Monday, 26 May 2014

The Bank Holiday Bike Journey

Another Bank Holiday, with more great weather and missed opportunities, But with recent events happening with the Elliot Rodger fiasco and the USCB Shootings, its a gripping reminder that i might end up in his situation this time next year, except without the blaming women and PUA Hating, i'm actually more of a jealous i might actually try to get some lessons from Pick up Artists eventually. So i NEED TO MAKE MORE EFFORT

But today starts out as a last minute decision. Sure, it was 10:30 and after waking up at about 9:40 after a good fap and having to do some chours of washing line relatedness, i decided to get the bike out and then change then cycle out. Just as i leave with my New bike, the chain decides to fall out, which is an annoyance
The bike before i left
Enjoy the route, i set myself a record and got out there in 1 hour 37 minutes, which did include some stops that were very short. But it felt a nice sensation on my legs, but my ass was in agony, the seat was making my thighs rub, which made me try to go faster.

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Then i got to Drake's Circus, it was really hot and i was slightly knackered out, but all in all, not much was here, i did browse like 5 stores but there wasn't really much i wanted, Sure there were some cables from poundland for twitch streams i might need to do soon, but i skipped that.

Browsing town. 
Nothing much else interesting i saw, maybe there was this nice blonde in blue jeans who had a slight glimpse of her belly which looked nice on her, sure it didn't outgrow the shirt :( but it was ok as a passing by thing none the less. Then i wandered onto the hoe and the Barbican, again hardly much happened in either place, maybe there were these guys kicking a football around which nearly hit me, but i did flinch a little bit. Also i was looking around on what to eat for food as well, but i didn't see anything i fancied. Then it was sunbathing for a short while. Some nice looking girls were eating, but i wasn't that excited by that, which is a bit of a shame.

The shot of the Hoe from where i was relaxing to. 
Shortly as well, i decided to have a swim, so i went down to the bottom and was close to going into Tinside Lido for a swim, since i heard and read that it was free this weekend, but when i got in there, i was in a queue and then the person before me was charged £10(2 adults, 3 children), so i left and dipped my feet in the water, it was cold to start with but warmed up quicker than i thought it would be, i was close to unchanging but i decided not to. that's me being a idiot again.

Tinside Lido, i was close to going in there but i bottled it and cba to pay

The place where i dipped my feet into
So it was coming up to 3:30 and i felt it was time to end my day and make my way back. Now along the way home, i need to drop something off and also went into the casino for a game of blackjack. Basically the mini story is that there were these chokers for £3 and charley liked a pic of them and knowing my attempted to impress her, i bought 2 of them so it was pretty and it was £4 so its better to buy 2 and the postage makes sense, the other one was going to be for Jess and maybe ask her out but i missed that oppoturnity, well on the way back home anyway. That and the casino was empty and blackjack was closed, so i just left.

These were the Pizza Chokers for £3 each

After more walking and looking in some shops, i was close to getting a R7 240 for £35 but i bottled that not worth forking out for a minor speed boost.  So that was skipped, then maplin didn't have a converter i'm looking for so i ended up leaving and cycling home. This was a smooth journey, well smooth if you include the air pump falling off twice and missing the chance to see jess to give her the choker, i actually made it home around the same time as when i left but +1 minute.

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Then i got home, it was ok to speak to the family who were resting on the garden, seeing the cat and the dog trying to bite me, then it was a shower and a nice tea of Chicken spiced up, Crisps, Salad, Baked Beans and Wasabi to go with the rice.
The tea after the ride
and there you have it, another probably boring afternoon. This is showing that there is much more i should do if i want to be able to finally win my dream girl or just go down to the basics of getting my first kiss and not realize its too late which i'm feeling that it might be. But all i can do it hope for the best and get the right opportunity.

For now, enjoy a week of probably sun and soon an experiment to conclude about this past month.