Sunday, 11 May 2014

omracer's Night Out: The average May night

With May already in full swing, i Decided to have a night out and  and although my experiment is going well, this is kinda of exciting to find out enough that I decided when i'm out. Anyways this is another night out post, sure this might be not as amazing a Charley's Night out and other vlogs. But this will be a refresher.

This week became interesting  clause when i signed up for again. I'll never used it but now its popular and an old friend of mine is now using it, its James co get back to the old blogtv days, with cool gaming commentary as well. 

This means i better do some gameplay stream on but there might not be of any good quality, i stream at about 600kb/s per video and all that. So far i've played Sonic Colors, You need to win the Game, The Last Guy, Lumines :).

The start of tonight

So, it ends up a busy day, some customers were the usual, some problems fix, it was close to an arrangement to actually get my money back too. But that might take a while. I hope so anyway. The run from work was the usual, sure i did slow down and although the GPS decides to not work, it was a test of it anyway. Now i get  home, get the tumble out, boot up the laptop, cuddle the kitten, or more a cat now since shes grown :D, but then it was a quick meal to boost my energy, considering i've not had lunch today, but meh it was tasty. With a fried egg, 2 sausages, a Pan Au Chocolat, Ryvita bites, Chocolate Nutri Grain, Sweet Chilli and some ketchup for dipping. 
The quick meal, from frying sausages and eggs, with various extras from biscuits to even these ryvita bites. 
But after that, it was the preparation time, which this time i decided to set up some goals for this night, although some i know i will do, this is more of a long shot but its better to focus. I'll list them down below: 
Like i said, these are the plans, will i follow them, maybe not, but some i need to
Then it was the time to shower and then leave, i ended up using whatever remains of branded shower gel that was in the house, maybe it wasn't enough but it was fine. The usual white jeans and a hawaiian shirt was on the cards. Which is always a nice combination, Oceana people like it, i wish i was wearing Google Glass and it would of been amazing. But sadly, that won't happen. 

Then it was nearing 7:20 and it was time i ran out, so i got what i needed, locked the cat away and sprinted for the bus, although its at 7:44, its best to make it earlier than later, but let me take a selfie first...
Let me take a selfie before leaving for a night out  :D

Now, the run was quite a quick one, it was sad that i saw a dead squirrel on the way, this was earey slightly, but you can enjoy the pic of it below.

The Dead Squirrel i ran past to get to the bus to Plymouth

I got to the bus stop, i saw an old mate of mine, he said his sisters boyfriend was rubbing burgers over her and then i mentioned i got squashed on video. His eyes lit open, but meh. Eventually, i got on the bus, paid £4.80 and the view was nice, i also saw Matt, a guy o know from Tavi college 5 years ago. 

The vlog starts from here, well a bit. 

After a quick bus ride which was really a nice scenic one, sure , i got in town about 8:30, quite good, but i decided to go to the casino, since it might of been too early to do much else. 

The view of Armada shopping centre from the bus stop near town

The walk was quite nice, sure, there was a big ass orchestra dome being built by the big screen, but it was still calm and content. 

The Big dome for a concert that happened on May 11th

Then the casino, it wasn't much that happened, i ended up losing a game of blackjack, but it was only a £3 bet. So then, with alot of chatter about a meh nightclub reopening, i decided to visit revolution. It looked like a nice resturant, there were friendly staff, i had my first shot of water for the night. It was a bit small, but nice to hydrate me nonetheless...

A shot glass of water in Rev's

After the shot, i decided to take a piss and look around, it was clean and very posh toilets, some type of posh flavor was for the handwash and moisturizer. But i left there and walked in the clubroom, it was quiet, but not closed off, but after walking in and ordering another shot of water, i was asked to leave due to it being a private party, but there was no notice on the door to say this. I was annoyed and walked down to the barbican. 

The barbican was quiet, it was nice with casual music, but i decided to try OMG out for a change, it was empty except a small group of possible regulars and Bar staff. I sat down and asked for another shot of water, she was a bit confused and one bald chap made a funny joke, but i told him the reason, they laughed. But then it was nice to just listen to chatter, then i walked out, i ended up listening to live covers of grease and MJ, it was soothing, while tweeting to Issie and Becky. also its pirate weekend down there, look at below

A Pirate ship in the barbican for the weekend events i think

Then it was a run up to cuba (actually air), then a small glass of water and bitching stuff in tabloids, the sun is alwayws full of crap. After reading that, it was nearing 10, i decided to run to oceana area

When i got there, i realized that i needed to get a a gift card for ashleigh's birthday, so i looked in most of thee restaurants and it turned out that nandos were the only one that had any, although miss hm is a vegetarian, i had no choice, so a quick £10 voucher did it, then it was a walk into oceana, the place was peaceful until about 11 which it started filling up. But more was to come...

The gift card for her

The night in Oceana, well it was somewhat fun, sure i was more focused on trying to deliver the voucher to Ashleigh. I still enjoyed a fair bit, i did have some girl huddle me and shout "Hey, its Mattie marker, he loves fat girls and it makes me fucking sick" right in a bouncer's face. 

