Sunday, 7 September 2014

omracer's night out: A BBQ in a sensational september

This is another BBQ. Which is good since the last moments of these are a god sign of time and reflection. With a busy day at work and a even already planned, i was excited to enjoy this.

I mean the saturday at work was hetic, selling 2 laptops while fitting a screen on another while serving customers, i was rush off my  feet. it didn't help my belt was held on using bluetack earlier on in the week, but thats life. I got home from work, my parents were leaving for some fish and chips, my sister was on a girl date thing in cornwall, so it was a good moment, i got a lush cold shower going then it was time to get changed while downloading some new music. 

By 5:45, i was leaving for the bus, it was hazy but hot. so the run wasn't too bad, well I almost missed the bus but it was a minute late so I was lucky for the most part. I paid £4.50 for the return/day pass then it was a case of getting up and then waiting for the journey to take me to town then I had to make my way to union street for getting the lidl goods.
The journey was quiet, sure I did try to watch some clips to help boost my mood and playing virble on my iPhone was ok, I mean I lost twice due to annoying words that don't exist and there were these guys having ramdom conversations on the bus, but I got off at toysrus for a change, since it was easier to get
To lidl this way, since that is where the stuff needs to be bought. 

Arriving by Toys  R us
Once I reached lidl, it was quite quiet from the outside but quite busy from within, I mean I took about 20 minutes to choose various products, all in all it came to £11.47 which was just about right, with, ok maybe thinking about it, it was less waffles than I had hoped, but i was happy so I got it then ran to the house. In the end I purchased

The BBQ food i bought. 2 packs of burgers for £2.99 each 2 packs of 12 waffles for £0.59 each, onion rings for £0.75 each, bbq burger ketchup for £0.67, Bacon for £1.49 and a marizpan cake for £1.69

Then it was time to head to the house, I was also meeting an old acquaintance of mine who is a good friend, Orion. He tweet me saying he would be late which gave me a nice rush to get to mutley from union street, I got the GPS locked and then I was rushing through town holding a paper bag for £0.15. As i passed a bus stop, I noticed a clean cookie, I ate it, yup, that was an actual nice and tasty one from a bus stop seat, I do sometimes do that, it's not too bad really. 

Leaving lidl

I got to goodbodies at 7:45, it was late but then I saw Orion and then we walked to the house. Catching up and chatting about work and life, including android life, it was calm, but we got there pretty quick, then we all partly introduced but it was calm. I mentioned the burger waffles then we started cooking them, by we I mean Orion's friend Alex offered. But we all chatted, from realising one of the guys there was an ex of a friend of a blonde friend I think looks sexy. But that was not too bad, then it was about foreign people are nicer then English folk, then the icloud dumps of celeb nudes. It was genuinely cool. Then we retold the story of the first kiss, that was good. After that, the burgers were ready. 

The burger waffle, it was missing the bacon but it was lush
People tried them and they really did like it, the strength of sweet was a good amount, I mean a really good one, Orion and ash liked it. But then it was bacon cooking and all more conversation. By half 8. Orion and Alex had to leave, which is fair enough, they did go quietly which might of made it odd but the house shouted "bye then" well mostly nath. More chatter, green pleasure and conversation, maybe it was a funny oddity about the cookie on the bus stop, but it was all high hopes. I also was offered a needle of medication but I say no, I don't smoke. One of the guys webg on a sweat trip which was eary to say the least. We all had some selfies though.
Me, nath, pete, ash, james and ethan

me and ethan, in a blurry way

Finally i did leave about 10:30 after more convo and chatting, i felt a little bit drowsy but that was just me being a week person. But before that, it was nice and relaxing and then taylor came in which was more chatting and catching up, one of the guys was tripping but that wasn't a suprise, but when i left, it was starting to get a bit colder, not freezing october night sky but a feel of a smoother transition between summer and winter, which really is september. Running for the bus and i stopped into premier to get a nice can of tango apple for £0.49 and then just drink it while waiting for the bus at 10:52, which wasn't the last one so i wasn't too worried.

The can for £0.49

Mutley at 10:50. 

I got on the bus but there were some middleaged partygoers that were chasing the bus to i was one foot off and on and they got on it after me, you could call it a good deed i suppose. But then it was upstairs to relax and this guy was coughing, he was in a white shirt and also acted like he was going to pass out, he did give me evils, but i ignored him then went to carry on typing this up, He got off at woolwell. But eventually about 11:40, the buss arrived at lidl, and it was time to get off then run to the good ole home while listening to trance.

And that ended a quick night, i will try to blog soon but i'm seeing what i can do first.