Sunday, 12 July 2015

omracer's Night Out: Tempting failure

Well, with everything happening recently and anniversary's coming up, its the start of my summer, sure I'm getting busier at work feeling like glue but I'm fitting in new ideas and plans for the next few weeks. but a new unexpected and one long time planned intertwined. the vlog from this is below, this might be delayed and might be long, but  excitable.

well if you've probably seen or heard by now, I've dyed my hair to what should be platinum blonde, OK it didn't go as well but I have blonde hair, I used some dye which cost me £4 and I've reviewed. it looks ginger from the pics but I'm now seeing the blonde from one of the pictures appearing, if you want to read a review of how it got on you can read it here.

The new hair

but back to today, 

I was up at 7:30 after a mind bit excitement to see how my hair felt in public, of course a fap was a nice stress release too, a girl i follow on instagram always haves some good curves and lips and hair. but I got the cat for a walk around the garden then fed the fish and made sure the dog was walked, she's always a fun one, bit not bringing her ball back a few times is still something to work on that collie, after that, I checked the internet for hair reactions then I left for work

I got in and a busy day and more tasks but after having to call a found phone and buying a laptop that needed a HDD for £20, I left work at 4:55 and pelted it back home and then I met my grandfather, it was nice to catch up but they were worried about Rosie being on her own, I said it would be OK. so it was 5:26 and I had just over 30 minutes to sort everything out, shower, style, feed cat, change, get items and set GPS then go. I managed to pelt it by 6:12 and sadly I missed the 6:20 86 but caught the 6:35 83 and I just asked for a first day plus and paid £3, blonde hair has savings so far of £2, then it was a nice time to type this up.
Getting to Lidl and missing the bus

The BBQ begins

I was going to choose the kerbabs but i didn't in the end

So, I get off the bus then browse Morrison's for BBQ stuff but don't see any thing on offer so I run to the house, I get there at 7:30ish and see no one here i call James but that went to voicemail, then I see someone in the house eventually Pete let me in him nath and his gf were at the back, there was a BBQ and we all chatted and caught up, well there was a lot going on, I let him know about feabie and some of the people I know on there. then there was more tasty food, aldi based spicy big sausages and burgers, the buns were lush, I was getting thirsty but so many stories. I found a girl I met once has gotten bbw, same with other girls and even then I mentioned some of the hair dye stories and showed pics, all with some nice wind in the back garden, Missy came out and she was chilling, we noticed she pooed earlier near where nath sat, Pete was nearly stepping in it. then it was furry talk and I've been recommended to play Kirby's epic yarn for Wii, maybe soon. Also pete saw a unicorn on my instagram . Thisa means really rare type looking good girl
The burgers were tasty and the bun was nice

 it was nearing 9:15 and we walked in for more chatting, which turned into giggles about cat fat and shit bags, something about Chris Moyle's relative and the co-op conspiracy about people refused access to staff toilets. Hayley was nice and a bit in pain but she was her bubbly self. then we spoiled movie titles plots, disturbia was a remake of a older film about a house.

The night out begins:

By 10:10, I left for caffeine club, a run which was meh and I saw the girl I chatted to on the bank holiday Saturday in Cuba, she smiled at me so I wasn't ignored too badly :) then I got to caffeine club. but I needed a  caffeine kick , the waitress was helpful and gave me cold water as well a a strong American for £2.35. I drank that in 15 minutes, then I made my way to oceana

The £2.35 Americano with a glass of cold water 

Getting to Oceana

A new style ocean to explore

 I got in, someone before had refused entry, no Id problems with the hair, and it was all reserved, I danced with some older ladies, I saw an Emma looking good as usual, the one I saw before I was kicked out for being too drunk last time. then relaxing in a new upstairs smoking area and by 11:10 I was a raving man later I checked glass and I badly bent part of it which I'm worried I bust it but it might be the speaker piece, I moved it to under my shirt, I would of regretted it if I did. later on I walked up to the smoking area and I saw Hannah and we caught up on chatter, she was happy with her boyfriend, we shook hands, for a change, it wasn't me jealous or regret, then there were some Tavi lads, jack and I were talking, partly about his sis and Tavi talk. Hannah noticed me staring at ash as she walked past, she knew I liked her, but I explained some of the history between us. she said, fuck her, and the moving on talk, which ATM I have that feeling I'm doing that too many times. Also i hugged Lauren who looked the nice same old,  she did tweet she got fat which was not the case when hugging her.
I almost broke Glass :(

