Sunday, 6 September 2015

A Bere September Walk

With this september feeling much less than sensational, i ended up being a +1 for my parents and we walked the dog on a day trip, we originally planned to go to lopwell dam but the tide was past the highest at the time, so we managed to go to Bere Ferres instead, we went via vinegar hill and ended up parking at the playing field then walked into the village.

The recreation/playing field

Walking along the estuary

The route to the pub

Then my parents, Rosie and myself sat in this beer garden for the Old Plough inn and then i went in to order and just as I was getting a menu, i was right next to a customer I served a few weeks ago and they said their computer was working fine, that was a good sign but then a slim blonde with cute freckles and looked younger than me and shorter, she handed me the menus. Then we ordered, it came to £38.40 in the end., They had ploughman with brie and bacon and i had a 1/2lb burger with chips, gherkin and coleslaw. Oh and  me and mum had lime pints and dad had a Devon dumpling larger.
The reciepts

My meal, they burger and chips 
Then after nomming and relaxing and a mini dog walk, we left at 2:30 and decided to have a walk further up the estuary towards lopwell dam, there were some good sights and muddy paths. It was about 1.9 miles and that was there and back again, to the car, the heat was sesnsational and parents were admiring the old house views of where people lived and so on.
Where we were going to walk towards

Estuary Views

More views

I made a panorama

I made a better Panorama

The route we walked

Then it was towards half 3 and we decided to head off to nans to a catchup then get home, it was nice to listen to gossip from family up north as well as playing fetch with Rosie and her being lazy to bring back the ball. 
My nans Garden

Finally we left and it was a relaxing evening and it turns out i'm now 180.4lbs, thats a 3-4lb gain since the last time i weight myself, to be honest this is the 2nd biggest I've ever been and its interesting that family are picking up on how big i might be getting, ok I'm not gaining on purpose here but looking at the numbers since joining feabie is showing that it DOES make you fat, well a social network of bigger people means members might gain from using the site, this is sort of proof. Also a feeder that is in Plym uni for this term/semester looked at my profile, but this means i'm defiantly not the only feeder in Plymouth.
The new weight

Well now this might be quiet until Thursday, well actually its Emma birthday but the chance to win her heart is out the window so making an effort for her birthday is more pointless and just causes memories flux in emotion but i have my mum's birthday so meh, Maybe I'll vlog but maybe I might not. Anyway enjoy your weekend and early week.