Thursday, 5 November 2015

omracer's Night Out: A Gelato House Firework Display

with November arriving, less than 60 days until the end of this single and lost love year, its the night were the torches are lit, pyrotechnics sell their most to the public and the night comes in quickly. Bonfire night here we go. The vlog is below:

the wet catch up day

the day was actually a case of catching up with my grandparents, chillaxing on their sofa, my Grandad in awe of bobross on twitch and a nice sausage, chips and beans. leaving for there at 10:15 and getting back home in the rain at 2:15, I felt happy catching up. But then I had work call me and there was even a case of talking to the nicest rep of a supplier that I've ever spoken to, and ordering, like £30 to sell a mutli headset for consoles, that's how it goes. After all that, rollercoaster tycoon 2 was the next plan, well to play it anyway, that was a few hours fun and Rosie is much better, in fact more hyper. it came to 5pm and I decides to shower and get changed, then I was out by 5:35 after my parents came home with Chinese. 

The bus of lateness

Running in the new white trainers, I made it to lidl by 5:50 and then it was queues on the road which actually made the bus like 20 minutes late. if you include the traffic light waiting, I took 12 minutes to run there. 
Lidl and theres a few cars in a queue
I was there later on, there were two tesco workers gossiping about a split up and guys being forward, one let me on the bus, I said dayplus, I was meant to say dayrider, but £4.50 for there and back without the middle earth adventure is OK. the vlog started at this point. 
As I was on the bus, it was quiet, but there was a teen software developer, a 17 year old gossiping and opening up along with mates. I just sat there, like the cross leg while typing the blogpost. 
By yelverton, the top deck was getting busy, I know with the buses being earlier, things could get out of hand with crowds, but since the fireworks are not in sets of 3. the crowds should be OK by 10ish. 
eventually I got to town at 7:05 and a usual slash was needed, my pace of choice, the casino. I carried on vlogging and made my way there, getting in was easy as swiping, the place was not that busy, except the blackjack table as usual, so I just had a quick toilet and by 7:22 I was on my way to the hoe. 

The usual bus stop, near armada shopping centre

An advert of the event tonight on the big screen (using -3 exposure)

Leaving Town to the Hoe with a full battery

A Fair of a Time on the Hoe

The walk to the hoe was quiet to begin with but there was some traffic and I got to the hoe by 7:28. With oxygen brightening the sky, I know I was there. Surprisingly, the hoe was quite busy even in the damp conditions, the fair was a bit smaller than the august fireworks but still of the extreme side.

Danter's Superstar




Rhythm Dancer

Views of the Fair

Lower the Exposure and the fair looks better

But it doesn't work all the time
Then by 7:33 the bonfire was lit, not a bright one but a standard fire to show some meaning eventually, but then I walked around  and listened to the live band on the citadel end of the hoe, killers covers are OK :). oh and white stripes too. 

This small glow is the bonfire


Food Court views

Looking towards the Fair

Cover Bands #1

Bright Bonfires

Smetons Tower #throughglass

Smeaton's Tower in a better view

The Fireworks begin

Very soon it was 8pm and the display was happening, they were sudden but yet bright and banging. 

They ended before the last song did, then I browsed and checked the bus timetable, last bus was either 9:04 or 11 so I was going to get the 9 bus but I saw the house. also there was someone that follows me on Facebook performing, she was good, 

A ganders with the house

Then the night was exploring with the house, u was offered a sweet, swaggy and Hayley bought noodles, the solar bank lost all power and I said I'll go for the 11 bus. I saw Aislinn by the dodgems which was nice, too car away for speaking though. then we went to have some sparkle fun, it took a bit of effort, but we all got them lit and dick drawing was a failed attempt. One last look at the bonfire was what I needed.

eventually it was passing 9:30pm and we all walked down to the gelato place, I've liked that since of the weighty feeding fun I could have but that changed after tonight. I told the house the recent time of buying dominoes for eating pics, Sam was confused and explained that it's easy to be used, but then it went to blackmail reasoning, which is only a last last resort and should never be done unless it's life or death situation. 

The Banter at a Gelato Parlour

We found a spot and the usual chatter was 'appening and I was tempted to order but I kinda made excuses which didnt make sense, so most of the others were ordering. swaggy with waffles, hayley 2 scoops, Sam, 2 scoops and nath a coke float. but the rep just cut the waffle ordering off, like pointing at others to explain why he won't serve waffles, but some girls ordered some after us and they got them, they started on us and Pete for staring at them too. nath had a poor coke float, there was no float and it was flat. and then there was the talk of wrestling, feeding, hayley feeling fat and hungry, some gossip and nath and me cutting clothes, like I'm mentioning how I think the cut jeans are disappearing, aka parents are binning them behind my back. also I found out Lacey saw and said hi when working when I was running to the George in September, now I get why I heard someone near mutley say my name.

making our way to the Gelato Bar

The menu

The house and a coke float that didn't look so good

Leaving the gelato bar while charging glass

A North Hill walk of chat of goodbye for now

the talk was OK, from gaming talk with fallout 4 waiting outside game and then talk of Niamh, Pete forgot her, how..., then nath pointed out someone with short jeans and mentioned you don't want to end up a rapey bellend. Passing Cuba was fun since we were offered drinks, but she hinted at us being lame, then Sam left after her and nath had a goodbye ritual, it looked cute. 

walking up north hill and some Irish drunks were chatting about the time their misses was with someone else. then it was talk about the meal tomorrow,,I won't spoil what might happen and who's in, not fair on you. 

then I landed swaggy in the oops when McDougall talk happened, some misconceptions on both mine and Hayley's part perhaps, but ive not seen that cutie for a while. Then I said my goodbyes and see you tomorrow.

Mutley nearing my leaving time

The Journey home

Walking in mutley was OK, the rain is starting, and the power bank was working by this time, yay
 Then, browsing the premier shop was nice, seeing the food I used to eat for lunch in the #crappycityplym days, then I wandered to the bus stop and there were some gym guys there, Chad type guys then this cute bbw was arriving and chatting to him, she wanted to work in a gym that 24 hours a day is pretty OK with a code moment and I wasn't going to make an effort. 
The bus arrived at 11:05 and I was on it and upstairs while hearing youngters chatter which really was OK but they left at woolwell, then a cute couple were being flirty but not intimate. 
Eventually the bus was on the last bits and I was back in the world of Tavi, signing off the vlog and hungry and wanting a shit and to get this up, I think an all nighter is on order. 

See you tomorrow for a meal out that I will remember, Hopefully.


Getting back to Tavi nearing midnight