Monday, 2 March 2015

omracer's Night Out: A 21st of emotions #throughglass

Well, its back to one of the best moments in 2014 . Charley's birthday, to be honest, one of the closest moments with being with someone i Even though time has aged and chance of that is forever gone and even though august was the last time we've met has been since the night after i finally progress in life with a first kiss and before i became an unofficial glass explorer and when life changes for the better or for worse. The vlog for this is below:

A quick life at this point recap

Anyway it has been a quiet month since,I just sure there have been planning  new things in life and even becoming apple certified has made a bit of life boosting oh and i touched a GTX 960 (its more i'm a budget guy holding a graphics card) so its meh.
Yup, a Samsung Curved 3D HD Smart TV , the vita tv works fine

oh and so does cats while i'm watching KH 2.5 on twitch

Starting an apple exam and i passed shortly afterwards. it cost me £50

A CPU i might go for myself but i was teaching a customer to build and Overclock it

The Palit GTX 960. A beast of a card and only £200

The teitei comission

But with all times, there has to be planning , and luckily a plan came to mind when a idea i had in July 2014 with a artist on DA was wanting to do a irl style project on bbw-chan (which is more realistic to the normal style she does) so i had this idea of seeing what she could do, maybe since i missed Charley more so at the time, i picked her. I thought it would of taken a short while, but she was delayed and actually forgot so i messaged (DA calls it notes) her in January and she remembered and it was back to square one, but i realized with the party, i thought of it as a birthday present on top of what i was giving her which you'll see soon.

Well, time progressed and on Thursday after coming home from work, i saw it, i was amazed, excited, flabbergasted, in lust or admiring. Kips did an amazing piece of work, with the same best friend i used to be around but as my dream size (this is the catch but not so much for me since its a dream of mine ;). Which although makes me dam well nervous of her reaction, i wanted to do something special. But it was well worth it and all.

*Insert here when kips gets approved to host it on DA (Charley didn't say much about it but kips wants her opinion, which is understandable, )*

Saturday's preperation

But it came to the Saturday and a day of SSHD cloning and Cryptolocker 3.0 and some hdd backups, it was time to go, especially when i printed out the picture, i was going for a4 but it was too big for a Clinton's card so a5 would be better (10mm x 15mm), and managing that as well as a shop to manage.

Regardless it was the end of the day and i rushed to a shop to find a suit, i did pop into one before work but they were £99 at a REDUCED PRICE, HOLY GODDAM WAT THE MOTHER. I kept calm and politely refused the offer and walked to work. But hopefully the other shop i checked on the tablet while dumping this morning was a different one so maybe some luck.

Clintons and the other present was the plan and well that was not too bad to do, i found a cute card for around the £2.50 mark which i can't complain since its effort making for someone special. But then it was to a cash point, well to be honest i decided to give £210. Since shes 10x more amazing than her age (its a pun but a one to push myself to help her etc) and that was taken out nicely and inserted with the card. Also i looked in that other shop but i couldn't find it, i looked in Edinburgh woolen mill and asked, the rep directed me to fashion direct but no avail. I gave up and looked for cards. There were some really cute i love you birthday cards but i didn't want to make it too clear so i went for something more punnier.

You see the pun :)

After, i rushed to the post office to top up my phone for credit. That was quick and it got me £12.59 on my account and soon, the nice bit of data which glass will whore up. The data got activated within an hour, nice of EE for that good legit service.

Then i got home quickly too a break, shower, change and write the card and present it, before heading out to meet fate and see what happened. Spraying many perfumes (hollister, lamb something or other, lynx etc). Then it was time to get the 6:05 bus in. in all honesty, the dog wanted attention which almost delayed but she got into the cage before i left. Then the card writing while nude and home alone was needed, but thinking what to write about kips drawing was painful, i didnt want to sound like a creep but i didn't want to sound like i was taking the piss. But i might of got it with "The drawing isn't accurate but your always beautiful". Its better than saying "i've asked someone to draw you if you were my dream girl"

The card and the presents inside each other-ish

The Journey before a best friends fate

The run was very soaked, i mean i didnt use the night out trademark since of the smart/casual dress code. I actually decided on a jacket that i sometimes wear to work on wet days. That and my headphones left ear died, i was raging but that cable ive had damaged for many months. I might buy one on the way in, like tesco will have any. 

