Sunday, 27 September 2015

omracer's Night Out: A Rave for Breakfast

After a week of partly finishing new years goals, working and also cooking amazing food and drinking bulk case deals from poundland (30 drinks for £19 inc P&P is ideal) and even the Vita TV now working with the games i had bought for it, it was perfect weather for a night out and it was a hetic day, I even did the dickhead thing and left my house keys in work which was a piss take, but hey its a nice relaxing hopefully i'll kiss this time.
After eventually getting in the house at 6pm, i was knackered, finished installing Ridge Racer to my Vita TV and then i had to hoover the lounge, sucky but it had to be done. Afterwards I had to charge my phone and make sure I get my fix of the coffee after the shower which meant nearly necking down a coffee.

The coffee before leaving

I ended up deciding not to take the hoodie and wearing 3 shirts + my usual one instead, since i felt it was a nice change and also that the hoodie does let me down a bit and yet I need a bit of chill but i need warms and i know my arms will be freezing but oh well. I finally left around 19:50 and pelted it for the bus, since it was 20:05 it left, I felt I had plenty of time and i made sure I was warm enough. I Left the house to get the bus just after my nan had called.

Making my way to the bus stop
Now, I was just on the bus I saw Luke and we caught up from techy talks to work to fresher's and then once we got off by town, we both walked our way down to union rooms way and I got off at the casino, feeling a bit nippy in the arms and the rugby was on the big screen.

The Screen with the rugby on
Eventually we part ways at the casino and I played blackjack, bet £6 and the £5 chips were run out but I won £6 anyway, useful for jesters or Cuba money :) then I went for a quick piss break before heading to union rooms for a bit. from here on the vlog started

Walkabout was packed, I got I'd stamped and then left after loud roaring of crowds from the rugby, we were winning anyway, then I walked my way to the hoe and people were leaving the graduation tents, mostly foreign tongue was head, that and some of cheesy songs to my right as I was sat by smetons tower.

The stamp with the ID on from walkabout which i was only in there for like 10 minutes

Its supposed to be the hoe

Those Uni Tents 

a Dark sea view
By 9:55 I walked my way to the barbican and was exploring my routes and ideas, it might be busy but might not be, but sights and sounds is what a night out is. It was a right laugh, sure I got a selfie with one of those night out photographers and that was in the vlog no trouble.
The selfie with one of those photographers
Also I raved with a party lot of older folks in the pub next to omg and that was fun and my temperature was ideal. then I ran to oceana about 10:30 and got in by 10:40. there were a live duo right in front of where I was sitting which was cool. Then in with the internet checking, with no one I saw out yet, this might be a queit but might be busy.

The place as usual

Eventually by 11:15 things were good, seeing Meg and finally happy I follow her back, then i met two bbw friends of her, very kind and nice, one joked that she wasn't included about me liking the big girls, but her figure was <3 .="" a="" alannah="" also="" and="" before="" blonde="" boyfriend="" care="" caught="" considering="" cool="" dancing="" danny="" didn="" directly="" drink="" ended="" exploring.="" had="" he="" her="" hug="" i="" in="" included="" jaspers.="" later="" me="" months="" my="" name="" not="" of="" ok="" on="" ordered="" pheobe="" s="" said="" saw="" seen="" selfie="" served="" she="" slim="" some="" span="" speak="" t="" that="" then="" to="" together="" too.="" up="" ve="" water="" way="" we="" with="" you="">

The only cup of water i had before the sunday early hours began

it's also really fun in the disco room along with some selfies in Snapchat with so many people, I had 2 fistbumps, some grinding and also what is love. But it was 11:50 and I was listening into Spanish couples drunk love talking, a blonde with ponytails all of this guy, bless them too, I also saw beautiful my type ladies around, greeting them will be hard. more time and raving and grinding with a blonde in the disco room, I was close to some bbws but not that lucky, there was really good moves and the occasional yawn but fucking why though, I saw Paige and danced to get busy with Alannah and pH then there was a feeling of warmth which is awesome inside but freezing arms in the area of air and smoke. Unsure of my route of ideas at 12:30 it was a case of wondering around and some good dancing then the smoking area was packed and fun conversations, I admitted I have one ball but I actually don't know and the hugs and flirting was cool my dancing was legendary and they didn't know me and I am apparently from Bristol.

