Thursday, 1 January 2015

A year of change - A recap of 2014

Its coming towards the final days of 2014 (Wait its 2015 now), with Christmas with loved ones over, with drunk nights and drinks with your mates on Boxing day done, with a hangover or 2 for a few days, then work. its also a blank space of reflection on how this year has been with ups and downs.
For me its been a year of things changing and even to be fair, heartbreak, idiotic beggars, memories and even innovation. So, lets start.

January  - The start of a year that seems a normal year.

Well after celebrating the start of 2014 with family and wishing for something that i found out later on and never happen is always a good sign, is it ?. Sure the PC i built is working nicely as far as i know. Bit trip runner 2 i did start on my laptop that i've had for over a year now, Its been beautiful for gaming. Age of Empires i've not played much of that but thats fair enough. 

The laptop thats been with me now for over a year.
There is also a check on the new years resolution which i'll explain towards the end, but it was a nice start with getting the gaming resolutions anyway. But it was pretty much going to make life easier for me in ways i didn't expect. 

Soon after it was time to be shopping and this was the time for a poundland visit, the first shopping trip to plymouth in a year of so many. The bike was needing a clean and i was trying to clean it indoors, but it was also realising how much Aries has grown, but she has been amazing,

The cat many months ago, shes grown so much since then
Then its nice to buy some tools from poundland, it was for a tutorial video but it wasn't that good in the end, maybe imovie effect distracted it but i'm not sure. Heck it was even with my phone since i remember i broke my ipod for the 2nd time.

Then there was that book i ordered. The Epic Meal Time cookbook, hoping to cook a decent copy and add a british take to it.

I still haven't even cooked anything from this except Candy bacon and theres also a new version of the book months later. Which i might try to sort that out soon, then it was even a nice chance to enjoy some more fistpumping.

Then it was the 2nd month, but it was an evening on that final night in January i had a trick fell for me which a begger named Matt Okane messaged me, a simple deed of "i need to get home m8, my girlfriend kicked me out and i need to get home" was the start of something shit. But it was getting slightly better when i bought a phone to review and that was how my review blog started growing.

Feburary - This is when the heartbreak was strong. 

Sadly though this was one of the worst months of my life. From the stress of "i need more money m8 to pay off money and my brother is stranded in london, please m8", it was getting up over £500 at this point :@.  Matt just begged and begged and begged, I'm even busy playing uncharted 3 and it was excuse but no ACTUAL SIGN OF ANYTHING back. It even happened soon after i bought Lauren and someone that blocked me on twitter (tash, but a different one) Pizza from dominoes.
The pizza for lauren, i saw her later on this year. 

Then there were earphone reviews and more shoutouts, which sadly i've stopped going for since liking a C4S got a video flagged later on this year. But the earphones were ok except for a running man like me :(.

But then it was close to Valentines day and sadly Mr OKane  fucked up the plan to impress the girl i love, but the day i go and buy a late valentines present was the day that broke me completely. I found out that she got engaged to that FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF the minute i get out of Wagamamma and that snapped me, with the dreams i've always wanted just snapped into half and that drained my life, i still wish it never happened but i can always say that to someone if i ever see him. It hurt that i even cried in front of swaggy and the house, even charley found out just as she was in her flat which i've not seen her since i hugged her in December at this point.

It was here that i still looked and still found out the worst thing i heard this year
That put me off cycling or even going to plymouth for town for months, i will never forget this as much as the same time i lost abbey over 5 years ago. But then it was more time to play some CE DX, starting the new DLC which is still bugged on PS3 but works fine on steam.
But with this it was nothing i could do, it was too late and here was to hoping that this was reversed but even still i'm out of luck. I had a new channel trailer made with new games and vlogs added too.

