower, which was refreshing out of sweating white shirts and dark black jeans for work the past few days, reusing things can save time :)

Shortly after, it was pretty much getting changed, making sure the location was the right place and then boosting off, I did see my dad just as I left, which was a quick catch up and my nans near neighbour died of cancer, its a shame to him and he was a good guy. 
Then after getting my good shoes on, I ran for the bus, just as I get to monksmead, some random labordor was running along the main road, I clapped my hands to call it over, lucky I did, else that dog would of been mauled or some car crash,. It was running with me for a very short bit, but stopped just down the road from the monksmead entrance. It was black with a teal colour collar. I hope it survived. 

I got to lidl about 3 minutes before 17:50, the time of the 86, which was ok, some teens kicking a football around, but weren't boasting cunt type teens, so I was safe. Then the bus arrived, I paid £4.50 for the day rider and went up stairs. As I got up, some blonde girl shouted my name,, I'm not sure who she was. Then the journey was ok, it turns out the friend next to her said my name and both of them were wearing onesies. 

The purchasing for the BBQ

I got off at a stop in Woolwell for a change since it was easier to walk to tescos and lidl for something to buy for the BBQ. I got there and it was quite relaxed in lidl. But sadly, the bus was stopping at the roundabout, so it was a minor uphill run, but that's not too bad. 
There was so much choice to look for in lidl, meats, doughnuts, sauces, drink, cake, chocolate. I had no idea what to get, so I ended up wandering around in tescos, which I did end up spending £9.10. I had to replace a belt I've had for over 5 years, so that coat me £8 then it was a pack of reduced muffins for £0.55 each. The feeder in me bought 2, so that cost me £1.10. 

The belt i bought for £8, i binned the one i've been wearing for over 5 years 

The muffins i bought for £1.10. £0.55 each 

Then it was nearing 6:30 and I then rushed off a route I had planned on gmaps but not taken in my life, so I went with it, I managed to get the GPS to work, after having to hold my phone up like doing a selfie from the air. But although the phone is nearing its 1 year birthday in my ownership, its still got to be whipped that GPS fixing ting. (That's how modern day gangster talk is in the uk). 

After running to a area which looks vacant but still had a sign of Plymouth's ghetto mark over it, I made it to the place for the BBQ. Which it was more of a "I might of been too early" but it fitted well, since it was meeting Joey and helping him get the BBQ going, which actually took a bit of a few hours. I also noticed a technicolour WiFi router. So I can guess it was plusnet or even eclipse they had, non the less, I might of surprised Eloise when I got the WPS to work on my phone. I taught her a bit on that. 

Prepping the BBQ

Later on the time was nearing 7:30 and a taxi arrived with Ryan, Muneetha, Oliesha and Keisha arriving, then that was nice to catch up and the greetings, all the girls looks good, but you'll find out how good when you read on. Then it was more on getting the TV on and footy talk, then more focusing on the BBQ getting alight. 

But it was then 8pm ish and it was a no go from the side of the lighting, So, Ryan said that someone should get a BBQ from the Co-Op in Southway, which was only a 10 minute run, i offered, so he let me borrow £20 and i ran up there and browsed for some BBQS and found a family sized instant one for £7.00, so i pretty much used the £20 and an extra £2 from my wallet, Then ran like mad to get it back, it was a good looking BBQ and there were some great views of Southway.

The BBQ i bought for £7.00 

The view of some flats near where the BBQ was 

AS i get back, i notice that the house Arrive via Jake's Car. Pete, Swaggy and Jake, so it was more greetings and then it was more chatter about various things, from girls to food to Games, heck it ended up a boasting about ultra settings on games and graphics card, that was based from me asking how watch dogs is which i've started playing recently. The amount of smoke with getting the BBQs to light was insane, i nearly felt like i was high. Then it started to be the first batch of food, it was some nice frozen burgers. Now i did eat some of these straight off the bbq, which did burn my mouth slightly, But the first one was a Garlic Mayo and Pringle Burger, which was a decent contrast
More burgers being cooked

The Garlic Mayo pringle Burger, this was verys nice for what it was. 

