Monday, 25 August 2014

omracer's Weekend Away: A wet barbican outing

So, this is pretty a big evening, the night they say is going young. Actually the going part was autocorrect but this night might be hopes of a new plan. Even though for now the night before has to be ignored for a reason i can't discuss (yes, i mean pretend it never happened :@ type ignore)

Well I'm 36 hours up now, yep, 36 hours jacked up on coffee, I'm happy with getting the vlog done, but the problem ended up with a friend of mine from tavi dating the first girl I ever kissed's friend. So I had to take the pics of us down, which I didn't want but some shit went down with her which I don't even know but its drastic enough to want her to forget the pic. Also swaggy made me coffee before i left, he is a decent guy. 
The mug of black coffee

But this night out  begins at Charley's, she wanted me there, I had to bring back her ring, I borrowed Pete's house key, then after discussing plans with the house for the new years resolutions I've got left, which is  just a day out and a meal out. Its time to run over and see her, I know I need to talk to her about how I feel but for know I need to keep that in, its a party night. I saw her and she asked about last night, her and Lauren were happy, which was ok, but like I've said and they did, its "something to tick off the list" which I have.

But after chatting to both, others arrived, including ben, but I was calm, more chatting and I even played anamanaguchi which the lot didn't know and didn't mind, but me an Charley did talk and she put her arms around me, which means I know I have that amazing feeling to lose if I do the right thing. But then she smooched Ben after, but what else can I do. She did ask how my home life was, I did mention to Lauren about matt last night. She did explain to me to ignore him, then bex did mention something with boardmasters money, then there was an invite to the ice bucket challenge, both Lauren and Charley are nominated now, so they might do something next week.
About 8:50 I left for the barbican and the vlog begins, with a short clip of the predrinks before I introduce it. But I get to the barbican in an ok time.
also some of the snapchat selfies of pre-drinks before i left, yeah, it was quite early so its only 2. 
Me and charley, she was like a more seductive version of Marilyn Monroe, she aimed for that look :)

Me and lauren, now i did a high exposure edit, but this kinda shows her pout

A BSOD i saw in drake's Circus, thats mostly like a ram issue. Can be HDD worst case

As I got there, some guys wanted a selfie so I got them one, then I spoke to miss rooks and I explained something about eyebrows then I said I kissed someone last night, I also offered to take han out to a meal but she shot that out quicker than a rapid fire stage in point blank. But it was a short idea. Then I go to omg, but I was almost started on by some guy who picked this women up and she was about to fall on the floor, he was going to punch me. But I walked into omg and then looked out on the balcony then left.
A view of the barbican by OMG

After a case of wandering around, I found Emily, we hugged then it was a case of she watched the vlog then wasn't aware I recorded some of the convoys that night. But I told her about what happened with the girl and she said I shouldn't of deleted the pics, but then me and her and her friend who knows of my YT stuff, I can't remember the name now. We walked into a pub nearby then it was so crowded that we got lost. I almost found her but no avail. It was also awesome that she wanted to wear my hoodie :D
She wore my hoodie *yay*

I wandered around some more...
  • I got into this bar then Ryan c started to warn me off Chelsie, which I mentioned what Dan said the night before. Then he just warned me to back off her. And that lout inside me shouted "OK THEN" and I walked off. 
  • I went into barakuda and had a selfie with Georgie, joĆ© and lara. Georgie hugged me before hand. I also said hi to Charley s and Jasmine, Jas hugged me and "I'm so happy for you" was out of her mouth. 
  • Then it was packed and I walked around but I also got told by jay that him and Bronti are more than happy to have me join me for meals. I mean a +1 but he implied don't think of it like that.  He knew how I felt but they have been talking about wanting me with them, I'm unsure on what to feel. But they are in jesters tonight from 1:30 onwards
  • Then there was walking past Lauren N, she said hi and asked if I know who she was. She jogged my memory and I remembered. 
  • I also saw 888edgy888 and he wanted a selfie then I followed him on Twitter. 
  • I saw Ryan and he asked me when I was going oceana and if I saw Oleshia at the pre drinks, I said nope. 
  • I also saw Chelsea bance, yay I might get to sort a date out

Georige and i. 