Soaked and rainy, a shame

I got on the bus, paid the £4.50 fare and off i was, relaxing with soaked shoes and clothes on the rear of a double decker, typing this up and calling my parents since voicemail appears when typing on the blogger mobile app. My sis was all right, sure her foots swollen but she'll do fine. 
Eventually it was nearing 6:50 and i was in town, which was good since i could start the vlog then buy goodish earphones. But i sadly placed them in a bin in drake's circus, forever gone and died.

Say goodbye to the pink earphones i've used for many months

Well instead i went to caffeine club and ordered an strong and hot dark americano. Holy shit it burnt my tongue the whole night. No wait, even while finalizing the type up of this post on monday afternoon (1/03/, its still feels the effects of the tongue burn. £2.49 for this cup is not too bad, maybe it cp

Personal battery level, 80% Glass battery level = 99%
By this time it was 8 minutes to run to the loft, i caned it and made it on time.the loft was a side entrance but really posh, clean and modern. I walked upstairs and then a door appeared, opening the way to something special or so i thought. 

Charley's 21st! 

(I'm using the actual event name at this point for the goings on inside, simple and clean)

Walking through this door was a wall with picture of the the beloved birthday lady. As i walked to the bar i saw the whole close family for the first time along with Charley and Ben. She welcomed and  hugged me and introduced to her mother, her farther, cousin and his girlfriend, brother and of course Ben. char had a intense dress on with beauty everywhere. She wasn't too happy with the dress design from the way her and her mother were talking about it.

Well this seemed clear and to see someone you like's parents is the good step. But shortly after sitting down and chatting, i pulled the joker card out of the bag, by this i mean the card. She opened it and liked the card but inside was the nerve. She didn't pay much attention to kips sketch. But she knew i overstepped the mark with the 210. She gave it back except £5, i did sink inside but she felt bad and her mum explained that just being there was all she could want. I didn't want to go wrong and lose her by arguing so i did the right thing and put it back in my wallet.

Then she showed me the pics on the wall. From her baby pics to the model shoot and then one which looked amazing with red hair, couple pics were there too. She asked me if i felt offended by not taking the money, I felt like I should be but that was my ignorant side which i ignored and just told her that i wanted to make her happy which then she said just being there was ideal since other friends just didn't turn up to this. I'm no perfectionist, however i just felt it would make life easier for her, especially when it was interesting she was looking for a kitten which it could of covered the cost on. Then we walked back and more relatives arrived and conversation topics like child birth and responsibility then a tv series which had drag queens and catchy songs, i was going to be like "ah, all ive watched is Gotham season 1, where fish mooney gouges her eyes out or agent carter season 1 with Haley Atwill looking like a cute date type then beats the crap out of her fellow workers who think shes stealing stark's inventions",  but instead it was keeping my mouth shut and just listening in was the way to go.

N.B Gotham and Agent carter are actually pretty good. 

Soon the best Scottish beauty i've met, Lauren arrived in, we chatted after a quick sit down hug and i mean real deep life lessons chatting. There is a fair lot of topics so the list goes.

  • Why babies are amazing - changes attitudes in life
  • Her birthday and time off work - related to days 
  • Tiredness and getting little sleep
  • Money and min wage
  • Days out, i pretty much showed her my new years resolutions
  • Relationship talk, like the way i act is myself but girls dont like that so much and most girls are bitches etc
  • Friendship talk, like people who are still there even after months of not seeing mean true friends
But she made good points and i ended regurgitating life skills and lessons i know off like "if you don't make effort, someone else will" which then she made the actually good point of "if you make the effort but they don't make it back with you, then they don't deserve to be your friend". I agreed to a point, but she used the broken phone as an example. When it was being sorted, only charley and Alex contacted her. The rest didn't care much to contact her, which proves her point with friendship  
Also she might have a plan for the day out resolution, which might be a lifesaver. It was also a possible invite to a birthday meal. But to be honest she was being there for me for a little while, even swaggy text her saying to look after me. 

