Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Krispy Hot Day

Well, today finally marks it, its April 21st, its been a Year or more since i went to my first buffet, its possibly Mcdougall's birthday and also Kripsy Kreme opens in Plymouth, Yup, thats one step for perfect romantic gluttony, okay maybe i exaggerate but its a perfect day and its a day with various bits of fun.

I end up waking up at 8:40 after a glance at feabie and then i had to walk the dog from a post it note that told me to, from walking in a field where Rosie was pretty much biting my foot but she did her business and then i got home with her, e-mail checking and social checking was always a bit of fun and then i had to have a shower and a shit, well in reverse order but meh, i had plans to go swimming since its that hot out there, and i felt it at 9am in the morning. Oh and a poem i read on UKIP was giving me a giggle. 

The shower was nice and after prepping my things and making sure i've got what i need, i leave around 10am, Topless and through Glass, since well, its perfect for that. Also i found out i'm now 175lbs, a 3lb gain funnily enough. 

Just about Leaving

Passing By


This hill

Look at the moorview

The road to the busy one

Yup, the entrance 

Nearing Central Park

I made it to a different bike park

I got there in 1 hr 43 minutes, and it was a nice journey to the toilet, it was a massive queue to the stand for Krispy Kreme, interestingly its not an actual stor,e but a stand just outside HMV. Which has 2 queue lines and there were 2 mini stands just nearby was one and the other was at the entrance.

Where the stand actually is

After that, i was exploring town and with many of the sights and seeing offered in stores like A GTX 750 for £107.99 and a PS TV for £45 (actually thats now the RRP, but Game were using that as a sales motive). Also i found the dragonwar Silvio £5 cheaper. I popped in to gadget repair and it turns out the iphone i used for vlogging has water damage. Well it seems the waterproof case i used isn't working properly or i sweat very badly. Also there was other things and i might of been looking for a USB hub but didn't find a cheap one (ok i just looked in Poundland).

Then i walked back up to the mall, and i noticed the 2nd krispy kreme mini stand and there was this amazing girl there, blone with a figure i like a lot and she said (When i was looking at the boxes) "they go well with bacon strips", then we both did the "Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips" and i smiled, but since i was going swimming, i had to pass at that time, The other stand i went to i did asked about gift cards but they said the main one has some even thought the rep was shocked when i said "The Red card is sold out online", "it must of been popular then". After this, i walked to the hoe and explored before attempting to swim in the sea at the hoe.

Walking through the barbican

Cars parking and a dome i've not been in yet

Amazing views
Eventually i ended up on the top and sat down, i passed an old tavi college friend of mine, edmund and also this uni student was sat next seat to me and eating a carrot along with her lunch, she gave me awkward stares and it was 2:10 and i left to wander around town.

As i wandered into sweet shops and even got tempted to apply for a IT tech job in KT near uni, i wandred back to the mall and wanted to try to give my number to that amazing girl i flirted sort of with at the mini KK stand, sadly she wasn't there but i bought a box of each anyway for £15.95.

The boxes

You can tell which box is which and also glass is nice with it

My phone is much clearer with pictures though

With that, i walked out and headed out to Marsh Mills to get a newly real talk friend her 21st pressie.
But oh wait, the fucking boxes were bigger than my rucksack (not the tech air) and i had to look like a BHM with padding and cycling like that to marsh mills did give me some odd looks. Oh and i climbed over the fence near the costa to save time.

Getting on the bike

Oh, thats not fitting that nicely

Gently footpaths by urban ghetto areas

The deep smell from an estruary from an embankment road

Passing Sainsburys

Passing Vospers

Parking at halfords
Then i popped into PC world and purchased the chromecast while looking at various bits from Bluetooth mice to a GTX 750 OC for £99.99. But the chap was nice and i walked over to costa, Lauren looked cute to say the least and she said hi to me then after a 20 minute browsing since she was talking to some others. I gave the chromecast ot her and she was surpised and worried it was costly (considering i pad £60 for them in 2013, its the cheapest i've ever paid). She hugged me and invited me out Thursday and i couldn't do it so i was offered the week after next for something with the house.

The chomecast, with 3 months of Google Play
Then after that, i decided to head out, the cycle back was a not so painful uphill but it was a long gradual slope back to clearbrook. Sure its nice weather but the doughnuts were not as happy as i later discovered (the assorted ones).

Before the Plym valley

Passing by the Railway line

Nearing the end of Plym valley

Shaugh Prior Tunnel

The new gradual climb near clearbrook

I was nearly going to stop here for a drink but i went for a YOLO moment and cycled on

Finally getting past Yelverton

The final tunnel
Then i got home and packed up everything in terms of shower and a freezing cold drink and even i ate a glazed original doughnut before tea then tea then had 7 more later on in the night.

Well thats this and hope you enjoyed the vlog