Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A bit of birthday shopping

Well, its mid-november, by now dream girls have had their birthdays, anniversaries and all the Valentines day YOLO moments have taken their course and a kid has popped out. But one birthday i decided not to miss with someone i do like although its another one way, sometimes you have to make the effort otherwise nothing can spark.

As i woke up and saw the clear blue sky, i was deciding today was a good day to get this done, as i woke up i had my mojo end up hyper which gave me enough time to get glass, my iphone and my phone charged up. After that, i was dealing with a crying dog, but not hetic type loud, and since i was by myself, it was calmer than i would get recently. Now i ended up having a decent shower, the cat just decided to join me by the side of the tub, she got a little bit wet but that wasn't a problem for her, Aries gets curious with things.

By the time it finished it was 10:15 and i was almost going, but getting the bike out was ok even though Rosie was howling from her cage and then i had to check twitter to find a present idea and within 8 months of tweets and RTs. i found an idea then i left by 10:45 and it was a slight journey of hills, cars and scenes. Enjoy the pics #throughglass below:

Nearing the bridge between Morrisons in Tavi

There seems to be some floodworks going on in bishopsmead

Leaving Tavi and nearing the Tunnel

Getting closer to the tunnel, with all the fallen leaves 

The Moors and very close to clearbrook

One the road before the Busy route into Plymouth

The views from the Moors looking towards Plymouth

I eventually arrived by drake's Circus by 12:45 and it was quite a nice time wandering around and looking for things and talking to people ramdomly. First it was looking for cheap jeans in Primark, now, this was a bummer since there wasn't a reduced pile so finding the cheaper jeans was almost impossible. I think i only saw one reduced tag.
Then i left and wondered around the mall, but i headed out and wandered into the centre and bottom of town, looking for cheaper jeans before i started to think about Sophie's Present. But not much happened except

  • Seeing jeans 75% but from £70 to £17 in some cases
  • Various homeless asked me for spare change
  • CEX had some offers, maybe £5 for a vita card now.
  • A girl with a pram said hi, she was wearing a grey jacket with black hair. 
  • I chatted with a Game Rep about the PS TV then she was slightly stumped but she did learn a bit possibly. 
  • The Christmas stalls were being built and finalised.
  • The weather was good
  • I had to buy Game of Thrones for my sister for her birthday in a few weeks time. £34.99 is good value for all 3 seasons
Enjoy some of the shots below:
The Game of Thrones Seasons 1-3 for £34.99

Looking towards the Sundial

The christmas sheds 

The christmas stalls and tower being built up

A Huge santa
Then i just decided to work on what to get her, after more shop browsing, i decided to finally go with what i checked out her tweets out many many months ago. Peanut butter. As i browsed into a shop i go which has the best US imported snacks, and drinks. I found a jar of peanut butter, with the leading brand, Reeses. Now i spent £6.50 on a decent jar and smiled as i walked out of there.
The jar of peanut butter for £6.50

Then i walked back up to Drake's Circus, but as i did that, i wandered into clintons and bought a card and a bag to put it all in. I was close to buying a "for the girl i love card", but if i did that, it would give bad vibes and mixed messages to her. So i went for something for casual, I was tempted to get a gift card on top, but i don't think we know each other well enough for that.

The card and the bag that cost me £3.50 all in
Then it was a case of browsing Drake's Circus, and to actually find some cheap jeans. First of i walked pass Jess's work, she was the only one in and we chatted a little bit, Then i walked into next door for some gift ideas, this is funnily enough, another friend of mine's work, no sign of Niamh but a middle aged classy looking woman asked if i needed anything, i mumured "looking for a gift", she replied "ah, ok". There were some nice scented candles but i can't say much ideas for a present just yet. Then it wandered back into Primark to browse for more jeans,

Eventually i had to just give in and purchase some bootcut jeans for £9. Which might make work a bit easier, shame it wasn't reduced ones but i can't do much else.
The jeans, not sure why the pic is blurred, but meh. 

Then it was nearing 3:30 and i started to get the present kinda presentable looking, maybe just putting it in the bag and writing the card out, now i didn't want to go all out, but something casual would work here. I had to use the lottery stand pen to write it :/.
The inside of the card. Maybe 21 kisses were overdoing it. 
After this, i headed out and started to make my way yo drop the present off then cycle back. The journey to the drop off point was ok, Sophies friend picked it up ok and i thanked her. Then just as i leave, the chain on my bike was locked up, that was on top of a foot pedal starting to get loose screw by screw. It was reasonable until i got near Horrabridge, then it got spooky and almost the end of me, well the tunnel was pitch black and i had to run through that, but i finally got home about 5:30 and then it was more dealing with the dog. Enjoy the pics of the Journey back.
Just before leaving

The bike by the uni and the GPS locking on my phone

By the spot i spent 8am on a sunday morning typing up a blogpost once

Rushing down Mutley 

Everything inside just before delivering

A quick look back before the cycle home

Cycling near the footbridge near the crossover

Nearing Crownhill

A smooth ride to the george which had alot of queues

Then that was a day of social improvement and possible chances but nothing is for certain. Hopefully a chance might come from this but time will tell. It takes time and effort, which people just don't think needs to happen anymore.

See you in another blogpost soon, maybe a more christmassy theme again with Tavistock.