That and it was a nice thing to speak to various girls, from eden who knew my cousin to Sophie and Emma who were a bit happy but unhappy with me, but it was amazing as i put my hands around Emma, i might of D. but Sophie said that i was the only person who could " lower self confidence" the most, which makes it a bit of sense but it shows that beauty around here.

Then i did dance with some girls, i mean some it went quite intense but it didn't lead up to anything, maybe it did lead with a belly rub, but that didn't end up long and then the phrase"naughty boy" with a sexual kind of wink to go with  it. She was nice but nothing serious, which is a bit of a shame.

This was the cloest pic to try to get with the girl i mentioned above

That and it was nearing 1:15 and i felt bored and decided to head off out to another nightclub, now. This ended up to be union rooms, which is a good half hour run from oceana, which i managed, still in good spirits. I got scanned and paid £2, but it felt like it was too old style for my tastes, but it was more of a search for a friend that tweeted she was there 2 hours before i got there, which was going to be the case that she wasnt. Before i headed out i did see a friends that acfually was on my list a week or so back, Robyn, she was nice and she was having an early night after a relative's birthday drinks. shortly afterwards, the trip to jesters began. 

The infamous "Jesters" stamp of entry

Then it was a meh £4 entry and a quick id check, the place was busy, but the smell was really potent of BO which did put me off but a quick dance on the dance floor . then i see 2 girls, sophie and amy, sophie snapchats dancing to others, amy and i have our hand around each other. Which was really good fun, what drunk fun should be, for the most part. Then it was more walking around, the deeper raving club side of jesters was reasonable. Then i wanted some fresh air, this is where it turned into a heart to heart that went wrong. I mean, it turned into the fact when i publicly admired what she thinks is flaws, it upsets her,  she knew i meant well, she knew i like her, but it was more of having to keep that feeling inside,if i couldn't tell her directly. I did tell her directly that some of the flaws she had i found amazing. It really just sucked the life and happiness out of me that whole conversation and just made me feel lost, yet again. But then it was more dancing and it was time to leave, i just felt there was no point being there. 

The walk of shame people sometimes call it, but this felt like although it was nearing 3am instead of 5 or 6am, nonetheless, i was starting to make my way back home and then i got sent a snapchat from a friend, then a text.
I opened them both, it was something quite cool at the house, so i boosted my way there, passing Cuba, Moustrap and other bars, sadly,there was no luck to find charley, which is not fair on her being pestered by me, so i rushed onto the house. I got there, then it was maybe too quiet, but it turns out that 2 rather good looking uni students were doing some quite fun feeder/feedee based things, it was quite fun and the chatting was nice. But it ended up from card games to drinking own made dr pepper, to swaggy feeding the remains of a kerbab to one of the girls, who reminded me of a friend of my sisters for some odd reason
The Kerbab that i was close to feeding the girls with but James got there first, it felt weird for him, no joke

The rest of the night was just that and chatting until 4:40 when both of the girls got in a taxi back to theres, then it was just me, nath and james talking and things until 5:20ish and tp be honest, it was just a quiet relaxing time to type and snooze, sure i still smell of oceana but its a smell i don't get often.
Waking up at 7ish was quite nice, maybe it was the same fate i didn't sleep much, but i was nice and cosy this time, with a sleeping bag on top of me which was a big bonus. 

Relaxing with the sleeping bag on top. 

With this in mind, i decided to repeat life and just tidy up the lounge a little bit, bin the cans, feed the cat who just woke up and followed me to the Kitchen while i was binning the cans, so i fed her a little bit of food and refreshed the water. Then it was to get the polish and clean the table, after packing the cards away and other bits. This didn't take too long, i did get my hands a bit wet, but that is the standard. 

The view from outside

Afterwards, i ventured outside, it was surprisingly quite warm, minus a wind chill, but my legs were feeling it, then it was more relaxing until i got bored enough that i decided to venture to the garage and then the co op. There was no much on in deals, i did read the observer for a very short time, then computer magazine and then walked back to the house. As i got back, it turns out the door was slammed tight and locked, so i was locked out for 20 minutes. Which gave me some time to think while listening to music. After that, James saw me and let me in, then we chatted for a while, then Taylor arrived and it was more chatter, of course better. Various topics came up, from Starbucks, Revs last night, alot of wrestling talk which i don't understand and more.

Then pete got up, wearing cool classic sonic PJs and it was more talking, even about necrophilia and how i think there has to be paper to prove they are dead before you can be prosecuted for it, its odd stuff but fun and interesting to talk and think about. There was a possible chance to have brunch with Charley, but it was us being too late. We all (except Pete) went co-op to get some quick lunches and then i headed off home via the bus. It was another 4.50 to pay and a quiet journey back.

Then i get back and finally get home and relaxed. Especially with being in those clothes for a fair few hours. That and it was nice my phone lasted 14 hours on one battery this time, thats really good for casual use, although i did have to drain it by using the CPU governor "Hotplug", it was good.

But with that all said and done, i'm going to say that this wasn't the best of nights out, i think things went wrong badly for me, sure it was nicer at the end but it still that one moment can change alot of emotions so quickly. Which my mind has been all over the place with thoughts and emotions can change like a girl on her period. But i think now that there is a chance of things to plan out, maybe some meals but for now, its relaxing and working.

See you in the next blogpost sometime