Friday, 1 May 2015

May Catching up

Well, to be honest this past few day since the 21st has been quiet, i mean to be honest i've been playing games and working for those days. Maybe some geocaching and dogwalking (not on vlog, that will be later this month) but nothing else. Also i've had a surge of views on the last Bank Holiday Weekend, its interesting to see its popular, (more popular than the feeding sessions at the house 2 years ago this weekend). Also Feabie has pretty much been a great bit of excitement but false hope since people complain if you message them, complain if your quiet and shit tags like #thirstthursday

I've been keeping up with playing and finishing Kingdom Hearts 2.5. Now from today, i will start exporting the crucial stuff to my YT (a lets play perhaps) and also with oddworld now released on PS3, i can play that soon. But every month, Keep reminds me on those new years resolutions and Goals, lets see how my progress is

  • Get into my first relationship - Maybe a slight chance but gone
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This might happen in the next few days
  • Cook for a girl or group of girls - Maybe not
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - level 69 on kh II FM - now starting the lets play to publish
  • Purchase and finish Oddworld New N Tasty - purchased and downloaded to PS3
  • Finish 2 prisions on The Escapists
  • Watch a studio Ghibli Film - Tis is down
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a Restaurant - Escort

Well that is the end of this and hope to see you soon for another story