Me and Lauren with her smile :)

Now i also wondered downstairs which there was job talk, not mine but more a chap named Ross and Sarah was the other. Relation to work stress and smoking habit, but man i learned a ton about lidl like the London restaurant and the changed payroll, but man i was pretty switched on with retail in his view. 
Also Scott was decent and then it was more so about co-op talking, like reduced deals and so on.
Then a shot of water was needed.
A shot of water

But then it was time to hit the buffet, with beautiful food like hot-dogs, garlic bread, chicken strips and more. Then you have the cake of a barbie version of Charley puking in a toilet while ken (to show as ben) standing next to her. With real mini booze nearby, it was nicely designed so. Then Charley's mum was asking if i was ok and then just hugged me, she knew i was nervy about this night so i get it quickly. Then she said about the various food, it looked good, even if i was needing to keep myself not full to the limit. 

The cake with all its puking style glory

The food. Chicken strip, onion rings (legit cooked ones, not the crisp style), a mini burger and garlic bread

Now i did eat the plate nicely, some of the others were really foodees which was nice to see. I was way to nervy to have any physical attraction to the bites, lets face it, the mood requires focus which nerves and feelings will not let you have, its a rule of anything. 
I was browsing and i chatted to a bingo colleague of char's, he explained the "hakuna matata" life lesson, by living the moment and go out there, well i was here for that which well  its living at least.

Also me and charley were going to have a selfie after she saw me checking my phone (also theres still the flickering on mine still but i might go for the MTK6592 8 core iphone clone zopo soon) but then new guest arrived and her mum called for her and then that was kapoosh. But it would of been rude of me to pressure , there was a goodish scene of her eating grapes and cheese on a skewer, well thats the only time i've seen her kinda close up eating but again i was not in the mood since feelings. 

Soon it became the speech, it was rather funny and aspiring, well with Charley's mother really doing her proud and made a joke related to her exact birth time of 6:39am (or was it pm ?). Then Charley made her speech. There was a bingo/gala joke in there and she thanked everyone for coming about the couples families meeting for the first time and then she set 3 goals for the night.

Everyone getting fat from the buffet - a joke but i instantly had that pizza glimpse moment/dream
Everyone enjoying themselves
And hoping her and ben end up.....(at this point i was feeling a bit of power nerves in tummy since this could go the way it has with emma and engagements) the cake. 

Then it was the first dance. And it felt like a wedding first dance, i should of endured it but it was too much and i walked out, worried myself and well, i ended up turning that worry into rage and punched the stair rail, it cut some skin off the knuckle. I know i'm not really a punching guy but i shouldn't of cut myself by punching a metal tube in a simple sense, then again i'm dealing with more paper slices on my hands and fingers so maybe my skin is the same wuss and easily broken as i felt in 2009. 
The cut, by a fucking 

Then it was 10:30 after dancing to some various chart music and emotions were telling me that as much as shes been nice to me by inviting me, i felt like i might of overstayed my welcome and it was better that its a family + partner affair. This feeling i get in oceana at times and also with the first love with Janine, Sammy and Abbey by fitting in with the concourse in tavi college 7 years ago. So i said goodbye to Lauren, Charley, her mum and scott, it felt fair. They all were nice about it. 

Then i walked out, no turning back, its your path to journey on on the night life of Plymouth, starting with the barbican.

A interesting talk at a barbican

The barbican facing where i left 

It was slightly crowded which is odd
Now the was a quick glass rave in blackjacks if there was a rave, so pretty much what i just said is utter crap. Ok i was heading to oceana and these group of girls my age range start talking, sure it was odd but one asked where i was from and then, They were  surprised i ran home, then they were shocked i was 21. Im actually unsure why. Then they introduced themselves.
Soon, a guy from the table next to us, gave one of his red capes to a girl Next to me. This made them smile in that plotting way. So they got me to ask them their ages. Ok this was simple, except its a math exam question in a way. There were 4 guys and the average age is 31. I was no way capable to answer that so i just told the girls the average age. So they were told to tell the average age too. They worked it out at 18.9 years. Ok, but now it was odd when the guys said they weren't interested, which is a safe choice gentleman (no i dont play tf2). So then the girls change their age (or told the truth) and said 25-26 was the average. Oh and then they say they all have partners and some were engaged, especially the bbw blonde opposite me :/. 

What made it even odd is that they started to explain how all of them were there for each other, i mean if they needed pleasure, like lesbian sex if they didnt get it from their lovers or even the single ones. They asked me if i understood and if im a virgin, since im both, i said yes to both. But by 11:00pm i left and ran for oceana. 

