Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Cyber Valentines making of effort + quick catch up

With Febuary well into the halfway point, and with the time of year where its a dedicated day to prove your worth with love and make an effort to win the hearts and woo the chance to be happy (around this area, not a general life goal, thanks to the society of this part of the uk where people are knocked up and some on 2nd kids before 25) .

Sadly, this specific day was a day for work (a quiet one as well) but i'll get into that later...

Whats been happening then... ?

Well the answer is, not much. Even though i've progressed with more dogwalking episodes and even a new idea of cooking #throughglass and Kingdom Hearts II mostly, its actually been quiet. But i've been planning how to sort valentines out but i took a different route in the end. 

First off the cooking video. This was just a bit of fun and to try glass out on a sunday while my parents were out but then they came back partway through. My sister said the cinnamon made it taste off but it was nice i thought.

Oh and then we had the time when there was major snow in the UK for a week and by the time i managed to snap some, it had mostly melted
The snow on the moors
 Then it was quiet, with work, fapping, twitching and more dogwalking with a now cut railway line which i show you more of later on

Watch live video from omracer6 on Twitch This is the 1st chapter in Agrabah
Another dogwalking but the day before the vlog
Then we come to a tutorial which was quite useful for me since i like using a PS3 controller more than a x360 one. it basically fools windows that the DS3 is a x360 controller.

Then last Wednesday i traveled to my nans and it was a nice catch up and when i finally came home at about 2:30, i noticed something had arrived from Google HQ in Cali. A Google Glass mug and a thank you note for the pic i posted #throughglass.
The glass and the thank you note
Then it was another dogwalking video.
This was to show off the fact with the railway path being flattened

The Entrance to the Railway line footpath, nice and new with gates and all
Then it was a case of working with a decent work expirence guy, running through winds and even having to fix a video cable for a mate of my sister's laptop (which i've not got the £40 from matt as i typed this, i need to check on that), but then it came to 2 days before.

Time to make the E-Effort

Now, with a technique i used to buy flowers for tash the day after i finally saw how bodaciously beautiful she was in bank in September, i repeated it but with a unique twist.

Now i've been chattting to or at least some would even say flirting with a reality tv star, you might of heard of the lord sugar controversy recently or even watched coach trip last year. This girl is pretty incredible, in both size and grace and many other attractive styles with her. But for a change, i decided to buy her a rose (since she was in a fish and chippy in doncaster, google was my vase of water to find the right one), i found one in the end, an inteflora which was a shame with the price wise but i had no choice for around the £20 mark.

The flower i went for was a single Pink rose. Yup, it was £19.99 for that, which doesn't seem much and local florists do better value (i'll get on to that next). I think the florist was named Charlottes something but it was a £25.95 charge via Paypal (to inteflora). The message i put in this one was below:
A late night message to one of the florist i was looking to use. (this wasn't the site of the florist i used, but someone else but they never confirmed if it was available to deliver, Poor tom Wood)
Then it was to use the same florist for someone else, now i was finding out and remembered that i was supposed to get Muneetha a meal out before the end of 2014, with how shit that year was, i'm not surprised i missed out on it. So swaggy tagged me in a status which gave me and idea, to deliver flowers to her. I worked out where she worked and then e-mail to Lovedays . She replied as quick as usual and Hayley quoted me £2.50 for delivery + recommended a £20 to £65 bouquet. Now i was looking at the one which was £15 and i was thinking £17.50 for all in. Interestingly it only went for £15 and free delivery, which made me worry it wouldn't work.

Now i went ahead with those 2, i was thinking to make the effort with miss swain but a £4 surcharge for ordering online is a pisstake and that was with a direct2flower style company. thats more ewwy than those pics that people put of of reactions when bae does something or etc. So i missed her out with regret. Emma's bought a house with That K so its looking to be the end of any chance to win her over, Jess well i miss her but i didn't want to risky anything just incase she wasn't working in McDs. Sophie was not easy to deliver too since ash wasn't working (birthday week) which makes it harder to get it to her without finding another florist. Charley, well shes having a suprise for something special later on, even though i regret not doing flowers (could of outdone ben but the birthday will prove myself).

By Saturday, i woke up, fapped and got into work about 9:45. Then it was a quiet day, i think i was putting kaspersky on a desktop that was purchased and some talk about various modelling routes. (model kits/scratch building, not the modelling i sometimes pay for). But i was checking halfway through, luckyily, the first flower was delivered nicely :)
A photo posted by Elena Raouna (@elenaraouna) on
I was one of the 2 guys that had sent flowers to her, which at least its in her hands and shes happy so yay :)

Then it was working and after another twitch stream, i found out the 2nd one had been delivered as well to Muneetha and she loved it. Although it was either me or the staff wrote a bad spelling mistake in the card, but the set looked amazing. i'm happy.
The flowers that were sent to Muneetha

The card was nicely written, except for the spelling mistake
Fun fact: This is the first time i can recall i've seen the flowers i've sent to people which were not taken by myself (aka i've not posted a pic of the flowers before delivering).

But then its a quick check up on my New Years Resolutions:

  • No luck with the girlfriend.
  • The date i've got a plan for eventually.
  • I need to check when people are free for the day, out, i'm thinking bristol this time. 
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 is mostly "I'm just over halfway on the first third of the game"
  • I've not sourced a Ghibli film yet.
  • I think i have an idea with cooking for a girl or a group, but its finding the right one (maybe even tokely)