Also i was 159lbs at this point. if anyone cares
159lbs, an average weight but the slim size for squashing ;)

March - When parties start and changes begin

So, its now the 3rd month and it instantly begins with what still is one of the best nights out i have ever had, if only i bought glass then when it just got released to the play store in the UK, or more so it was out in feb, But Charley was single this time and although i wasn't knowing i was going to be having my first sleepover at someones house without any family with me for the first time in my life, it went reasonably well. Trying goodbodies for the first time was amazing too, Drunk charley hated me a bit though, she tried to kick me out, but i felt bad so i tidied up in the lounge, while also using an iphone my mate at work found and gave me, which started getting the vlog quality back to normal. 

That was the night that still defines how a sober night out can be and mostly is fun for me anyway. This might never happen again and the selfies from this were class, if glass was with me for this, i would never of had a better night out vlog, EVER. I also met chelsie for the first time, which is nice to see a cutie like her
One of the flats with some amazing views
This was still one of the best hangover based moments (not me hungover, others were) of my life so far, Charlie and the Chocolate factory reference :D

Then it came to a time of new items, as well as this. South Park: The stick of truth was out and via SR i got to play it and enjoy about an hour of it on YT. Its a good and hard JRPG, Ubi and Obisidian did it right. One of my works suppliers has this for £9.99 but i missed out

Then i bought a bigger rucksack for the laptop. A nice £20 from misco and the review wasn't much but it would prove really useful later on in months time.

March was still a depressing time with the fact i lost emma and i was now an adult but still a virgin and never had the chance to kiss a girl, which for a 21 year old, is pathetic at this point with even 15 year old guys ending up with kids and getting fucked multiple times. Catching up was still one of my new years resolutions which i was ignorant of at this time.

My cooking was really improving as well.
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Also i painted my phone and might of been a mistake to make but this is a creative way to get the perfect phone
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April - A heatwave, replacing cherished memoires 

April was upon us and i was reflecting on the times and things i had done. Heck by this time i was even a paysite member for a while which was pretty awesome. But before that, i decided to buy a game which was a decent aprils fool joke back then but is now a decent game on steam/PC. Goat Simulator. 

Then it was also a day in the life vlog i did back then too. That will be replace with a glass version soon, but i can't say when that will be. This was not too bad but it was a quiet saturday working :)

Then it was also a decent thing to get Mavericks running on the laptop, which meant both windows and mac on the same machine which means better productivity, at least for now.

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But soon it was near the easter break (for kids anyway) and it was HOT, so hot even that i was out cycling 2 days in a row, but sadly this was a mistake since the old bike was near dead. But its was nice having my usual swimming spot to myself.

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After it was the day i finally had to change my bike after cycling to Cadover Bridge and a simple £15 - £50 fix was an excuse to spend £500 on a bike, i blame my dad for having to have that happen, but he argues its overdue and the such.

Goodbye old friend, you will be missed

But this one will get me further and faster as people say

And it was then the easter week, with people having days off, some retro gaming as well as that heatwave continuing, it was showing signs of an early summer, the chocolate eggs were pretty nice, maybe a bit sickly but its not often i eat them so meh.

But plymouth was soon back into my life as a rushed attempt to see charley on Good Friday was fun, until i missed her and we nearly argued over text about it. But the views were still amazing in this early heat.
The views of the hoe

Then it was soon a first BBQ of my life this year, this was amazing. Having a gathering around the House then getting food combos made and enjoyed. But this was a simple one first, with Wii Sports as well
Enjoying Wii Sports

Getting Burgers made

Then this busy month was over, sure there were moments of disappearance and soon to be arguments but for now, the heat relaxed everything.

May - Where summer really takes off

Welcome to the 5th month, which was smooth but there is more problems as the time goes on. I mean the 1st bank holiday this time was skipped, compared to the long and intense one in 2013. Sure the summer was still showing off and even finishing Sonic 4 Episode one was a tricky thing. 
Steam games outside while enjoying ice lollies

Oh and then it was more hair cuts
Another haircut, saving money and learning how to do it - ish
Then it was nights out, the 2nd one in the year, and it was a ok one, sure i was now starting Twitch which actually has been a good idea. But this night out was a simple one, sure i saw an Emma i've not seen in years as well as have drunk girls chanting "Hey, its Mattie marker, he loves fat girls and it makes me fucking sick".  But it was more a getting back to it than anything.

