Tuesday, 9 September 2014

A topless cycle trip for a pandora and a number

With the girl i love's birthday, it would be the best idea that i would be going into a blogpost of how i bought her a amazing gift and it would be a struggle. But this time i did have a present for my mother to buy. With the weather scorching hot and the time about right, i needed to sort this out.

So, after getting up, fapping, putting my devices on charge, i checked e-mails and then had to browse the pandora website to work out which charms i had to get. Turns out it was a dog and a angel wing. After getting the bike ready and drinks (well just a bottle with ice), i was out by 10:50. Since the weather was really hot, it was best to cycle this journey topless, which was good since it only took me 1 hr, 34 minutes. The breeze was nice along the main road, it sometimes got colder around my belly though.

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So, i got by Drake's Circus and it was a start to the shopping i saw Nick in on my way, sure i got my shirt back on then wandered into Primark, yes primark, since i had to see if there were belts, well i didn't see any and to check if any more reduced jeans in my size were around. Now as i walked in i passed Jess's roomate, chelsie, who said "Hi mattie" as she was walking out. But sadly i didn't find any good jeans.

Then it was time to search for the Pandora store, it used to be on the first floor but then it was next to primark, so i walked in and waited a minute then a nice girl (non bbw) with dark red hair in a pony tail, late 30s early 40s asked if i needed anything. So i asked her about the items, using google keep to get the codes, she checked then double checked and we found the dog first then the angel wing was next, that took longer but found it was. I eventually went for both of them, paying £75 in cash. They then giftwrapped it for me, but as a nice treat i asked them to let me take a pic before they did. Here they are:
The pic of the 2 pandora charms and the reciept. This was from their Autum range
After that, i was walking in various shops, firstly River island, to look for a belt, saw the cost and walked out, £18 for a belt, FUCK THAT SHIT. Then i checked bank fashion, which although i will not buy from due to that essex celeb had a book singning in there, it turns out a girl i find amazing looking works there, i didn't see her, i check online for belts on the POS counter, no luck either, i turned around and saw some budget belts but they looked complex. I also looked in the apple store, LOL a student bought a 21" mac anyway even though he looked disgruntled he couldn't upgrade the graphics card, but he got £60 apple store credit. Thats was as i was looking on tonymacx86 for GT640 support.

I walked out then realised i haven't been in HMV, so i walked around there, but as i was getting past shops, i saw the amazing girl in carphone again, i tried to get to talk to her but it didn't work, i ended up talking geeky talk with the Xperia Z1 and this guy, he was pretty astounded as the value of mine, he even tried CM11 which is good times of smart people, sadly i missed out with her or so i thought.

HMV looked bland, sure destiny was £47 on PS3 and £10 more on PS4, but it was ok, after i walked out into the town, i got a tweet from Emily, it turns out her and swaggy were in town, so i said i would meet them by game. But they ended up in Frankie & Bennies, so i wandered into town.
I walked into both games, there were some offers, but nothing that made me go OMG.
Then it was CEX time, i noticed some good graphics cards and a 512GB SSD but i've spent a bit today so i passsed those up. As i left cex, i walked next door, to Sports Direct, which was where i did find a perfect belt and it was the same price as the belt i bought in tescos before the May BBQ. I bought it then got a tweet saying join us for desert, so i took my old belt off then put it on and rushed to the resturant.
The Belt for £7, it was half price

Passing the Barbican as i was running to the resturant
As i was running to them, i slowly passed an old ex, Laura looked at me, maybe she didn't know, maybe i was going too fast, but i could tell it was her, with a white shirt, black hair and her amazing eyes and nose. But then i rushed on and made it, i noticed them two outside, sitting down at empty plates, Emily said hi then James did then it was a mix of so many deep and ramdom conversations. I'll list some of them.

  • The presents i got, Turned about a good story about linkcharms
  • Girl talk and basically options for dates
  • i learned what dogging actually is (basically an orgy in a car) 
  • Bought up the recording without letting people know, (aka that means you might not get extra scenes since thats pretty much what they are) 
  • More of the money talk
  • Keeping the eyebrows and moustache, it turns out Emily's brother shaves them as well
  • We talked about spooning and some stories and what i could do to get that
  • Also food talk while both Swaggy's pudding was ok, but Emily's Apple and cherry crumble was too hot, 
  • I talked about my sister for a little bit, Emily thought she did uni, but she would do her, so would james, i think i did say to my sis about this but she took no notice.
Then after they paid via card, we got our stuff and left for town, it was 3pm, which was more conversation, but as we passed oceana, near the road, we passed 2 people, James recognised them and said "thats xxx" as we passed, i noticed it was her, the first girl i kissed only a few weeks ago. Then we looked back and as she looked back she shouted "CUNT", Emily said there was no need for the C-Bomb. But the trio (me, James and Emily) just shrugged it off and then chatted about it, i mean luckily i didn't fall for her, since that would be heartbreaking. Then we chatted, it turns out Emily uses FCP X which she was hinting at me to get it, which i might soon. 

Then as we were nearing town, we mentioned where we needed to go, Emily needed to go home, while James had a meeting, at 3:30, so we walked via the mall back, i told them both about the girl i like in carphone warehouse, which Emily realised she was actually in her year and she was nice which is a good sign, so both of them tried to do the Carlos Xuma (build my confidence up) and give her my number. So i did in a long way, it turns out the same guy served me again so i asked if he could give her my number and go from there, So i wrote it on a note and thanked him. Then i got back out and Emily already left, but James and me walked out and he went his ways while went mine. 

Then i wandered into Maplin, i saw some HDDs on offer but a bit pricey. Then i looked and saw a GT640 and GT 740, £80 and £90 respectively, thats a bit steep, so i walked out and walked to the bottom of town. I firstly checked Nerdz, which had some umds and some games i used to have, then i wandered around into the market, it turns out i saw someone. 

As i past flavour vapours, Eloise said hi and then we started talking, it started with a how are you style conversation, then she said "don't dwell on getting that girl a present", i said to her how i feel about it, since i do feel guilty that i'm not and then we ended up talking and then i did mention about getting that girls number, she giggled why i said why i like her. After that, we part our ways and i wander around, more games and then i wander into computerbase, which has the GT740 for £90 too. 

After that, i wander back up, but passing shops as i walk by from asking about HDMI capture in a 2nd hand shop then its poundland, which was essentially getting a headset and another  usb fan. The queue was not too long but i got it paid and just did it using cash, i was tempted to do card but its not worth it. 
The usb fan and the headset
 Then it was time to walk back up to the bike and then it was another cycle back home, which was in a good amount of heat, The traffic was strong and busy but i made it to lidl in about 1 hour and a half. On the way, near the George, i saw a friend of mine, Tamsin, her accent was strong and asked i was. Then she said i looked exhausted, which i didn't look too kacked out, she then walked down southway saying "i'm going home now".  Then when i got to lidl in Tavistock i decided to buy some drinks, a waffle and some sauces. That was a nice £2.65 which will be tasty later on. But all in all it took just under 2 hours including the shop. 

The waffles, ketchup and apple juice for £2.65 i paid on card
Then it was home and a day done and a relaxing evening, Hopefully there might be opportunity to see Emily for one last time before she leaves for Uni back up north, there might be chances to get another kiss, maybe not on video but another chance for that feeling, but its also a hope that i might get a call from the girl i gave my number too, i did get 2 unknown calls on the way home, i'm worried it could of been her, but i hope i might get another chance. 

For now, i have some twitch to play