A busy oceana

I got there, sadly i was late and the £5.50 charge was due. So after a kerfuffle with the passport page, i got in and paid. The ice room was ready. I saw a familiar face as i walked to it, Lauren W.
 She was happy to see me, she was enthusiastic about how fat she was getting. Like "you would love this, some shorts that were worn and fit in ibza last year now don't fit, and these shorts are tight as fuck". I saw her arms bigger but she was still smaller than me, she was also introducing me to her friend emma, a cute blonde with a ponytail and glasses and she was told "how exciting could it to just be in a relationship where you could enjoy getting fat" and she replied "my boyfriend likes me like this" which i just shrugged it off, then she wanted me to join and dance with her.

That was fun. Now i also noticed Sophie and Ash, they saw me and went the other way, that happened 5 times no joke when i was there. She, well both looked really good. But thats to clear that up. Well raves and toilet breaks were happening, it was waiting for the right time to use glass  but i met some fun girls. Katie, Shelly and Lucie. Shelly was the most flirtatious out of the 3, Lucie was impressed i know her name and Katie was the most attractive one. Me and Katie were grinding each other from behind, her ass feeling my ass. it was all good fun. Also pics #throughglass are at random points, so i'll start them from now. 

Just a quick tap tap to get it to snap snap (i had no idea if this was showing faces, i was trying to look up)

Now it was in the smoking area where i first met Josie that night, she was asking about the eyebrows and she was going to recommend me to a rep she uses to sort them out and even wanted me and HER to go in, that was a good offer  but waxing and plucking is painful, i didn't say those typical excuses but she did say "your actually an attractive guy" as well as the 2nd time we saw each other she was asking about "do you use any websites to chat to girls who are also into the same fetish as you", i i replied "yep but those girls pretty much ask you to buy food for them", which is pretty much what i do currently anyway. She actually wanted to plan a coffee date to help me plan a way to find the one
Then i was passing through the middle bar and a guy called elliot said hi. The casual "hi", "you ok", "yeah, you" style convo. Then it was more walking around with the occasional ew look from 2 different emma's who were close to each other, I know hull was laughing at me serveral times when raving with glass, i saw it in the corner of my eye (no idea if she ever got in any footage), but when i looked in direct contact with her, the ew look again.

A Laser light show 

Also a girl that i used to know ended up having a VIP booth that night, but i'll explain who later on (spoiler - we meet her). oh and also walked past someone with a really quiet voice "Hi mattie, we used to be facebook friends but not anymore, can we be friends again", so i said "sure" and explained that i do a cleanup every so often. But it then comes to the big twist that changed the rest of my night in oceana.

Well i'm walking and suddenly i see Matt, an ex-co worker, he takes me upstairs and we end up chatting, he was basically saying "i will get you ANY GIRL you want, is there a particular one you fancy", thinking in my mind that if i actually go through with this it could end bad, i said to matt "there is but its no use, nothing will happen", referring to sophie (but i didn't actually say that i had that thing in my mind if he could pull it off which i thought not), he was really trying to change my mind then he basically said "if any of the girls try to take a swing, i will sort them out". So we both walked to the ice room then he barged into the centre, guys were looking at him and one was close to starting on him. But then he saw two mates and it was raving time again. I also saw bretty and we shaked hands at one point too, the thumbs up pose :)

Shortly afterwards, we ended up looking for (as well as a girl for me),  a guy i was working with who was also out tonight, so we tried the smoking area and i walk towards the entrance end, i see Lauren, Matt was unaware who she was so i introduced him to her, actually it ended up a snapchat, i told her i used to work with him. But some girl nearby who was faint blonde, ponytail, light red dress said this to me "i've got a bone to pick with you", then was about to say something then matt interrupted and wanted me to go with him, also Hannah said "i love you" at this point to me, which could of been there and also near freejak in the ice room. But just after me and matt started making our way back in, he blurts out "you can do better than her", i was a bit grrrr at that, i tried to make a comeback with "actually shes quite fit" but it didn't work and he said the same point, i mentioned to him that shes a good friend of mine but no luck. We then wandered upstairs and he blurted out "do you still like bigger girls", "a little bit, yeah", "is it a yes or a no", "its a yes". So i think we headed out in another direction.