The first jesters stamp of the year
That was an ok night, even with crashing out at the house for it. My phone had a decent battery life of 14 hours use at least.

But as i found out, i was an idiot and the one day i forget something was the one opportunity for an evening out, which was an interesting one, lonely yes but it was a time i was almost arrested for running topless in hot weather, since i didn't have ID on me. But the weather was still amazing.
People were still enjoying the barbican
The rest of may went by and i still had 2 food tutorials to make, which was pretty good, people watched the frozen sausages one alot more.

The rice one was nicely done i had thought.

But even so, i still did some gift giving which luckily instagram was the help i needed. With Empty Casket was a necklace charley liked and i made the effort to give it to her. . Emma and i were on bad terms since i lost her in February.
The empty casket neklaces
Soon after it was another BBQ and this time it was somewhere new and enticing and more so erotic. Eloise had a flat and this was more a Birthday gathering of friends and so on. For the first time, a new belt was bought but Tesco dont do the best quality for under £10 which is a shame,

More BBQ Feeding and Squashing by omracerfaps

Gatherings and selfies are always nice

But it was then the end of a May which was more fun than anything, especially since i tried Watch Dogs from this point, which is pretty ok i must admit.

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As well, i had also did another chart of measuring the amount of boners a day i get, as well as checking how i was getting on, which sadly except for the gaming parts, i was still behind.

Then there was the fact i was still back where i was in febuary and i was conned more out of me by Matt. This guy put me to my limit and i called Taxi Firms in barnstaple, Raged on the phone to llyods and even the cops could not do anything and thought i was a girl. I called them on the phone when i reported the fucker.

June - A mostly quiet entry to summer

 This was a month of just the minor things, working. playing watch dogs to get things finished and enjoy a long ass story.

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Oh and showering was pretty neat.

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Farthers day was approaching and it was then a trip to trago mills, which is a nice shopping place but very much painted with UKIP all over it.

Nearing the end of the month it was another bike ride into Plymouth, the highlight was buying a graphics card but then i just sold that to someone last week for £40, how i don't know but it was a long few months to wait.

Some fish and chips to see and enjoy

Nearing the end, it was another swimming trip and also i sold some jeans which i signed and shipped via Royal mail to some place in mutley, it wasn't the house anyway, Then a game called Pixel Piracy was out which looked quite nice and i tried it. 

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A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on

A video posted by Mattie LT Marker (@omracerfaps) on
Then it was also some shitty drawing and then it was coming into the time for leaflet drops in work, a long time of walking around, putting things in letterboxes. Thats always hetic but i've got more to do this coming 2015 :/.

And it was now gone past 1 YEAR since i bought the phone from Chinavasion, its still surviving, sure some flickering on the screen now but the GPS is working and the phone does what i want it to do.
This was the phone, 2 years ago. So much has changed since then

July - The reflection of 5 years since a shattered heart 

Then it came to the 7th month of a year, now July was a special month for me this year, since it was 5 years since i felt the lowest in my life and it was that moment of when things were needing to progress quicker. But i did remake the first vlogs i've ever done and you can season how 2010 was for me below: 

Then it was nearing the time of finishing things off. Like for once, i finished Watch dogs up to 70% or so (the rest was online which i cba to do or more didn't have PSN on this ps3),As well as other games to finish and of cause the odd shower here and there .

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Then there was my favourite McDoanld's workers 21st, and her sister before she was lost suggested to me to get some socks for her. Which i did and it was fun to cycle somewhere new.

Me and Pete, shopping for socks, legit
But it was then time for a night out and this one was slightly boring, sure i saw charley back in her flat and it was a short time in oceana, oh and there was one time of being out for the meadows festivial, which was meh.

