Sunday, 24 August 2014

omracer's Weekend Away: A cuban first kiss

So, with the August bank holiday approaching, i was offered the oppoturnity by the house to work on finally getting that first kiss. Now even though it might not be a perfect one since the night after is the legendary BANK HOLIDAY, its clear that i need to make the effort, sure this means i might not feel like i've been in love and sure i'm wasting my effor since i'm not waiting, but its a thing to mention anyway.

So, the days have been ok, sure i have been busy at work and even a hetic day from printing 100 pages then reprinting it to tablet wifi fixing and "I LOST MY KEYS". But i got home and it was time to pack, I put a few things in my rucksack from misco which includes:

  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 2 pairs of socks 
  • 1 pair of jeans (i'm wearing the other pair)
  • 2 t-shirts that i'm usually known for when clubbing
  • Laptop + charger
  • The famous BNGI onesie
  • Some muffins i bought from a guy in work for £1.50
A list of the above

The Muffins and brownie i bought for £1.50
I got changed, rushed in to find my sister was about to wash her car which even though did suprise me, she greeted me and asked how i was then i greeted the cat and before you know it, i ran for lidl. Now even though i did run for the bus, i realised i missed the 86 which was going to be at 6:20 so i ran for the 83 instead which was at 6:35, the run was longer since i had a rucksack that was nearly ready to burst on my back, but i still made it by 2 minutes but then it was late by another minute,

Leaving Lidl for the bus

I started vlogging and even filmed myself buying the ticket but afterwards it was a reasonable busy journey, sunny weather while passing through horrabridge and then it was a case of having to get off at a stop then run to the house. I'm admitting that it was quite a new thing since i've not had more than one night away from home since i went on holiday in 2012, but if i was wanting to make sure i could get that first kiss and catch up to the rest of this society, then you have to push your own limits, maybe even fight for it, and since August is ending and the final months of this heart shattering, guys that don't deserve to be with the people that just feel they can get whatever they want with a click of a finger year, i'm hoping i can finally get that chance and prove myself and finally catch up.

Playing games on my laptop on a bus

I made it to morrisons then ran to the house, which was pretty quick. But i got there in about 20 minutes which wasn't too bad. The weather was sunny but slightly cloudy which didn't really help, that and it was getting into september style coldness. But i was greeted by Taylor then she said both were in, then we went to petes room which he was having some vibes. After catching up and talking about stuff in life and exs and the plans for tonight, me and swaggy headed out to the bus stop to pick emily up, then actually the night out begins here.

So, us 3 went to the caffine club, which is a pretty ok 24 hour cafe, but we chatted from various things, Holly sends here love and kisses to me (one of her uni friends) and some of it went pretty deep, i mean it was like home truths at some point, but at least they understand where i'm trying to come from, emily even said i was too good for emma, which made me feel a bit worried but thats a mini fact and all. It took ages to get some food ordered, well i was taking a long time, i mean i ended up having a black americano and a portion of chips to let everyone share. The total cost of that was £4.70, which is not too bad i guess. Since a burger and chips (no drink) was £4.95 so 2 for £0.20 less.

The chips for £2.50 and the Coffee (Black americano) for £2.20

Then the rest of the house arrived and it was nice fun banter, some i did try to record but it was a meh affair, from an idea of revenge at a nightclub to well work stuff to even hitting girls (if they asked to hit you, would you etc) which was slightly odd. I also finished a hotdog that ash had eaten but he missed the coselaw and stuff. I also talked to Eloise for the first time who was super nice and irl reminded me of a friend of Janines, Lindsey A. But we hasd a mini heart to heart, me and her and her friends next to her. But then i walked out with the rest who waited outside for me

Soon after, we all went to Scholar which was just up from there, i mean this was not too bad and alot of ideas went on as well as chat up techniques, i'll admit that Emily was acting like a pretty good pickup artists style with the teaching and advice, There was this one 29 year old that looked similar to BC bonnie but was using a pickup line like "Would you ride me like Shergo" or "Would you ride me like seabiscuit" which was some references to Horse Racing, But then there was this nice blonde girl which was cute, with sparkle eyes, a flowery top and was with 2 other people, She was nice and we chatted but i was not comfortable at all with it in the end, i mean she wasn't doing much conversation, then again nor was i. But i did have my first shot glass of water.
The shot from Scholar

Now it was 11:00pm and time for cuba, which this is where things heat up, i mean it. After paying to get me and Nath in (£1 each except for taylor since shes staff), it was a quick look around, but then as i was ordering a drink, this girl came up next to me and we started to chat, now she was pretty drunk (not wasted but tipsy at least) she had black hair, a nice smile with some pirecings, a smallish figure but her accent was nice too. She was talking about how much of an alchoholic she is and if she worked in cuba, she would be drinking too much stock, but after we both ordered, she went to the pole and i got my drink. But i was not about to realise the fate that was in store. 

