Monday, 5 May 2014

A Bank Holiday lost in relaxation

Well, this bank holiday has come around. Its been over a year since one of the best weekends of my life happened Last Year. Now with this year feeling a lost cause, a year of shattered dreams and also losing the chance with that one goddess who i still think about when looking up to the sky when running home or just when i feel down. But its made me think about others alot more, which even though i feel gulity and feeling like i'm not being loyal and feel like i'm even cheating on her with... it maybe is the good way forward. 

But this weekend is not been too bad with honesty. Sure, i've missed out on fun and actually accomplishing some of the goal i set out over 5 months ago as NY resolutions. But i had to miss out for what it would be the greater good and keep the peace, which is more not having to end up in a violent argument about me running back home from Plymouth after the night out to save ££££ on Taxi's. 

But although i did finally attempt to cut my hair again, which i made sure it was equal sides, but i'm better at making a birds nest out of my hair (That was partly from a quote of a FB reaction to it). But with only one hand and a small mirror in a small toilet with a sink, thats the best i could do. But i did make some sort of shaped with it, since that was kinda of the whole point, as well as i did shave off this ANNOYING monobrow thats deciding to grow back, i've asked a monobrow expert if hair removal cream works, but sadly its just the same. Enjoy the before and after's below. 
The Before, yes this is sort of a quashed pose, but this was more to show what i was going to cut/shave off

This was after, i tried to make it equal, i did, but it ended up like a birds nest, Also holding a 5" in phone to take this selfie is not easy on one hand

The front selfie after the haircute, this was more to get rid of the facial hair as well. 
Now that was shocking to a few people, my boss did laugh a bit, my Dad was frustrated, my sister "couldn't take me seriously", my mum just got the clippers out and decided to make it boring. But work wasn't too bad at all, heck it was even quiet for 2 hours, maybe some problems with Metro Apps on Windows 8.1 Spring Update. But that was about it. 

I'll be honest and say the Sunday was quite nice and relaxing too, from playing Swingball to even relaxing and playing Sonic 4 Episode I (which i've bought during the Steam Summer Sale, well the Sonic Hits collection for £10 for 10 games) while eating a fake white magnum from lidl.
Enjoying some Sonic 4 in the sunshine
That and it ends up a nice evening of watching the cutscenes of Sonic Lost World while making a meal of BBQ Beefsteaks, Mash potato along with crisps, sweet chilli and Nutella, I might of undercooked the steaks. It was very filling too.
The Massive meal, with Mashed Potato, BBQ Beefsteaks, Crisps, Sweet Chilli and even some Nutella.
But after that, i rested for a bit then decided to watch Neighbours, (Also known as Bad Neighbours in the UK), it was actually really good. It was more casual conversations with Seth and most of the other characters, which might make it slow to get into but with Pheobe from friends as the Uni Dean, it was great to see her in a serious role but she was still good for making jokes.There is some emotional bits, but not the Long split up as other comedies include. Also ball grabbing is painful on Zac Efron. But just as i started it, my parents walked in, so we all watched it.. But its quite good to watch, if you like zac efron topless, you might fap at the ending. 

Then that was pretty much my night set up, and then it was fapping and sleeping. Now its time to reflect and mention a few things. The first thing is more that i'm starting an experiment, what its about, you might remember something i did in 2010, its basically that again. So far its been under 10 a day which is surprising since i'm technically at my peak since i'm 21 and in my adulthood. But you'll find out the results of this experiment at the end of the month. 

There is also another confession but i want to make a dedicated post to that in the near future, if you do have me on facebook, you might of seen it recently, but otherwise. i'll put it into detail soon. But for now, i hope the rest of you enjoy your day off and i'll see you in a new blogpost soon

omracer out :)