Me, Jas, Fluer and someone else :)

About 22:28 I ran for oceana. I got there by 10:40, no payment, quick I'd then saw a nice amount of bbws. My favourite vegan worker was there, ash smiled at me, I noticed a nice softness to it. Mattie, I can't think about her, she will only talk, but maybe that's the next step and talking is all i'm good at with this unless i'm guided. But I sat right in front of Niamh and she ignored me, either that or she was a my type lookalike that didn't know who I was. I saw Lauren w, now she smiled and said hi, but I bought her pizza months ago when she was single, but her boyfriend was there, so it was just a greeting.
But it was time to rave, which was pretty good, some good music, maybe by freejak. I've almost got close to copying the same technique as what I was hinted to by Emily on a girl with a pink dress and white iPhone 5s. She was whatsapping. I was close to the hand on the leg but I know I chickened out. Some girls were happy to speak, some like the beautiful girl I saw on my final night out of 2013, pretty much hates me, she said go away, not intrested, then while typing this up next to this couple making out, I heard the words "I'm gonna have words with him" "Mattie marker", it was a high pitched tone. Of course this will probably come later on in the night if I end up nearby. But its just the dirty looks.
A ramdom selfie which i look like a petrified character from the Harry potter franchise

By 12, I've gone over 40 hours with no sleep and I'm buzing, ok maybe I'm a twat and not eaten, but I became an complete idiot by knocking Charley's cup over when trying to hug her, Ben gave me some " your paying for it" look, she knows I would do but she just said "awwww Mattie" then walked back to him, later on we danced then I saw a ring, I sort of sank for the wrong reasons. But again, I need to think more of if I should risk giving up, she wants me to just get on with him, I know I can't. Well you understand the point of this. But that and the smoking area was packed since only half was used, it was nice seeing amber, she was busy with friends and friends exes so she didn't have time to talk, something about superviser Joe. That and JP tried to get me and Sophie B (one who was amazing many years ago) to hug but she was cringing and trying to free herself. Also tandi and amie tried to convince me to let them draw eyebrows on but I said no. The area was packed, due to the rain. By 1:15 I was leaving, I think ash smiled at me on the way out, but she doesn't want me to make the effort.There was also this guy that mention to me about the hoodie i was wearing, then his jaw dropped when he realised i was the guy who shaved his eyebrows and never know what happened after. I've noticed alot of guys were just thrusting girls and almost like controlling them, i did get enraged a tiny bit

Well I left and ran in the rain to jesters, hoping to see Bronti, I left and as I got to the casino as usual, a guy chats to me, he greeted me like a real gentleman. Then we walked to walkabout, where miss palmer was looking at me and she said "we are good friends" then said "I blocked you since you were a cunt to me". You can't be both Mattie, surely, but I know its the latter.

The view of jesters

Then I get to jesters, I walk around after paying £4. I notice Hannah and Danielle. We talk and then I end up having to take 3 pics of them, some looked good but both do in general, they are weight aware so me telling them they look good or sexy is bad thing in their eyes. But at least they saw themselves on a Chinese phone. :). Dancing with those 2 however, was an intense time and thing from grinding her bum, she let me shake it, she tried to get her boobs to seduce me, no luck, but then she really made a passionate fake attempt to get me to have sex with her, of course, she was joking sadly but hannah mostly cut me off completely when i looked at her during chating to Danielle.

Then it was around 2:11am and my coffee buzz is dying and my yawning is getting bad, but that's 42 hours, but I want to see Bronti and pals first. But instead I was dancing and made an ass of myself on the floor due to its dangerous slips. I enjoyed the chance to outdance a guy, he shaken my hand and I also escorted Bridie to a dance, one hand, twirl, she looked different compared to when I seen her in barclays a few weeks ago. As i left jesters, i noticed 2 people, i just avoided them, she looked great but its the usual etc. 

By 2:58 I left for either a goodbodies or a caffeine club coffee since I was needing a kick and my tummy was clicking with every step I take when running, I looked in both then realised I could do a takeout, I text Charley if she wanted a quick catch up but she was ok and wanted sleep, so trying to run back to the house with a coffee for £1.99 then a wrap from premier for £1.49  didn't work out as well as I wanted it to. But once I got back, it was a case of prepping up then I attempted to edit but I had to use a power nap.

The coffee and tandori 

And there we have it, 2 nights of unique events with some good and some bad and I could take you to the 2nd closest thing to joining me. Glass is the main thing but that might be risky.
Well I've got to go and sort this out, farewell from me for a few weeks since I have no confirmed ideas planned,maybe twitching and gaming stuff and maybe gifts for girls close to you.

For now omracer out