The glass from cuba i think

Now James and emily were telling me what i should do next which i was nervy but she said and guide me with body language. We danced on the pole together, we were grinding a slight bit, but after a short while, by pete and ash chatting both of them up, i was sat next to her. Emily winked and nodded to get me to touch her legs which i was shy and for some reason, getting aroused, why since she wasn't my dream figure, i don't know but i was, The girl noticed and she said "you can touch my leg if you want" so i stuttered and tried to, she helped a little bit then she said "are you okay" a few times and said "i've never been with a guy so shy before" which made it snap, i mean she thought we were together, so it was VERY close, i stutter when trying to say something then we got off the table and then she asked "do you want to make out" then i said yes and that was it, i mean we kissed, i mean we actually had tongue to tongue contact, i didn't move it much but holy shit something i've dreamed and needed to do i was doing, even if it was for a mere 30 seconds or less. Then we sat back up the cuba bar and then i asked "can we take a selfie" which i didn't really make it clear since i did a scene, then she kissed me on the cheek then we made out again (on video). She said "don't use too much tongue" i murmured "sorry" but everyone was shocked with glee, my rush and energy was flowing through and then i whispered in her ear "you were my first", maybe i shouldn't of but then she asked "how old are you", i said "21", she replied, "thats cute". 

From then on, my mind was in a rush, not the "OMG I love you so much" rush but the fact i've managed to do this after years of wanting to rush. Everyone was happy, maybe its pointless and a bit late to catch up but i finally have and even though i didn't know her or even that she has a slimmer figure, i was glad to finally know what it feels like. Which i heard the "smooching" sound, i felt her tounge, and it was exactly the way i could expect a kiss (if i was some smug cunt, which i can partly say i am now). But she wandered off then i ended up hugging her mate who said "i'm so happy for you", her mate had a nicer belly but i didn't care about desires, this was catching up, so i made up for many late years. 

The kiss

Now, cuba was too intense for me at this point, i think i nearly cried when hugging James and Emily for helping me to make this happen, but i was almost feeling like fainting. Shortly after most of us were chatting in the smoking area even my sister was involved but i did offer the chance she could join for predrinks which is the reason why. But we left for bacbar. Pete and ash left for some time to reach for the skies. 

Now sadly an old problem just have to fucking happen. The problem, i'm leaving it at that since its too bitchy and ££££ to explain. But its not forgotten. If you know what i mean, then just ask me in person or PM or something.
After that talk and then talk about open relationships and other things, we went back into cuba, although emily left at this point and i hugged her good, which also a meal might be in the cards next week. After it was more dancing and active stuff until 2am, which everyone else decided to leave and i went to jesters.
The Bacbar wrist strap

The cuba wrist strip

One the way to jesters, i saw an old college mate of mine, who is actually attractive but of course not vice versa, we chatted normally then she changed her tone when i was trying to vlog it, then she just called me a freak and just expected me to go like a fly in the trash, of course i cba with arguements so i just left and walked into jesters. But when i got near there, i saw a girl i was formerly attracted too, Jodie, she said hi then "i love you" then a sassy "thanks for making me feel better", i walked down and then some guy said "you should of got with her", i said "she already has someone", we then ended up having a casual talk before i walked in and paid for Jesters.
The Jesters Stamp
Jesters was casual, i mean sure it wasn't packed but it wasn't exactly empty either. So i decided to explore, sure there were some good looking girls but it was more than what people would think there were. There were some good looking girls but it wasn't easy to chat them up. Then it was time to get over back to the house, or then i ended up going oceana. 

Going oceana and when i got there, it was packed when people were leaving, i saw amber and chatted up some girls, but it wasn't too easy to get done. Then i walked back to the house via cuba, then it was more intense. After that, i noticed a friend of brontis when she introduced herself and then we had a selfie then she was told that i'm a really good person. Raved in Cuba, turns out I met a mate of Bronti, then it was more dancing, she held her leg on my hand, saw Stacey's mate, Jo, lovely figure, then left, after it was to the house, only to find that they were empty, went Cuba again, then more dancing and then caffeine club for a coffee, after, a homeless guy I chatted to when a girl was getting violent when offered £20 for a bj. He was a nice chap. Nicer than others.
Caffine Club entrance
The drink with a spoon and sugar as well for £2.20, on the card :)

North Hill

Then i got to the house, and it was pretty locked tight, i know i didn't call but i didn't know if they would answer the phones. So i went to various places. Texaco and saw a decent newspaper then i got told "this is not a libary" so i walked away, then later on, i walked to Goodbody's and have an espresso that was £1.45. 

The espresso for £1.45

After that it was time to head off to the house to get this all ready and uploaded. I noticed it was longer to get up and i was buzzing from the coffee. 
But all in all, it was a good night and i was lucky to have that at a good night :). The kiss was amazing and a part of my life is complete.