Me, Matt and Lauren 
Luckily at this point, he was trying to get me to follow him through the ice room, but i lost him, maybe it was on purpose or just pure accident. But eventually it was another trip outside, well raving did make me feel a bit heated up. Now this girl who i think i know who it was was smiling at me once earlier in the upper floor and this guy was like trying to do that alpha male shit of smooching her to try and get the other males to back off, i did but i clenched my fists.

Anyways, i see her outside in the area and she smiles and its amazing how soft and amazing looked shed way, a proper beautiful double chin which was so cute with every smile she made, the jumpsuit was really nice, curled hair, and she was happy. This guy next to her was doing the same alpha male stuff, meh, i'm still looking at her and feeling attracted to her in the D. Then this guy with a ponytail starting asking me "does she look good" then asked her if "i could kiss her", she giggled and said no which was an aww, but well i'm content just looking.

A shot of how packed the smoking area was just before leaving

After more wandering and rave clips, it was time for me to leave, this was around the 2:20am mark, maybe even on the dot. But just as i come out, Matt sees me, so he and 2 girls suddenly walk with him and then Lawrence is in front and was startled that he actually saw me, i did tell him i was out tonight that morning. So then it was a case of getting dominoes and i might of convinced them there one near the jobby (The correct term is "Job Centre Plus" was open, so all of them lot found a taxi and was even planning a triple date (i was going with a girl i never met in all honesty) but i said i would run there, which they said that is fine. So i did, and i got to the dominoes and it was closed, so the only other option was they were going to mutely, so i changed my mind and went to jesters.

The food fun in a union street

Well i got to union street quite quickly, i did notice some stares as i was walking towards union rooms, but i ignored it and crossed the road. So then this chap starts talking to me, "are you out on the pussy then", i said "sort of", he then thought i was gay, so i had to convince him otherwise, but he worked out i was a virgin, 
Now they shouted something to the girls in the front of us and one was actually very nicely curvy and was wearing a tin foil hoodie which street pastors had given her, it turns out they both knew who i was, and i've only found out today that BOTH of them are called Chloe. So basically two chloes were talking to me, one was a slim one with long hair and red lipstick and a brown long skirt, the other was wearing a black long skirt that was very filled in a very amazing way and she had soft arms and i didn't see much of her face except the eyes and a bit of the lips which were with purple lipstick on first. But both of them said my name at least 10 times, now they asked me if i was going into Jesters, i thought i would but the queue was off putting so i said "nah, the queue is too long" and i stayed out there with them, i think we chatted and also watched a fight, i was close to showing it #throughglass but thats as stupid as something or other. But it was pretty violent and it looked like it was a alpha male thing more than an over a girl type of fight. But my ideal chloe was chanting them on to fight in the street (yup, they were fighting in the street, with cars just passing by like its fine).

But then i realised they were waiting for a Taxi and then both chloes were hungry, and knowing my feeder self, i offered and then they wanted

  • Large Spicy Spuds with mayo
  • Double cheeseburger with BBQ sauce
Both of them came to £7.20, i was so dam close to snapping a pic of them before pigging out (hopefully one pigging out or even me feeding chloes as well) but they took it and just took the taxi that arrived, so basically i bought the food with no pics or actual arousement in a form. *sigh*. Especially since my ideal chloe was wanting the cheeseburger and she could of been a really fun feedee in certain situations (more late night junk food and let the fullness make her happy and feel like a cuddle will cure her without you making the move at all), i did also picture her on top kissing me after feeling full from the burger, but you know, my imagination is like a slut, so many options but no way to make them come true. Then i slowly but shortly made my  way back up to north hill, or so thats what should of happened. 

The Realization at a Mcdonalds

Ok so i walked into the mcdonalds on the off chance and just as i was about to leave, Josie said hi and then i stupidly sat down in the free space, but whos chair was that, it turns out it was reidy's. my mind was in "OH FUCKING SHIT" mode with neves up the ying yang. ok, maybe not from the stealing the chair but from who it was, First off it didn't matter since i was talking to josie, josie was giving advise to "it actually turns out to be" miss swains distant relative and he was a nice and calm chap, interesting that ordering might change quickly, which makes it harder to remove. 