Then it was carnival week and 7 days until it was the 5 year date since i finally got over a depression that drove me to wanting to die, which was also the time i had finally been on twitter for 5 years, thats not much but for something that has changed my life, helped me fall in love, helped me get views and even global fans for someone worse than a z lister, its been a odd journey. But this week following was a busy one with looking after work experience guys, more leaflet deliveries and then buying a new combo of keyboard and mouse which will light up my desktop's life, even though the mouse died on Chrsitmas eve thanks to a puppy. Oh and a new Wireless ADSL router was a bonus too.

This carnival was still a fun one, sure the comedy theme was just dam fucking minions but meh, that was the Happy phase. Also the chinese was still as good as ever in Chung Ying. There was also a nice time that i gained 5lb since weighing in earlier this year

And so, with the reflective month out of the way, it was nearly time to hopefully say i had finished personal goals in my life that have held me back from happiness and being full average, like everyone else, But sadly i didn't get chance to and this was time for me to push myself to get some of those come true. But sometimes a review of a usual lunch can help beforehand oh and also a new idea of mine for food during a week to myself.

August - Where the real changes begin

This was one of the best months of the year so far is. Now this was where i decided to start on my life and get the goals in my life done, even if had to cheat to do it. This was the first time i visited a place to pay to get that first kiss or even more again. Sadly this had not worked and i was even too late to see, even with a chap and i looking. 

Though this was the time i was close to kissing chelsie and also i spoke with sophie for the first time in life, i mean i've never heard her voice before. It was the same with meeting her sister and Meg as i walked on my way to find the solution to my life.

By this time it was almost in full swing for the summer holidays and uni students were coming back. the sexier with extras lbs or some i've never met in real life or old friends i've not seen for years. But as this time was just a prep time before the real tests in life awaits. But sadly at this time, Robin Williams died which was all a sad affair. But the NHS was a good service for a rare time and i'm a rare person that doesn't drink according to the records.

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This was a first time and sure it made me nervous but that fact makes me safe to know i'm save and even though i'm a virgin (and still am as i type this in decemeber)  i'm clean for the intimacy. As it was on the 2 days of the British Fireworks Championships, it was best to enjoy the moments of bright pyrotechnics.
Like i said, the views of more than just fireworks were just amazing.
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But it was also a first sunday working, yes working on a sunday from 10 until 7, but i enjoyed it for the most part, Hoping that more of this happens next year, apparently. Since it was a interesting idea and maybe something different and this was also my 100th post. Oh and then the ALS ice bucket Challenge became a trend.

But now it was the final moment of August which was the best moment for me. The first time i've had a weekend away, it was at the house and trust me, this was intense. From the first kiss i've ever had to the fact that i was wake and alive for 45 hours straight from that weekend with a Bank Holiday which is the best i've had so far, even with seeing Jessy when she saw me hugging muneetha tightly.

That first kiss, it might not have been the best way for it to happen, but it happened and made me feel like my life was getting better.

Then it was nice after editing this non stop from when i got back in the house at 7am on sunday.

The final coffee of that weekend. This is still amazing

Then it was getting towards the end of the month and this was the time where i finally start to improve the life of this average chap, this was the last month of the fun but thats ok since new plans were happening.

September - A chillout Peroid

September was an ok month, i mean it was the start of Uni for many and there were birthdays i had to miss which did make me feel like i didn't make the effort, but there was a time for a BBQ at the house as the weather was still blazing but the effects of fall were coming into play. For the first time, i vlogged it, sure there wasn't much but its still a vlog that was worth a shot. Even if i did eat a cookie from a bus stop in union street and some chatting with ex of girls i used to talk to. Oh and it also resembles the start of a recipie i had thought of, a Bacon Burger in a waffle, which i've linked a few paragraphs back.

