Thursday, 10 September 2015

a Summer Shopping Sort of Day

With the girl I loved and lost's birthday passing me and the world by and the fact its too late to get her anything anymore, i had to just focus on my mum's birthday present which is coming up. I've been working like mad, it feels alot like that recently. Eventually like today, i managed to get a day off so its a cycle into Plymouth before the 2 weeks of more new and exciting things to be together. Also Pokemon GO looks awesome. Enjoy the vlog Below:

Lets Start the cycle

I woke up and after flirting with a feabian that was 35 stone-ish at 19 and looked beautiful the night, ok it was just a comment on a status but its the little things i enjoy, i woke up and after the internet checking and fapping, I was up and had a shower by 9:50. By about 10:15, i was out the door and biking on. The journey there was quite smooth but it was a bit longer than usual, maybe not being able to cross the road near lidl might of partly caused that.

Just before leaving

Passing the football club

The new Tescos

The last estate before the path

Nearing Gem Bridge

Nearing Horrabridge

A steep climb

The moors

A sheep looked at me

sunbathing ponies

A favourite from time to time

Nearing the famous outland road

Those Central Park views

The cityscape

Parking the bike, well about to

The shopping Begins

Arriving at drakes circus at bout 12:06 which was ok-ish, but i walked from there and got a toilet break before heading off to start the shopping.
the first place was Primark where i actually managed to find and buy size 34 jeans for 3 quid but the length is 34 so i know a lecturing about cutting jeans will happen eventually.

The 2 Jeans for £10

Then pandora was pretty much the main reason i had to go out anyway, so a sptember birthstone for 35 quid was ok i guess. then i explored the town and a bit around..

Inside is the present, £35 for a birthstone
Exploring town was fun, sure there were some offers on things, the market was busy but poundland is always a budget browsing which is awesome. sure i can get better deals from the website but the site doesn't have tango ice lollies/freeze pops for £1 for a pack of 10 and no cola :). Very soon after i noticed some sshds in computerbase for 34.99. they were used but that was too good to pass up so i ended up buying one. i need it since i'm running low on my 320gb toshiba from somewhere and this is faster too :).

the USED SSHD for £34.99

I was then walking around towards the barbican, the apple store was ok, sure there was another customer saying her 500gb or 1tb old white macbook was slow and i was close to pulling mine out to say this will solve your problems. I didn't since kermit issues. *sips virtual tea*. Also the sshd was an oem one due to no warranty from what i read on segate's website. Passing jess by and wandering through primark i saw jake and he was looking for earphones so i said maplin have some for 7 or 8 quid which was nice. Then my journey through the Bus Station started

The Bus station

then i wandered through the back streets of the barbican and the sights were nice as the usual sights are. the nice girl in the 88 supermarket greeted me as i explored via ,y thirst. then it was walking to the hoe. this was tiring but its interesting how overhearing conversations can really make you crave or regret something, like not being able to take my swimming gear with me since it was lush weather for it and people were swimming in the usual viewpoint.

A view

The dome end of the hoe

I walked to the right and saw a point near a cafe and near where 2 girls were chillaxing, one was a cute soft bbw but as i was putting my feet in the water and typing this up, the tide was coming in so i was closer to them and she was incredible, under 300lbs but jiggled everywhere ish. she smiled at me twice before her and her mate zoey left.

Dipping my feet in the tide

Blast that sea gull

More views
By half 3 i was starting to make my way back into town, with the uni graduation tents were being setup and the heat stronger than me. i put my feet in the water one last time, then 2 girls smiled and laughed lightly at me when getting on the hoe and there were other mini things.

A quiet hoe

in the distance a tanker and a ferry are coming into the the bay
So, now it was time to purchase the ice pops from Poundland, it turns out the tango ones i like had been moved towards the entrance but for a change, i tried the orange calypso's as well as the tango ice tubes and they DON'T have COLA in them :). A nice chap served me, a long queue to get there but thats always happened with BOTH stores in the city.

more ice lollies for £2 in total

Now i walked on the way back to the bike, passing the import shop as i saw part time staff wanted, tempting but thats not needed right now. So i walked up the hill and then by 4:20 i was on my way home. Feeling tired, thirsty and sweating, it was a tiring ride, thats for sure, but the GPS did fine but i nearly drained the battery from the screen and BT on too much maybe. then again i had 80% battery when i left and used no internet.

Just about to unlock 

Mutley hill cycling

Flyover passing

Through the wind and no traffic jam

A cow gave me evils

A mini bike pic 

Passing Yelverton

Gem Bridge is nearly there
I got home in about 1 hour and 52 minutes and it was empty which was meaning this will be a productive evening for me to get this up, well the vlog quicker. But its been an ok day on my own to be fair.

For now then