There was a very close time to a food fight which  lucky didn't go to plan with the security guard picking up on it, i was close to having chips thrown at me. But there was a bit of talk, diets and cheat days which i show kips art to her and also told her about the time i paid £40 for food which i was supposed to get eating pics in return, but 2 weeks later and nothing :/. then it was people calling people cunts and when looks are involved and kinda of love talk. 
After this Josie went outside to smoke, it was reasonably quite but i got to know Chelsie's Cousin a bit more, we both agreed that it sucked shes moved to exmouth, but it was average chatter. But then most of them decided to leave and then it was a heart to heart with reidy.

Now this was deep and i should of been fucking careful with what i said then (and what i say now) but it was some realisations. He knew how i felt about her, even when they were together (hence why he didn't say anything at the time i was at the flat when it was a quick night out back in may i think). But one thing i know is the say "nothing lasts forever" was put across, which actually i was nervy to think but he was clear on it. I mean he knew i loved her to bits but waiting and putting her in the back of the mind was the way to go. But i told him about whats happened before (Abbey, Emma more so) and even the time its gotten me so low that i felt suicidal, now he thought i was on about charley and it was recently, but i was trying to tell him it wasn't about her and he "no girl should make you feel that low" and all. But then he hugged me and my eyes were starting to water. Then we all left and were waiting for Taxis.

While waiting for taxis, the chatter went from Josies relationship, to solar eclipse and even arranging another night out (that wasn't with me involved though), and i was going ot join one and go home (or go to one of their houses), then have a shower and go bed which Josie really wanted to do. But i was waiting for a tweet back when someone desperately wanted subway and back tickles, i tweeted asking them "yes or no" and no response which means no luck again. Then i continued my journey on to north hill once this was done.

A cuban rave #throughglass

well, after reaching cuba and browsing caffiene club on my way in, i paid the £2 and it was nice to get in, some decent tunes and i also needed a piss and the toilet floors were soaked in mud and other things, but meh, i eventually had one. But getting around was pretty hard, it was packed, Glass wasn't as freaky as some people would think, some guy was either taking the piss or dancing with me, but i'm not sure. I saw Taylor, she looked pissed off at life, more so moving drunk people out of the way. Since just before that happened, i was walking downstairs and this girl with black hair looked at me and said "you seem familair, have we met before", i said "Hmm, we may of", she replied "i think it was at a party", which actually could of been one of Charley's meet ups i went to but i'm still unsure. 

This was a decent quick glimpse #throughglass

Then i also saw Jake, a friend of mine from years ago, he asked if i was videoing tonight, which i said i was and we shook hands and then i carried on raving, which then i saw this amazing sized girl with nice blonde hair, a roundish face (no double chin) and she introduced me to her sister who was slightly slimmer but taller and she was smiley, this guy was chatting something but i can't remember, but it was nearing 5 and the tunes went real old skool cool, shaggy and someone else and it was just that blast of fun with no violence involved and it was nice dancing to the nice blonde too. But since the place was shutting around 5ish, it was time for me to leave and well, reflect on the night. 

Leaving the cuba life behind for this month #thoughglass

A walk of reflection on the twilight zone

this was a case of exploration and i was using glass more, ok i even used it in spar when walking around and looking for things to do, while i was at the time now planning on typing this up, but i was slightly hungry and still pretty awake, like i have felt sleepy which was a good progress for my body.

I'll be honest and say that this was mostly the end of the social stuff, for now it was on my own, and it was beggars around, one asked me for change. But i wondered and was starting to walk to the hoe, since it was getting clear but cold and it was actually deja-vu that i was on the hoe the same time as the last night out, but meh. I was starting to type this up but the wind was as firece as the attractive vibrance of charley's dress. So that lasted a short time. But i was talking a hell of a lot about whats happened (not in the vlog since that would bore the shit out of people and probably cause drama) but it really confused where i go from here .

The pitch black view. 