A selfie :)

But moving was hard and standing next and near near ssbbws was nice but I was too nervy to approach them. also I checked my bank and I think it charged me for it, it only said £1.99 for withdrawal which that wasn't, I might have chats with providers if need be. also I saw a new nath how actually liked the blog and how important the blogging and vlogging is and how alot of people have taken the piss for a long time. Now the dancing gets good and then ice room I end up very close face to face with a girl, then she takes my hand while we all dance with each other, eventually one on the left gives me an "eugh" look and gets her mates to walk off and then I see another tavi college bey while dancing with Alannah,

But the night goes on and more dancing with cities in woo woo and eventually the smoking area is a packed part and some guys ask me things and are weirded out by me being out by myself, as I type the things at 1:22 the area and arms feel cold and yawning causes visible heat breath. It's getting to the point of think of leaving. I would love to hug a blonde bbw or at least chat to some at this point well a long chat. By 2 I was sitting outside and chatting while some girls were eating then after internet checking 

A blurry exit

Time for Town
I ran to revs and saw the beautiful Chloe outside, so we had a Snapchat selfie then got into union rooms and then me her and and other cities were in those smiles selfies, that's 2 tonight interesting. Later on she introduced me to Connor and he was OK but he started seducing me and nearly got his dick out, Chloe was hinting at me and him but nah, then it was staring and wondering what her as a feeder would be like but a nice old club rave and by 2:55 I was in jesters.

Getting to Union Street
Jesters was a whole load of selfies, how is it buds, hugging friends and dancing to classic fun tunes, Jess was happy there were cute bbws there, I even saw a guy touch a ladies belly and he gave me scowls when I saw, Chloe and Chloe arrived, fun dancing and I was opposite a blonde ssbbw. I ended up dancing until 4am then left and saw Hannah ordering food in a cute bulging denim shorts, they got the taxi in the end and I made my way to the last part of the night out.

Leaving Union Street

Getting to North Hill
Passing people, popping into caffeine club and also scholar, I saw a heck of a lot of people at the Cuba entrance. exploring after paying was cool, I saw matt and a few others, music was still good.
Soon I was sitting next to a trashed lady, nice long black hair and tightly dressed, she was not taking much notice of me but she smiled then her friend said something about girl code then she left and I was shoved into the rave room then made my way downstairs for internet checking, also it was nice to kill time and Aislinn said hi too. Pole dancing was great fun and it was nearly 6am which means yay. pieface was hugging and a dancing, someone called me a cunt or some insult since I don't care about big brother after said person was hyped she had a selfie with him.

Near 6am raves
Also this guy also loved my shirt and wanted to buy me a drink but I refused so we hugged instead. then it was raving until 6:20. my legs nearly broke from strain so I had a choice, I relax in goodbodies with a cuppa dragon coffee or I run to the George for £4 unlimited breakfast which is from 8am. Thinking on it now, the breakfast was the good option to take. my legs will hurt for it but value is nice. so I ran from 7 from Mutely. As I was getting to leave mutely, I walked past Aislin and her mates, she greet me and we chatted always, heard her voice for the first time ever even though she was close to losing her voice and then her mate any introduced her self and we chatted and then she did this trick that was to turn men on and it did nothing as well as I told her about being a bbw lover which she said chubby lover and she was fascinated she met a person with a fetish for the first time which is odd

Leaving Cuba with the sky starting to brighten up

Then we went to subway and she ordered a steak and cheese sub and coke, she and Aislin were petting a homeless dog that was really hungry and I offered his owner drinks instead of change and he refused. then I walked faster to catch up with ais. Beforehand, i saw the guy that liked the shirt again and we hugged again in the middle of the road when sunrise was quite clear but once that was done I caught up and Ais was barefoot and after more chatting we split ways, then I went to goodbodies to check if anyone decent was there and there was none. So I ran to the Toby. The run was knackering but I got there 10 minutes earlier even though I walked the last bit after the Mercedes store. by 8:05 I was ready to order after toilet break. 
Nearing the Parkway flyover

Passing Mcdonalds

I got in an got greeted and hinted to pay at the bar which was nice and it was nice to get my 3 layers of shirts off before being able t order and eat. the food was fantastic and it was very filling and after 2 various plates full and 6 or 7 glasses of water in between and a few long moments of uploading all the pics I have on my phone go Snapchat and Instagram I finished 10 minutes before the bus arrives just outside the pub. £3.99 is good value.

The first meal

The second meal
I finished about 9:10 and it was a 15 minute wait for the bus and it was early by 1 minute or so. Paying the £4 to get home then viewing snapchats and i nearly fell asleep, but i eventually walked from lidl home at 9:50 and got home about 10:25 since my walk was soooo slow. But i got some and had chores to finish off before finally getting this edited along with a cup of coffee.

Well now its pretty much the end of the vlog, Hopefully this isn't the last night out but if it is then it is. More videos possibly coming soon