Even though i did go in to Plymouth on Emma's birthday, it wasn't to get emma anything (since the fact we fell out over the valentines gift and even though i love her, sometimes you have to hold back even if you are willing to find a way. But it was a present for my mum's 50th and as the usual, i cycled in and even though the weather was hot enough to go topless, the wind was not always a warm one. Mum did like the pandora alot which was nice. Also it was a nice chance to see emily for a final time before she left for her uni life and joined miss bubblicious holly.

The funny thing is, me and both swaggy and emily walked past the one person that changed my life and that person shouted "CUNT" at all 3 of us. But my mind had other ideas, like trying to make the effort with another girl, which sadly hasn't worked, even though she thanked me in December. Oh and it was the end of the begging, he stopped messaging after trying to convince me he could drive to me and pay me. Then the car that was going to be used broke down "i'm with a girlfriend thats pregnant and i'm getting you the money from him and i can't get it unless you pay someone you don't even know or trust £300 to fix a car that has a fault that i won't tell you", that was the jist of it, i still have the texts and number too.
It was still blazing weather at this time

Then it was the final full night out of the year, sure i wasn't hoping it to be but it was. This one i made it count, and by count i meant i stayed up all night, copying the technique i learned on the bank holiday, which to be honest, it didn't work as well but i saw one of the most beatiful bbws who i've been chatting online with and had actually followed me on both twitter and instagram before i realised she was a incredible girl. Natasha, now i saw her in bank and she was distracted a little bit but suprised i saw her, then i ended up cheering her up with flowers from a local florist and paypal worked nicely for that. But i've never seen her since and its too late to go for a meal that i offered her since of paddy :(. 

But as with all things, they must come to an end, so with that, a final BBQ at eloise's happened, this was also a fun time with showing off recipies like the bacon burger waffle. This time miss rooks joined, i am ever still amazed at that woman :), she was loling at me being squashed but i offered but she declined.

The sunset on a amazing september i've had this year
But wait there ends up events that were new to the town i've lived in all of my life. There was a balloon glow event, it was sort of to replace the ballon fiesta which has become uneconomical in these times of austerity, and sponsors are not easy. But it was the final video i had 15+ min upload on my YT account since putting a c4s store link in a shoutout video got it flagged. It was just 2 days before i ordered the product that will forever change videos i make.

Then it was the day i finally got Google Glass, sadly i had to buy it used from ebay but its still one of the best purchases i've ever used or even bought, well except the i7 laptop, Even swaggy said that later on when he tried it (more on that later). The review below will clear up on how it works :)


October - #throughglass

Well, the first month with one of the best vlogging tools around and at the best moment where many vlogs are done, October. 

Also arkham origins was the game of my focus for the next month or two.
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I'll just leave Goose Fair below, there is alot to mention but Glass did a good job and i'm happy.

The actual day: The actual night: The saturday night/closing: Then it was going to be as quiet as usual, but an indian summer was happening, so another cycle into town was needed and also i picked up a new freeview PVR since the PS3 in the lounge had a YLOD and a reflow i tried did not work so no playtv was working, as well it was the first time in Plymouth with Glass.
it was this excact photo that got me promised a gift from google and a thanks for sharing for the the G+ staff for the Google Glass page. 
Enjoy a quick tutorial on cooking a burger too, i was bored during this time Note: Krispy Kreme doughnuts are intense and i need to buy some for dates and nights in if i get to that stage.
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Also i ordered something that was going to improve my gameplay on twitch and YT. it was a HDMI Capture card, a chinese company called timeleak sold some for under £100 and i blagged one from a british ebay seller (i had trouble with trouble too), but reviewing the card was the good thing for alot of people, i've had 2 people ask for help with it, one solved ish and one had to order a new one.


