Thursday, 6 November 2014

omracer's Night Out: A Glassy Crispy Bonfire

Well, its now the 5th of November, with the air crispy, a warmish house i'm in, feeling nice and a laptop charger now with my laptop as well a faster SSHD. I'm ready for a fireworks display, maybe not to remember but with clear air, massive crowds and google glass. Oh and a mix of coffee, hot chocolate and a powdered latte for good boost, which might help.

As the time goes by and the night appears and i'm watching the new episode of gotham right before i'm supposed to leave. But that was intense. Then it came to half 5 and i was ready to get ready then run to the bus, with glass under my jumper and a light chill in the air, i was happy to see this night go. Running down was a nice feel to it. The GPS was ready as always. The air was crispy cold and the moon shined brightly as i was at my usual go to bus stop.

Looking towards lidl before the bus arrived

The traffic was heavy and roadworks were just being finished, now it was a lolfest as 2 buses appeared, the 86 just before the 83.   I got on the 86, £4.50 paid with a £5.00 note, quick and easy and a nice bonus of a McDonalds voucher too, which I might need to use if I see a girl named Amy out for tonight. I did offer her 2 mcflurries which might fill her cravng and excite my hormones and ease me after a puppy I can't control easily. 

The journey was busy with traffic but quiet on this bus, well the extra buses is a good sign from first so I'm not panicked as much. A girl that said hi to me on the bus, she got off at Yelverton, with some mates of hers. The bus got slightly busier later on. Then by mutley, the traffic  was busy and I was off the bus. 

Now the vlog started from this point, with even a homeless person asked for some change and I explained the lesson that I learned from matt. His friend shakes my hand and told me he was sorry for that to happen, but he understood why I couldn't give him change. After that, I was checking on the house to see how they were getting one, the light was on and response was none. With that I went back up and then a run from mutley to town it was.

While passing drakes circus, I met cessi and he was astounded I got glass and he tried it, he hasn't seen it since he was at google HQ. 
Then we part our ways after chatting at costs and what can be done with it. 
Now I was off to drakes circus for I'll be literal and say a "banging shit" which was needed and that took 15 minutes then it was a run to the hoe for the wonder of a bonfire and wild rides and  muffin top enchancer (fast food).

Drakes Circus, empty but with the upcoming christmas decor

In town, before running to the hoe

While exploring, I did see Juliet and jodie and we spoke, which was nice. But I really didn't see anyone I know of up there until I was on my way out. Enjoy pics of the hoe and rides below

The bonfire lit

The rides scene



Danter's Superstars


Superbowl #throughglass

Oxygen #throughglass

Tagada #throughglass

Looking at the rides from the green on the hoe

The bonfire #throughglass

Groove Rider #throughglass

Looking back at the fairground

Smeaton's Tower with a Marjon projection

Then there was the display, at a sudden "5,4,3,2,1" just after 8pm. It was started and no music this time, yay for less copyright  complications at this point. Full of bright bangs and sizzles of a shouter. The display was nice and to the point. Just over 14 minutes long. Enjoy the bangs I took  phone while glass was filming. And it was struggling after 10 minutes in :/, but only 20% battery used. 




By 8:17, the 14  minutes were up and It was hoping for a few friends or even a flirting moments but I only had one on the way back. But I had a few people stare and even two people said " google glass". One chap asked me if it was while I was cleaning it with a paper towel I found by the noodle bar I chatted a girl up relating to jesters at goose fair. The wandering was ok and the bonfire was dying out nearer 9 or so. I did take a Snapchat for some girls.

The bonfire late into the night

The hoe clearing from the crowds

Pretty much the same

Even less people on the hoe

A stage with some country singer doing covers of pop songs, oasis etc

As I walked back and waved whole saying hi to this girl who smiled at me as I walked back into town. The walk was meh, still crisp but not scary. Then I walked to the casino.

Walking back into town, near the tescos by the hoe/opposite the berkley
Crowds flocking for the town and the buses

Looking down to the bottom of town from royal parade

This was ok, a spare blackjack seat then this guy  and extra £8 (£3 + £5 voucher) on top of the bet of £3 I placed. After that, I walked to union rooms to get a drink, now after giving I'dchecks a go and wandering, even seeing a girl iI have on Snapchat with sexy pouts and eyes and a huggable extra to go with it. She smiled wryly at me. I ordered....actually no I went out then went to varsity since miss issie was there, from a tweet an hour before, another I'd check and no luck but I had the drink even though it felt like a taste of some gas included. 

The odd glass of water

After that I wandered back up to north hill and popped into caffeine club, that was a huge queue, I walked out and into Cuba. Now this is good, I walked in and I saw somone amazing. Ash. Now she actually said hi, i said hi back as well as her friend who I did tweet ages ago to offer to tie her up and force feed miss reed. But then she was ok and then ash shivered and was cold, I offered my jumper, she said no:/. But its making the effort is the important bit on getting with a beautiful goddess mermaid like her. 

Then I ordered a shot of water, it gave a boost and shortly I was out and walking to explore the spar. Not much in there, some offers but I didn't want to spend over £10 tonight. After I went back to outside Cuba. I tested my glass app and it actually was working as a nice assistant but it didn't know where home was, but google location services knows this, I wonder...

Cuba when testing glass using my phone

Then by half 10. I started running back to the bus stop to get the bus. But I was early. Over 30 minutes early since it was 15 minutes late. By 11:03 I was on and the bus made its leave, back to the old fashioned, big franchise abusing market  town known as Tavistock.

Then I made it to lidl after a busy, wet bus was crusing along slowly. I'm happy since I'm nearly home and a run to finalise the night. But actually the bus had to stop by the traffic lights since there were some major roadworks, like resurfacing roadworks. But that made it a slight bit easier, except running in the cold fog is scary at night, well maybe being into persona 4 can make people scared of fog/mist.

The roadworks as i was running back from lidl to get home

Then i got home, got unchanged and then it was a case of getting a nice sandwich, i found a potato, pringles, terry's chocolate orange and some sweet chilli, put them all in a tomato roll and i was good to go before a late nights sleep.

A nice pringles, chocolate orange, potato and sweet chilli sandwich

That was it, a nice crispy night out with some bars to look at and a display that was nice all round, sure i didn't see much people but even though i saw one girl i really liked and that fact me and ash spoke is a good sign of potential if i work at this the right way. I didn't see Emma even though i heard she was out drinking tonight, but that could of turned out heartbreaking.

I'll post some more days and nights out soon, but there is christmas shopping and Dickensian to be shown soon. but for now, enjoy a novemeber of cold air, and you maybe face engagements and birth happenings from uncontrollable guys in the past.