Sunday, 13 July 2014

omracer's Night Out: Another wet July outing

So, this is another wet night out. Almost a year since my last one. But I've not had a night out since the BBQ which is pretty not too long unless you are a proper booze lover.
So, I only found out I was going out tonight after swaggy tweeted me saying nath wants me at a birthday gathering which is neat, although i wasn't intentionally going out this weekend night, it felt a nice change. And maybe other ideals and dreams might happen.
I only finish work at 4:50. Holy fuck it was a hetic day, I mean,  5 jobs came in, I thrashed (finish/sorted) 3 of them, plus I was starting to edit another old vlog and render 2 for another video and that was all by myself after 10am, which I say is good going for me. But after that, I sprinted for home, got in and the vlog for tonight begins.

I decided to get a shower, well I was soaked in sweat and it was mini type rain, well actually really a misty, wet atmosphere, which doesn't make it appealing for going out. The shower was just right, not boiling but not the article ice cold either. Then it was a nice cat greeting. Which she's recovered nicely after her hormonal operation. Also known as she got neutered. Then the dog, well he growled a bit.
I also sorted my brows out, which have been deciding to go back to the mono monster that I've had to Stare at when watch my old vlogs back, ewwww. (Do that in a girl accent, yup). Then it was time to change, into the usual night out clothes people know, maybe hardly love but its like a shit trademark. I sprinted for the bus at about 5:45.

I got down to there about 5:55, that's almost faster than going to work, but theme again there are no uphill sprints. The wetness was great, well not really but it wasn't a nice look anyway, lidl looked busy. For a curious guy, i also checked my phone balance, £1.30 the meh accent of the automated orange rep said, so i know i needed to top up and get dolphin for £10. Then after doing a tall style selfie to check the GPS, which did give me a fix after a minute, I got on the bus, I almost paid £6.20 but then went for the day plus. So under a £5 by £0.50.
Waiting at the bus stop on another wet evening

The journey was quiet, a fair bit of mist on the moors but hopefully I don't have to run home tonight, but even though it's a good thing to do once in a while, i don't think tonight is that night. I got off at Morrison's, since it would be easier than running through town again, that and I needed to top up my phone.

It was a nice run of about 12 minutes. Then it was a browse into a famous premier shop, aka the on I bought a decent bit of cakes, topped up £10 and ran to the house, I got there, heck I was waiting for like 10 minutes before I got in. Nath let me in, then it was pretty much us chilling in his room, with fifa on ps4, then if was more chatting, chillaxing, then even Eloise passed out for an hour, nath had no sleep for 4 days.
Later on, nath's sister arrived and gave him a decent bit of Japanese food. Which looked so lush and then more mates arrived. Chatting, listening to dub step and smelling smoke. But I might realise that I'll be out earlier than maybe the others. I was also calling to see if the extras went through and when they did, I fist pumped off the chair and it was amazing how even happy that made me.

Then it was this funny conversation on how this orange worker makes so much fun happen, with even callers asking to meet him, much awkward and partly hot. That and I've also heard a bit of how I get more pussy then everyone else there, even though one was 24, married with one kid and a project manager, but it makes me realise, I'm still having a long battle to catch up to.

At about 9:30, I wandered out to mutley, on the off chance I text Charley to see if she was in, she wasn't but Lauren was in there and I let her know. But then I got reidy opening the door, I had that feeling I might of done it this time, maybe I started to get that rage, but I kept it calm. He said "its nice to finally meet you", which maybe I'm being to nasty at this point, but I smiled wrly. Then Jordan got me over with Lauren, she was looking nice, I mean beautiful crop top and jeans and that smile which is that good stuff and we chatted, I mentioned the work experience year 10s I'm dealing with next week and one I'm guiding and friends with for a year or so. That and she asked about twitch, which i cant explain but she understood. Also the friend I'm guiding a tiny bit did pm me with laptop issues which I felt lacked out to bother, its not him, its just I just have a long day of tech support and feeling awkward in a room full of random guys watching football, I couldn't think straight. But I perved on her fridge, looked ok, far from a foodee fridge but I had the vibe he's moved in with her *sigh*

Later on, I hanged out with Jordan and Lauren as they smoked outside, it felt mild out, but as you know it, the best friend arrives out of a black car with a bbw driver, she looked like a real waifu, maybe better than ever, but we didn't hug, which I shouldn't really complain. She asked how I was then went in co op after calling r. After that, it was back up to the flat

But then us 4 (me, chazza, Jordan and Lauren) went in her room, we just laid on her bed and chatted, mostly the gossip stuff, while she had a shower, which stuff included fb pics, the realisation my first sleepover was at this very flat,  she felt privileged, which made a little snug heartbeat. Then it ended up me being mean when they all realised how nasty I am when I unfriend girls that get knocked up, the what if questions come around, oh I landed myself in paranoia. 
Catching up and on charleys bed, this was before the shower but i'm not sure...

Charley then was in a towel doing her hair, I think I saw her dildo but I'm not sure ;). She said best friends don't perve which maybe I ah, but I had that back massage giving vision again, but I mentioned someone I know does reki. Then I said about my 5 year YT anniversary, I said I wasn't doing much.

But by 10:35, I decided to leave, we all said bye, even reidy did, but I walked out then got some more RR tunes up and ran for the place, the earphones took the sprint, I made it before paying time.
It was generally quiet for this time, but I danced with a few girls, smiled at some, shaked some guys hand, had a girl ask me for Pete's number and also said to me about her two brothers and they watch my gaming videos, which is a surprise, since I know I've had people want less of them from me, heck even swaggy wanted me to refilm the sketch of me using a pillow as a girl I wanted to be with which is popular recently.
The music was the same, I don't know but I know I have better music in my collection in digital form, but I danced and that means that. I did go for a piss before it got busier in there, but that was a facial cool down too. It was nice seeing some slightly bbw like girls, one knew me, wasn't a bbw but she was gaining beautifully. Then it was nearing the time of the end of the fun....

By 11:29 I walked out and also my tripped over a bottle, but I didn't, so rushing like the speed of sound to royal parade, the bus arrives and left a minute early almost, which I'd could of been fucked. But then I ended up talking to someone that knows me on the bus for 5 minutes then it was a quiet journey back, well as I got off some guy smiled and shouted "its the computer guy", I had to have a giggle, more on the inside, since maybe I'm more well known in tavi these days for that, actually my boss did make that point a few months back.

I finally run from lidl and get home, its about 12:40 at this point and I've realised I've not had a drink nor food for over 24 hours, so after getting in and being a nudist I get a quick snack and a cold drink. Then it's just a nice sleep.

The Drink and snack (Blue Riband in brown sauce and ground ginger) when i got home. 

Another night out done but it's more a quick catch up more than anything, from the house and enjoying that to the chance to hear tension between people from someone I could and would cut my heart out and give to her if she wanted it, but I missed that while I fell for the perfect girl miles away.
That's all for this, a lot more content this weekend.