Then it was another first for me, a chance to try harvester and also prove myself by running from derriford to Plympton, yes it takes me just over an hour. One of the more socialist vlogs i've done, first time with me and glass too. It was tasty and filling, its a shame miss mcdougall didn't come (even though she called me through work to organise it along with the house) but hopefully that might change in the big 15. And the first of the main reasons i bought glass for was a major success and it was really good to see ideas become reality, not as amazing as any of my deep fantasises but that could happen eventually. But sadly an old friend passed away, or more so a family member but he hated me. But RIP Zak

But even then, my mum found and fell in love with a new puppy and she is one handle to be weary of and as wild as a werewolf but Rosie doesn't know she is, sometimes she is cute too.
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November  - The sign of change as well

Well, the first month with a new pet and more things to do. It was coming towards the end of the year preperation, more so birthday and christmas presents for people and friends. By that i mean planning, except Sophies, i bought her some delish peanut butter for her 21st, along with my sister's present for her birthday in December.

But before that, a new hard drive for my laptop was needed. Not because it failed completely, it was just a bit slower than i would like it to be. Also Rosie chewed my laptop chager on halloween :(.

Well worth it if you need speed and size in one. its like dating a girl that eats constantly and have beautiful curves but she has short distance running speeds of Usain bolt. (comparing an SSHD to a sporty bbw is an odd way to put it but its a clear thing). And of course, Bonfire night (yup i've said most of this in reverse but who cares. That was ideal with glass, even people said about it, some kids joked and all but i liked it since it was comfortable too, maybe the battery was going to drain badly, it kind of did. And even another bit of fun with delivering a PC to the edge of Plymouth via bus, then off to travel for an opening to an even i had not been to for 4 years. That was nice even though i didn't see anyone that knew who i was expect osome that were working and ignored me but vloggers can't be nice famous these days, compared to Z list reality tv stars anyway. But then it came to the final event in 2014 on a November, Dickensian, now this was an ok one, sure the crowds in general were heaving but i was only disturbed once by a customer when eating a amazing chinese, even though £15s worth is filling me up more than what chelsie could handle with chicken nuggets. besides on the point of chelsie shes moved away so i can't feed her irl as easy anymore :(, but that means only one thing for christmas ;).

A old costume with a tech 

December - The final chance to make the effort. 

Well this was it, the final month of a year i've had to see things and do things i've not liked to do in some case and live with new choices. But the first choice was to prepare myself for next year with some ideas i have, even if go them alone. the Plan, a 3G mifi router, a solar panel charger and a tent. I have 2 of those parts of the plan (but not the tent). The solar charger is a neat solution to battery woes
Then it came to a sisters birthday, a nice overpriced petite burger with tipsy family members and some sass from others. But it was more working, the occasional twitching every so often, finishig arkham origins and arkham origins blackgate, some fun deadly waterslides in Rollercoaster Tycoon deluxe and getting a pre order of KH HD 2.5 Remix from amazon, selling on amazon through work.
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Then it was even a case of password resetting, while christmas shopping. And its nice to try to spell for an italian sales assistant for a gift card for a miss swain in a pub opposite then gets a guy afterwards (not me). But even the Santa outfit was a idea to cheer spirits up, it did work a little bit and i even got emma something and she didn't kill me for it, even though i'm hoping for that glimmer of hope. I also heard emily's voice for the first time, it was a nice plymouthian accent. Then the family presents were sorted and the only thing left was a password that someone forgets but password recovery tools don't work and Windows 8.1 DVDs are in locked garages :(. Then it was the Christmas week, with tight deadlines, blogging and enjoying sort of food in expensive meh pubs, it was a christmas that was more quiet but even with family, i felt alone, with dream girls with guys that chose them and more engagements (luckily i had none on my fb news feed), it felt like something was missing, but at least i got the onesie tradition sorted. And then it comes to this, the end of the year, working and taking an all nighter on the first day of 2015, just to show all of this off, but to be honest, its worth it and might not be a thing others would do, a blogger has to do things that need more effort than other things.

Also i'm 170lbs now, so i've gained about 10lbs this year, kind of neat in some gainers views, i'm aite with it, sometimes you need a bit of bounce ;).
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Enjoy 2015 and i have plans for that too :) omracer