The intensity of the BBQ fun

Then it got better, well Jake and Muneetha had to pick up Laruen, who to be honest i do slightly like it was a more meet and greet and then it was more chilling and talking and all that. I helped a bit with more cooking but soon it was getting to the good stuff and i mean good stuff. Ok sure, i fed Ryan a bite of his burger, of course that didn't mean much for me since i'm not Bisexual. Also another burger for me, a bacon burger :)
Another Burger, a bacon one this time 

But at this point, it was time to get the "Happy Birthday" bit of the night done, which it was nice for swaggy and it was the nice usual special moment with everyone, lights out, candlelit cake, i did miss the pick for that but then it was time for the cake cutting, which it was a One Direction cake, well he loves 1D don he :D.

The cake cutting, well if there wasn't a glass in the way

Now i mean it gets good, since it was a bit of feeding fun with Muneetha and Eloise, and my feeding technique was poor, but it couldn't of been done seriously, i fed both at the same time, Eloise a 2 sausage hotdog with butter and ketchup and Muneetha with a Bacon Cheeseburger. Prepping the hotdog was taking a while and i might of overdone the ketchup, but then it turned into a feeding frenzy, i mean that, the way i was shoving the food deeping into both mouths, nearly at the same time, it was erotic, now there is a video, that i might get soon but it was partly funny, maybe more for everyone else, Lauren was in hysterics, bless her.

But it gets even better at this point, since it partly turns out of a repeat of a year or so when i was squashed, now it was nice having Muneetha do it again, then i even had Lauren do it, i said to both "think of me like a sofa" then she sat pretty much in a good way, it was nice to have a beautiful bit of girl on my chest, putting pressure but not too much that it hurt, which is a great bit of submision on my part, i could almost feel like i was moaning and groaning. But then i really start to feel that when i ended up having Muneetha, Lauren And Eloise jump/bundle on top of me at the same time, The snapchat of this is the only way you can see it, but i might not be able to get it, i hope i can though.

More BBQ Feeding and Squashing by omracerfaps
Then it was more talking and chilling, sure it ended up about the Money situation and work at one point, then it was about the BBW loving then it was even about wanting me to stay the night but i couldn't of done that since i had work and they suggested about skipping work but i can't abandon that lol. Later on it was more relaxed, I ended up playing some of my music from my iphone ,Let it go from Disney DCONSTRUCTED and even Prom night before Keisha turned it off :(. It was another awesome point where i was chatting and i had Muneetha just casually sit on me, i did rest on her back and did try to hug the belly a bit, she bounced as well then lauren did too, that was fun, Especially when most of the night was trying to get me to get hard as well since i mentioned about the expirement that i'm almost finished on, but i only got not as much as i thought i would but it was still nice. Also from talking, it made me realise i'm not the only virgin there which was less awkward lest just say. I also fell off the sofa twice which was funny, one i even fell on top of muneetha, But anyways, enjoy just some of the pictures taken from that night:

A Casual POV Selfie from the front camera of the Zopo Zp810/Hero H750

A shitter quality POV Selfie

Me and Lauren :)

A group thumbs up selfie, i was crouched like a frog and yes that is BBQ sauce dripped on my white jeans :(

The group selfie of mostly everyone that night :)

A selife while being sat on ;)

The Goodbyes and Bus Home

But alas it was nearing 11:45 and i was tempted to stay by being offered kisses, even though i did show keisha some of the bbw porn i had, she did says they weren't good looking and did say about one of the videos of a girl eating cake and she said "would you get hard watching this" and i said i did but only when i'm on my own or late at night. That and it was a detailed story of the money issue. But i left at 11:45 and blitzed it to Woolwell and then waited for the bus, it was a quiet journey, it didn't arrive late and the same bus driver was on it as earlier so the ticket was fine. The weather was warm, i seriously didn't need to bring my Hoodie with me.

The view of Woolwell roundabout as i got back to wait for the bus hoem

I ended up getting back at 12:40 and i got changed then noticed some cold noodles and decided to eat a bit as well as have a nice drink of lemonade and to be fair, that was the end of the night for me, But all in all, it was a fun night, i was happy i got the chance to feed again and also the squashing was fantastic, but it did feel something was missing, which i know what it is but of course, i have the chance to sort that if i find the right opportunity, Sure, it was even idiotic of me when i was asked "what has charley ever done for you" and i blurted out "made me fall in love with her" and i know that was stupid and she knows i like her that way but its a friend zone moment. Although it might seem impossible, i'm getting a feeling that i'm one step closer to getting my goals achieved, which i'll give an update on that very soon.

The Noodles from last night, this was really nice, but messy to eat by hand
But for now, i'll see you very soon for a new blogpost and maybe more events in the summer months to come. Well, Carnival time is over a month or 2, my phone is almost a year old and other things.