Then i wanted to try out the tesco glassware in real life, by that i mean walk in a tesco with glass and check the online price, this was funny with me looking for apple juice and the price online is £1.48, now what was the price in the Tesco Metro store just down from the Hoe. Well look below.
The price difference is interesting, its not a massive one but i wonder sometimes
Then more looking and trying to scan a milkybar was a pain and then the connection timed out and soon it was nearing 6:30 so i wanted to head out to get a drink, i went to Mcdonalds, which of course i always like (sure i wish i could have the energy to get to Jess's one then hang out with her but it wouldn't end good if that happened anyway) and went for a smoothie. The order was fine until i found out there was yogurt inside, so the rep was annoyed but asked if i wanted one without, i said yep. But this guy was like "your lactose aren't you", i replied with "yeah", then it arrived and it was nice, Strawberry and Banana medium for £1.99, which is ok for the most part.
Having the smoothie for £1.99 while checking snapchats while the google app keeps crashing ?

It was cold but meh, i felt i needed since i haven't had any drink since the water in the loft. I had calmed down and focused on getting snapchats saved and all that. But then it was just relaxing in the warm and typing this up. Eventually it was coming to around 8am and i finished up and walked out. 

A morning of silent landscaped beauty in Britains Ocean City

Then my journey continued to watch the day start, as i walked out, it was really sunny, blue sky, just that romantic morning and well i was by myself, and its really too early to ask friends to come out or go over to the house, dude thats just rude if i did that. So i decided to go somewhere i've never been before, to the top of Drake's Circus. After a bit of walking up and stairs and doors. I got to the most amazing views and i wish i was with someone to share the moment with, even though charley would be still hungover and maybe puking her insides like the cake wanted to show. But after seeing the views, i walked back down, i did have 2 staff ask me why i'm up here. 

The view from the top of Drake's Circus. 

Looking into town from the car park

The uni view

Then it was a case of walking around, by the time i was out of the mall, it was raining and then i walked to north hill again but then i changed my mind and walked to the railway station. Now i took a route through uni and in the back streets which were nice but the rain was a bit of a shame. Eventually i got there about 8:10 and just started typing up, it was actually busy for the most part, tourists, businessmen, elderly couples and some expensive food there too.

It was nearing 8:40 and i was getting up to speed with how the night was going, then i walked in to whsmiths which had a book on, "getting famous on Youtube" i shit you not, but there were some things i didn't know much on which could be useful.

A book on getting famous on Youtube. £9.99 it costs as well

Reading that was fun then i walked back in to town, browsing and also i needed a shit so i went to Drakes Circus to have that and finish off the typing which well was needed. But nothing really happened until 10am, where shops were opening and all. The asian supermarket has some ideals which maybe i could want but i wasn't really wanting to carry things.  But i eventually got some earphones for £4.99 at maplins and they were nice and decently loud, just after i found out the bus was leaving so i chased it up north hill to mutley, i missed it.

The earphones for £4.99

Then i tried to get to the house, but no one was in (calling them would of been rude so its not the best), then i ran partly the way back. It was a painful 56 minute run since my legs were really feeling being on the go all the time.

Eventually i made it to The George, but i was soooo close to getting a bus which actually nearly stopped for me but just as i got to the bus stop it passed me by :@@@@@. FUCKING CUNT.
So i used this as an excuse to get a £2.50 pint of Lime

Getting there just after the bus leaves me

The pint of lime was £2.50 and it was nice and strong
Then i left after a quick toilet breakd and by 11:10, the bus was in i paid another £4.50 and boom, a trip home. Which was quiet, until i had a tweet saying eloise thought i had ran home, i tweeted a pic of the bus i was on just before i got off.
On the bus before going home

Then there was me getting into lidl to buy a shitload of drink, i mean 6 bottles of Cranberry water and apple and raspberry drink and also tropical drink as well as sweet popcorn, that all came to £4.53 so just as much as the bus ticket home. the struggle to get home was almost unreal.

The items from lidl. Popcorn, and drinks. 

Then this was the end of actually one of the most interesting nights i've ever had, which has been ok but its changed a few things. But also there has been a thing where i've realised i only spent £5 on Charley which i know i should of done better than that but i might sort that with some national day or something special to her. That and i only spent less than £40 the whole night which is good.

There also was an alternative story where i pretty much said i slept at the house then went with swaggy for a mcdonalds then we both went up to see the sunrise. My family thought i was high and with a gay guy, since my sister saw my eyes looked like they were popping out and how pale i looked and finding titles for parts of this were bad which they were unsure why i was asking for names of things.

Enjoy your first week in march and more vlogs and a blogpost catch up to come soon.