Wednesday, 2 July 2014

The rushed quest for the fluffy socks, cycle style

This titles is a strange one but this is a day for another birthday present for someone that even though hasn't done much, she means a bit in my life and this could be a moment to prove myself. Long story short, its another cycle trip to town for buying presents.

The weather was good and the time was around 8:30, i woke up missing emma, ok that is just daily life but i miss her even though its not vice versa which hurts. But after that, i sprung out of bed about 2 minutes before 8:40 and started to get the laptop on with a special voucher to make on Word. I won't link it since that will spoil the suprise i have in store, but its a OTT plan that has no chance of working but its the best effort i can think of. But this is better than most of the people that don't even deserve the girls they are with could come up with, thats boastful to say but i really feel this is the 2nd best effort i've ever done with trying to impress somone, the 1st best was the £250 cash, thats the least i can go by.

After making and printing the poster which i'm actually smiling over just seeing, it was time to get changed. The weather is lush and also another of those heatwaves, which is perfect timing, since i did actually do some leaflet deliveries in meh weather on Tuesday and a nice evening on the Monday.

The leaflet delivery on the monday night
The leaflet delivery on the Tuesday

Then i should also mention that i sold some jeans on eBay on Monday, i signed them as well, someone lucky in mutley has won them, sure they only paid £1.61 + £2.50 P&P but thats better than nothing for jeans.

Now, back to the story of the current day, which is meh. Anyways, i got changed and headed out, getting MyTracks to work again, with the GPS getting really good recently, it even worked outside on a cloudy day, after about 2 minutes of holding the phone up in the air like a over head selfie. The journey was not too bad, especially when it was topless and it felt like free aircon and was keeping me mighty fine. I did take the old route for a change, which was nice even though i wanted to speed up, taking 1 hr 50 minutes

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I got in and browsed in primark for jeans. luckily i found 2 pairs of 34W, 30L Jeans, at £5 each. The queue was quite small and i got them paid for and walked out, i did see someone who i don't get on with and that was just a meh thing, i used to find her hot then she lost all of the curves she had and went Paris. Thats all i know.
The jeans that fit me ok but can be slim on the legs, but thats hence the name slim. 
After that, it was more of a waiting game for Swaggy and Pete to meet up, but as i was walking around in HMV and noticed the Ubi merchandise (aka the assasins creed and watch dogs toys, which btw, Watch Dogs is getting REALLY good, i'm near the 4th act and all the side missions completed as well as collected items, i've got the AR games to finish). I noticed a text of a tweet "3 hours left until i finish for 4 days", suddenly life became like a game and there was a time above the players head, so i had to buy the gifts i've wanted to get pretty fast. Since it was half 12 i found out that and i had to speed up and get it to Jess before 3:30, which i'll get into what happened later. But the shopping trip was a fun one.

After i met up with James as he just come out of starbucks and i told him about it. So we started making our way to the market, which our first stop was. For fluffy socks. Now this was an idea thanks to asking Charli, (one i've not mentioned on here before, but just say shes a sister to Jess), when i DM'ed her on what to get her. So we browsed the market, looking in some clothes stores, then we looked at games and there was some manga comic, of course its not a hentai, but the less you know of that, the partly better if you like reality. Anyways i found some socks then looked and saw nothing, which was a bit of a shame, but a turkish guy, a really nice chap spoke to the others and said i was in there and i asked him, he looked and found something perfect, it was small fluffy socks, which looked nice and would do nicely. only £4.99 which i think was a bargain, well compared to goose fair but you know. After that, i had a thought from an odd dream (wasn't fantasy based) which involved giving a back massage with incense lit up to give a sensual smell. So i decided to buy a pack of 5 different incenses (2 of each incense) and a holder for them to be lit and all in all, that cost me £3.
Me and pete shopping in the market, i look like a tourist

Then we ventured out and walked to the closest Pizza hut and then the guy just binned James's starbucks then while he popped to the toilet, i ordered a small little £20 giftcard. That wasn't too bad on timing that i just finished when he came back. So then it was off to Poundland for the bags and another USB Cooling stand. well for £1  you can't go wrong even if it lasts 4 months. I forgot that the others held a place in the queue but i remembered and got that paid on my card, with ease and then we had to walk to barclays since Pete had some standing orders to book in. The casual was chatter, (i meant it was casual chatter on the way) from girls to this place pete went to which was nice and really remote, he nearly even convinced his boss to drive through Tavi. But as i got in there i noticed a beautiful girl, with soft arms and a nice summer dress on and it suddenly clicked to me that it was someone i know, Bridie. I did offer her a meal once as a birthday gift, i wonder if i would happen, but not for a few years i think :/. Also there was a good looking blonde girl talking to her and had a nice, no, a really nice bum in a pencil skirt on too, it reminded me of a bbw comic i saw once but i can't pinpoint it, i should of done something, i even got my glasses on to get a better look of them both, that failed when the blu-tack didn't work.

Then we left and went to to a lappy around the mall, which was ok, not much in terms of sales and girls, but as we were walking in, we were offered some Cinnamon pretzels that were freebies. OMG THE TASTY UUUMF. That was tasty and its not too bad for £3 a pretzel, well actually i heard of something similar for £0.80 but i need to check that for a later date. But then we had to drop something into HSBC then Llyods and Pete left us for work. So me and swaggy got back to starbuck and i packaged up the presents.
The range of Gifts. Total cost was about £29. Including the Bags, a pack of 2 x 5 different flavoured incenses, a holder for the incense, the envolope with something special and a Pizza Hut giftcard of 20 (feeder hint), all in the nice bottle bag
All the presents in the bag and another look at the Poundland USB coolers

A better view of the bag and cooler

After that, it was time to cycle out and get the next bit. So i left about 2:15 and headed out to my favourite florists as of late, which i've even been to when i was on the brink of tears. This florist is really good in value and service, even better than me to be honest. So i bought 2 of the same, one was for Charley, well since i miss my twerking best friend and shes been ill and down, it might be convenient. Then the other was of course for jess. It was easy to put it through the letterbox but it was not easy to fit the other one in my bag.
The first flower, £1 

The 2nd flower, £1 again

Now its time to get over to the mcdonalds, i rush it and get there at 2:57. i also notice the drive through was closed. Anyways i park the bike by the scaffolding and then it turns out Jess left work. I went "SHIT" and walked out then decided to cycle to hers, well somewhere where i think she would be. But then halfway biking it, i get a text from Jess saying her manager called about me, and then said she was in Whitleigh, which was the opposite side but not too bad to reach. I get there in about 20 minutes then it was searching, she said somewhere near the bottom, which after asking a few people, i get my way there.

So, its nearing 4pm and i text her and she arrives with her sis. It was nice chatting to her, we talked a bit about emma, she was going to pick her up but she changed that for a date night with :@. Then she said emma had some problem with her laptop which was a suprise to me. Then she said if i found anyone else and i said no. That and she said about how she left early for work. That and her plans for the birthday weekend. Shes going to be US Legal too, which if things went right, she could of been a great partner for the Vegas BBW Bash, but moreso to give her a slight insight to it.. I gave it over then we split our ways and i headed back.

I took a route through Tamerton Foliot for a change, maybe a big mistake. But it was more scenic and the GPS was picking me up easily. The route back through southway, which was very near where i had the BBQ. But the route i did back was quicker than i thought.

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Then it was the final bit of getting home and having a immense cold shower. But although part of me thought today went too far, i was happy with the way things turned out. But there is alot more things from me in the coming weeks.