Wednesday, 22 July 2015

omracer *did not* crashes Plymouth

Well, its another sunny day in Plymouth, it was the start of MTV Crashes Plymouth, which most people ended up buying and selling for a bit more than actually going. Now i was also supposed to buy a birthday present for Robyn but things didn't turn out as planned.

Anyways lets get to it, not a vlog for this one. But i charged glass the night before:


A rushed morning 

So i was waking up a bit late and i had a home visit before leaving for Plymouth, but seriously, i thought i lost my passport, and i left home about 9:50 and i was supposed to be at this place by 10. I made it by being 5 minutes late but after a lesson on various things taught, i was ready to leave by 11:20 and even though the GPS was being a pain and it was raining, i managed to get into Plymouth by 1pm. The journey was reasonably good :)

Cycling a new road, this was just after it rained

Nearing Clearbrook

The crownhill down hill and i nearly crashed into a lorry after taking this lol, (i braked before it was close)

A grey central park

A quiet browse: 

Seriously, i was just walking around alot but i did see some offers including: 
  • A Acer Iconia Tablet was looked like it was £39.95 but it was 89.95
  • Also i was looking for a SSD and £60 was the cheapest
  • The redone maplin looked amazing
  • There was a band by the screen
  • Also i saw a place that was doing free table tennis
  • I picked up a EE power Bank
  • I bought some Tango ice lollies as well as strawberry aloe vera
  • I didn't seee Robyn so i didn't buy her a present
  • I saw something nice for an offer for my dad's birthday
  • I found out i was a local by the nice chap in Krispy Kreme and i got a good deal due to lack of doughnuts.
  • It was quiet in the Apple Store
  • I smiled at Niamh when i walked past her work
The band performing

You can pay table tennis for free in the place the old disney store used to be 

I bought 2 things from Poundland for £1 each

The power Bank from EE

A present idea for my dad's birthday

The deal i got for £9.85 from Krispy Kreme (rare chance)

Time to leave by not crashing

This was a struggle to get home since the GPS i had to stand outside Drake's Circus to connect to the cloud then get a signal then 20 minutes of doing that and i left at 4:30 and the weather was amazing, sunny sky with not many clouds and it was a case of me nearly slipping off my bike at least. I got home by 6:20 which was just under 2 hours but my legs are getting tired. 
The bike

The flyover

Passing B&Q

Between derriford and the George

Back on the moors

The forest between Tavi and Horrabridge

Finally Home

Now  I got home and then it was time to have dinner, it was a lush salad with Prawns and Jacket potatoes along with Crisps and Sweet Chilli dressing. But then after that it was time to indulge of the Krispy Kremes and i tried the recommissioned Reeces Flavour and it was really nice :)
The tea when i got home

A squashed Reece's Peanut Butter Krispy Kreme

Inside the doughnut

Well its now time to end it there, its a nice day and hopefully more vlogs and blogs soon and its amazing to finally get things done, sure its not the things I've set myself to do but its not easy to do those things recently....