here was fun raving to 90s songs in the disco and a group of lads dancing around in the ice room, also it was the same with some Asian dudes in woo woo early on. I ended up having to order a glass of water, it felt right and I needed to do it, plenty of ice too and it hydrated me, then I needed to chillaxed, I sat near Courtney, looking beautiful, some group of lads were sitting on the table next to me, I walked away when a bit of drink spilt on my leg, but I had this chance to move to a different spot which then I found some guys and a girl, there was banter about me pissing on them in a toilet, but they were nice people Kim was good looking , she had heard of me, I didn't get the other chaps name, but they told my future, one said "I will like trains " and Kim said "I will get someone pregnant and earn farther of the year award" so i was told to leave and make that happen, it didn't also I was filing on the balcony and ash and Sophie passes me, ash managed to smile at me. The rouge section was busy, mostly reserved, raving happened, then I relaxed at 1am listening to Ed shreean covers that was in the lodge, also it was an idea to so a song for ashleigh but its not going to work, sigh.

The first glass of water
 I was feeling thirsty again chatted to kiah, she's no longer a Lolli, also chatted to Amy and saw the bouncer I chatted to after I got kicked out in April, he was a nice chap, I ordered another drink, he added lime and it was good, drunk most of it, I saw Sophie and was about to try to talk to her then a chap arrived, passed her a drink, something about a balloon, which one of the staff in suspenders trued to get off, then the guy glared at me then they kissed, that felt like a heart stabbing, but nothing I could do about it, so I continued on and left at 1:50, the run to Jester's.

The 2nd drink, just before things got a bit deep

I pop into temptations. yes I know, people will say its not the best way to go. but I explored, some girls asked me for me wanting a lap dance, I was a nervy thing, why, why, sure they weren't my ideal type and I wanted to save money so I might of said no. I was thirsty so more tap water, of course no phones pics etc. so I drank it and a nice girl started a conversation, sure it was nice but I didn't feel ready for a lap dance and so I went to the smoking area this is where I was not doing the right things, I sat next to a Thai lady, she was called summer and was nice, of course she offered private dance so I couldn't accept. then these guys started chatting after I murmur to myself about running home, they asked about me, like job, hobbies, where you live, like making friends, then they found out its my first time, so all of them chipped in to get me a 15 minute lap dance and I tried to say no but she took my hand and helped me to get to a room with a private pole and I was nervous, since I didn't want to offend her but I didn't want the guys feeling they wasted their money, I just felt idiotic, but she was starting to dance and I was scared but no semi but she realised this and tried to calm me down, I think I said sorry 10 times and she basically listened to how I feel left behind at the moment and I mentioned the date to say how I try to progress, she understood and said her relatives feel the same. then we walked out and it was a "how did it go and did you enjoy it, I did what we talked about and lied but I said "thing" shit shit shit. my fucking mind, I fucked up but she started to say what really happened and told them who all looked like bouncers what they did was wrong, all of us were in disagreement but I sat down and felt bad for them.
The stamp of the famous club

I left silently and then enjoyed jesters getting to jesters was nice, I saw many bbws and Gemma looked nice but becky and her friend looked beautiful  and Jess and Chelsea and they were nice and hi, I was nervy still. the rain was kicking in too :( there was more dancing and beck and her friend looked like the girls that are my type. but eventually I left at 3:40 and went to Cuba.

Now then, the way to cuba is ahead of me way

now on the way to Cuba, I had some selfies with some people, one was shocked at my shoes, one hated my shirt, and one was a nice looking lady then i got there and paid £2 to get into Cuba but it was not as fun so I decided to leave for home at 4:20.
The journey home started out tough, but a gas station to browse was not my ideal way to go so I went with an oasis to go at McDonald's for £1.29 running with the large drink was hydrating but hard and after drinking it all by the old busy vus stop I uses to go to, I ran until I just got past the George and a nice elderly gentleman gave me a lift back into Tavistock, I felt stupid but my legs aren't cut out for it and I felt its the only easy way out, since I have to walk Rosie when I get home anyway. I get out of the car and thank him again,
Nearing the flyover, just after popping in  to check for cheap drinks

Getting to mcdonalds, i was the only customer inside

£1.29 for a large oasis

Getting back into Tavi 

 I'm dropped by the drakes statue and I run home from there and as well I ended up chatting to some old school mates of mine and they wanted an xbox one game called sex slave and nagged at my ginger hair and asked if I was going to work. I got back home and Rosie was hyped to see me, so I tried to walk her but she just tried to bite my shoe so I got back in and all done This I have pretty much made me an idiot and lowered self confidence I have with getting a girl irl.

Well this story is done and even though now glass has the foil problem too, its time to wait until carnival season which is the week i'm working all week :), This has made nights out just a not bother with now :((((((((((((((((((((((((((((.