Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Kreme Bit of Shopping

With November passing and being as cold and wet and scary as ever, Especially with the recent attacks on Paris, There was a plan to get a birthday present for Sohpie, why, well its making the effort, and also its nice with various things and now the town lights are on, its good to see them too.

Anyways fapping (which sandy thinks i'm addicted to recently) from 8:30 until 9:05 was the usual then some mini chours and getting the bike tyres pumped up and devices charged and by 10:20 i was another route away to get shopping done, on the way i decided to end up going the Plymbridge route, filled with so much leaves, mud, puddles splashing me and sweat from my back, it took me 1 hour and 31 minutes to get to Marsh Mills, parking by a pole outside PCWorld.

Leaving Tavi
Approaching an industrial estate, where i actually bought the bike from years ago

Getting to Redrow

A Tunnel

I came out pretty muddy after that and gem bridge

Settings and the distance

A Resurfaced part near clearbrook

Whizzing Down Clearbrook

Inside another tunnel

Now onto Plymbridge, on the trail anyway

We get there

We Pass Car Parks

We see railway workings
By 11:55ish, I finally manage to get to Marsh Mills, with the car park quite busy and my mind thinking a Chromecast would be a nextflix lovers ideal present, I wondered and browsed from sales reps selling 2 in ones to elderly customers to seeing some clearance usb sticks for £5, usb 3.0 intergal ones too.

Parking right outside

The Chromecast version 2.0 and the counter looks cool to represent the same style as chrome for the stock replacement. 
Then my next plan was to get some Coffee Syrup, no seriously, my sister wanted some for her birthday which i though it would be a nice change for her, I thought it would be £££ but after some lady giggling away saying some random things to me, someone served me and then it was a nice £5.95 for the pressie, i gave them a £0.05p tip, Then i showed off what it was, they looked familiar in one way. 

The syrups for £5.95
Then it was time to run to the bike and cycle on to the main event, or city. The traffic was ok, one guy beeped at me with road rage, my legs were slowing down slightly which was a bit meh and the views were not as good as a summer's day.

The river Plym 
Parking by the Library
Then i walked to Drake Circus, for the usual pee and cleanup, well jeans were muddy wet and socks were not as white anymore. Then i explored town to kill time, from Primark to check on £5 jeans which they had but only in 34/32 and that means some cutting time, which means more lectures. 

Then there was HMV which had some ok deals but arkaham knight on PS4 for £49.99 still, fuck that. Game had some deals with watch dogs at £9.99 used on PS4, Also a interesting version of AC Syndicate. Other mini deals going around, from the market to CEX to poundland even, as usual. The christmas lights and stall were nice too. 

The return of the Globe

The market with nice lights

The frankfurt stall and a Ferris Wheel

Santa's Back and sitting on wet floors

Stalls and a ice rink, soon for Plym

Another view of the Wheel and stall
Then i popped down to the asian shop, i bought some more Cweed and also a fortune cookie which was an intesting fortune that i read out aloud to myself. "You will be invited to a dinner party, accept it" which made me wonder if that actually might happen since there is always a chance. But the cookie was tasty too. £3.14 was the toal, since it was £0.15 per cookie and £2.99 for the cweed

Asian store purchasing

A pic of the fortune Cookie

Soon after, while i was walking around, Swaggy text me a hotukdeals link which sent me HERE. While it was starting to ponder on an idea, since it was Pete's birthday too, maybe this offer would be useful, so when it started raining, i went into Poundland, turned glass off and ordered the bundle. It was pretty much £17.90 for the actually 4 BOXES of DOZEN original Glazed doughnuts. Also poundland had some cleaning kits for smartphones soaked in wet water. 

Then i walked up to the top of town, with an idea of currency conversion, why, well that isn't my place to say, ok maybe its a holiday present, but not for me. So i walked up to the top of town's Thomas cook and this is the one Pete had a really good service with when he went Vegas earlier this year, someone who i think looks really attractive on snapchat and i've met irl was serving a customer, bless phoebe. But this other rep approcahed me and i said about converting a £10 note, so she got set up and then we started talking due to delays, I was a bit worried i would have to provide ID to jst convert £11.86 to $15 which was the exact conversion rate today. She was really happy and thought it was nice for a present, luckily she didn't ask if we were dating, since that would be awkward since shes with some sod. So eventually she put the bucks in an envelope and i was on my way. 

The envelope

Now then it was one last thing, the cards, Card Factory was the the place, i tried the Christmas Wonderland but this was birthday, not Christmas. So some cute ones (actually both were aimed at guys :oops) i found and that was £1.18, the rep was nice and chatty, I had to dig into the PS wallet to get it since shrapnel was a bugger. Walking out with those cards led me to one last thing, the Boxes. But i browsed Maplins and the Apple store beforehand, now that was funny in there, since some chav was nearly starting on the supervisor due to him not booking an appointment, he was nearly escorted out and i almost downloaded handbrake on to the Golden Core M machine (the same chip as the onda v919 3G Core M for a massive amount lower than the apple price). 

Then it was Time to get the doughnuts, so i walked up to the counter, got the page loaded and realised i actually set the collection for tomorow, oh shit but she was ok with that, she called her manager, she actually looked cute with a pony tail and soft figure. She handed me 2 boxes and i was unusure since i showed her the offer, then she was puzzled by it as well, so another call to her manage and it was all right, she was ok about it, also i didn't flirt since you don't do that after asking for a problem to fix such as the offer not being applied. But i walked to the starbucks tables to write the cards out anyhow. 

The 4 boxes of Doughnuts 

Writing Sophie's Card out

Writing Pete's Card out

Then it was a case of walking back to the bike, the rain was holding off, some girls were impressed with the boxes looking so good, like junk food females do adore which kinda does make being a feeder more fun than other types of guys in realtionships since food is a weakness for many. Also this guy asked if i was wearing a camera, i said "its not recording you right now" he got the point and walked away, that could of ended badly but he got told what he wanted to know. By 3:15, i was biking up that hill with a bag of each end of the handlebar. 

Cycling up north hill like this LOL

Eventually i got to the house, I knocked and shouted but then just left them safely and texted James that the present was at the front door, he texted back quick and said cheers bud. Then it was cycling up the hill and the blasted traffic lights before the mutley mile way. Then i parked nearby and went to drop it off, I couldn't reconisge Ash, she looked alot different, maybe the slim arms and the darker blonde hair colour but she was ok about delivering it too her, i really should thank her better than what i have done, she actually talks to me on nights out (twice is still better than once). 

Cycling the mutley straight

I left there and the journey was long, dark and getting really wet towards the end, i mean traffic lights, usb cables in gears, stopping to fit powerbanks and torches on, it was about 20 minutes in wasted time. But pete thanked me via text when it was nearing Horrabridge which was about 4:55. 

Nearing the Flyover 1

Getting charged before cycling to Mcdonalds and upwards

Reading Texts in the Dark

And then by Redrow, I ended the vlog there and cycled up, Painful hills and after a good 10 minutes sorting out the usb cable stuck in the gears, I got home about 5:15 which was meh considering it took 1 hour 49 Min to get home, Then after tea and getting the vlog started in Editing, i realised that the iphone NO LONGER RECORDS AUDIO, this is a pisstake, 2 vlogs without audio now, Either i'm going wrong or actually i think the Iphone is dying, power and home buttons are playing up and now that, Well i might need to make sure i have something to vlog with before Next week, maybe its excuse for a new phone but this time with a 16:9 front camera so i can record in 720p, iphone and ipod touch 5 gen does it but £££££££ is not ideal. 

Well hope this vlog was ok, more vlogs soon after the technical problems to sort out.