Saturday, 7 November 2015

omracer's Night Out: An Arriiiban Mexican gathering

So, this meal has been in the work since before goose fair, one of the house has their US legality coming up and what better way than to have a deece meal with them and her mates. although tirring for me due to work and me getting the vlog up of the fireworks between 4am and 7am and letting uploading whie I'm sleeping being a good idea. I had to prepare for what's in store, from what I heard, 14 people including the house are gonna be there, we were going for Frankie's and Benny's but we'll, Italians love to be booked :D

the vlog is below

Work at its usual stance of busy, selling, talking, advising, defending and other usual gossip (actually not any gossip). I had to head home via somewhere to drop money off and then I pelted it home, sure it was a nice 10 minute run. Then I got home, I felt I HAD to clean the shoes for tonight. So I tried while toilet break, no luck, so washing up liquid and cloth was the best way, then a shower, then deleting glass content to make it fresh for tonight. All in all I left at 5:43, Pelted it to lidl and was 1 minute early but the bus was much quicker this time. I had to empty my pockets to pay, driver did make a mini joke but I shurgged it off. The bus journey was actually quiet until marjon, a nice round ssbbw walked by me, but she was chatting to her mates, but it felt nice to catch up with the internet, since I haven't after I left for the fireworks last night, except snapchat. there was a lot of things,

By getting off at the stop in town, I started vlogging and browsed the spar, no gift card and tescos it was to get them, after deciding between hitting a budget and a 6 kinder toy, u went for a £15 gift card and galaxy chocolate box with a classy card, well wine related, I couldn't check out gift cards at the self serves, so the kiosk was nice. then I wrote the card near the gelato bar.

Getting off at the same stop as last night

The presents for Hayley. total of £19.50

Walking to the spar near the gelato bar

Writing the card out and forgetting shes 25 instead of 21, what...
Soon after I went to the hoe, some chillaxing wind until 7:45 where swaggy was there, ideal, and I had to run, the fast way, I get there pretty quickly, a girl smoking was inside, on the phone but unsure who I was, we were to cross paths later on.
A major contrast to this time yesterday, its dead and empty now, maybe like my heart

Running Pic

The place to be or i'm being at anyway

then I get in, the rep asks if she could help, I notice the house and then I walk over, I sit next to the birthday girl and give her the present, she likes it deffo.
opposite nath and sam, then Jake's cooler bro being decent and more kitted out than me, he's in with a good big screen firm, then it was and empty feel, since no signal was there, hayley was having no chance getting the table filled, with people bottling it. but while guests were to arrive, the waitress, blonde and cougar like was nice and helpful, she got us 2 jugs of water, we felt like Romans pouring wine into goblets, maybe a harry potter reference would of been better.

The jug and the goblet through glass
Eventually guests just wandered, in 2 guys, Josh and whopper, then 2 girls, turns out it was the one that was smoking as I walked in, and this very attractive lady who I had the pleasure to legitly sit next to, I could describe but all you know is well she's a dream in my eyes, why wasn't thinking attraction physical, well maybe the feabie effect isn't just weight gain, its nerves and giving the wrong impression too.

Anyways phoebe said hi who was nice but also young but cool, very natural with herself. Hayley was all glamoured red carpet up, but with her janner charm. anyways there was talk of bobross, ideal double chins, kips commission I paid about £70 for of Charley which was a question of was I still attracted to her, I admit and did then that "I still dream about her". talk of money, water in restaurants and even the how I broke glass, Kate did go a bit shocked ugh when I said about the night out on how I stuffed it in my trousers but blurted truth is meh.

I added some sol and a orange vodka to the 2 ladies to the left of me,  the bartender was a bit puzzled at me maybe. Then soon the food arrives by the 9ish mark. omg it was good for everyone else but my order wasn't here yet, fajitas, enchiladas, foot long rack of ribs. But for me, for  a total of £18.95 for a double burger with onions rings and bacon extra, chips, coleslaw and salad. That's steep even for a good burger, but each burger was thicker than my thumb or nearly 2 fingers thick. it was the last but very tasty, eating that on film was good maybe, a feabie fun. Kate was intrigued while I do, general chit chat about it and I could NOT fit that burger in my mouth.

The meal that cost me £18.95, just what you see

Thats some big meat
I tried to eat it 

The rest of the night was going to the eating and everyone feeling stuffed, hayley would no way be clips4sale material from the small she ate, swaggy was pounded by those ribs, Nath was finishing off the chicken, kate was nicely full but with Hayley, I did want give her a bit of encouragement but let's not fuck up how good this night is. then to some secrets, Cake, and after some trouble on the sparkling and plate wait and handout, Swaggy cut the cake, nath was really pounding the shit at everything line, all in good bants though oh and I got that feedist moment, I did get a semi, especially with the belly rubs

The Cake

My slice was quite nice

Some feeding, as i do best, or actually enjoy
But now came to the main downside of the night, well ok paying is a downside but the fact that it all had to be paid up in one bill (aka can't seperate payments unlike las iguanas) is a ballache and accountancy annoyance. Ok the bill came to £203.00 exactly which was instresting and on average that came to around £15.61 each but it was just that odd thing of not allowing each person to pay seperately, ideally i could of paid my £18.95 on the virgin card which would of let me have rent money for tomorrow but staff were firm on this way. But then after that was paid, it was time to leave but teaching staff members to use glass to take a group photo was nice, even though she was confused on it completly, it turned out ok.

The bill

Katie was trying out glass too :)

I got the pic even though it was a screencap, she was close :)
So it was past 10 by the time we left, Phoebe was smoking, then we had to walk to the co-op for some rizzlers and phoebe's mum was picking her up, which after all that and some chatter, we all walked to North Hill, There was a fresh air around and me and pete talked about ladies and thought Gracie said she was pregnant to me before the date which she didn't and he was taken back, and that i should drink so i could battle for chicks and hes a feminist hater (feabie wise a nightmare more than thunderbird blocking everyone). Also Sam was a bit unsure why i stay with Virgin money since of the 2.95% charge for every uk transaction, since i said virgin are cool, I didn't get the money out in the end.

Walking in Town

Some performer in a cute 1950s attire near roundabout

Then Nath, Sam and James headed home while the rest of us that were left (Pete, Josh, Rachel and Hayley and Me) went into bac bar, some fancy costumes, I raved a little bit then it was near 11 so i hugged hayley, kissed her shoulder too ? and tapped Pete to say goodbyes,

Leaving Bac Bar
Things got strange on the walk up to the bus stop, a Homeless guy asked for change and then he was honest and told me his life story, 37 years old, divorced, 15 year old son calls him a wanker and fuck off cunt to his face and yet for an alcholic, he was in admittance of it, that takes balls to do, I mentioned to him that curing that addiction might help his life back on track and he understood it completely. But it was near the stop and I crossed the road.

The bus shortly arrived, the driver was in shock of how white I looked, maybe he was joking but there was some seriousness in the tone, especially as i got off the bus, like he was offended by the way i dressed, i'm shrugging it off but that could be bad and a ban for usual night out attire. Which the bus was quick and by 11:50, I was finishing the vlog off in spit weather and well, it was a run home in the mini rain and another vlog to edit and story to finish up typing.

The path looking back with a pitch black field.

And there goes my posts for this week, 2 different stories of things I've done, maybe the same but new places to visit and maybe recommend. But for now next week might be the Christmas lights vlog but it depends on how I feel and the weather, since soon i have birthday shopping to do for a lost cause but better to make some then lose out forever.