Monday, 2 November 2015

A Late Fall browse

Well, November it is. And with this really nice weather down Devon way but bad for for up north and a day off, it was time I did something I was actually meant to do last week, cycle to Plymouth. So with the weather like it was, I went.

Note: there is no vlog for this, just a blogpost and some of the pics are missing due to me being an idot and not backing up some of the pics via glass :/, But here goes.

A bright morning rush

So, 7:30 the usual alarm goes off and then it was the browsing the internet and social stuff like always, but during the morning the phoine rings twice, first is a customer of dads then its some 0800 number, so it made me talk much longer to fap before getting up, and that was about 9:40am. 

After getting up, I walked rosie around the estate then she went in her cage nicely and i got prepped with phone, glass, tablet, GPS on phone, and powerbanks, by 10:35 I was ready to leave.
The distance there

The journey starts

Just about to leave

Down the hill

Passing the Football field

Nearing the redrow estates

Going into the tunnel

Bright between the tunnel and gem bridge

A nice view from the bridge

Nearing Yelverton

Its proper sunny near clearbrook

I made it to the boundary

More hills to cycle down

Down crownhill

Traffic Jams

A view from the park

Exploring a busy bright City Centre

So, getting in about 1 hour 42 minutes later and I park my bike near M&S as usual then wander up tro the food court for a toilet, I did have to wait for about 3 minutes before I could actually have a piss. Once I did then it was to primark which didn't have much then i just wandered, not much actually happened except a few things:
  • No reduced jeans in Primark
  • HMV was really cutting on its games
  • Game had only 1 row of Vita games, which i was looking for WipEout 2048
  • Mcdonald's was pretty packed, so was kfc
  • Those linx tablets were £70 ish+ used, someone was selling one for £120 used once on fb last week (alex something), lol wut
  • Poundland were out of bluetooth adapters, BOTH stores
  • Theres a new subway by Zeus's Restaurant
  • Some 1155 CPUs in CEX at ok prices.
Soon I wandered into Shoe Zone and tried some cheap £9.99 trainers on, they fit nicely, so i bought them, it was nice chatting to the staff rep to, said about moving into a market stall and i get a weekend off (sunday + monday). 

The white trainers for £9.99
Then exploring got me just well, exploring. Going into the apple store and a chinese customer was saying how the chinese price for a Macbook Air 256GB is £100 cheaper in PRC than over in the UK, that is a VAT blame i here. Then some girl was boasting on her £300 a month benefits and the apple rep was saying barclays require applicants for finance to have to work at least 16 hours per week, i was looking at refurbished macs since my sister is looking for one, maybe a Christmas present then i saw the apple refurb, £800 your having a laugh. But there was a non metallic MB for £99.95 in Wants and maybe that with a 120GB SSD would be ideal for her but its old and she will get annoyed at it, it doesn't app store legit go up to 10.10 let alone 10.11 thats out now.

Then it was nearing 3:15 and i was going to go to the hoe but I ended up buying WipEout 2048, it took 20 minutes to actually buy it due to the queue, but for £12, i can now enjoy WipEout 2018 on the PS TV :D. 
Bought for £12 from CEX
Then I did one last walk to the Asian shop and managed to find seaweed (you know, like make your own crispy seaweed), so i bought that and a bottle of Aloe King for £5.48 in total. £2.99 for the Cweed and £2.49 for the 1.5 L Aloe King original flavour.
The Frozen C weed and Aloe Vera King Original

A sunsetting ride home

Then I walked back to the Bike, seeing the weather get brighter for a nice sunset and Ijust as i was about to go, my phone decided to shut off, a reboot later and by 4:05 i'm cycling on the north hill and to home. The Rucksack was wearing on my back, the traffic was busy and the darkness was setting in, but by 6pm, I got home safely, having to use the EE powerbar as a torch through the tunnel and glass shut down from yelverton onwards :/.
Traffic Lights 

A breeze through mutley, passing memories of a flat i used to pop into to see someone special

Nearing the flyover

A satnav on glasses when cycling near the George

Theres a sunset here, oooh theres a bike mode on Glass too
After getting in, I found tea was ready which was jackets and chilli, Which was nice and my legs were stiff and still feel stiff after typing this. Then i had to forget to back the pics and luckily recovered some of them you see here, I had to retake some others too. 

Now a special week late is going to happen, 3 vlogs, 2 blogposts and this will be awesome and fun and maybe some feeding in one too. But for now, i've got too days of being a market trader again and a visit to my nans, i might twitch some 2048 but maybe tomorrow.