Saturday, 26 December 2015

A carvering windy boxing day

Well its the 2nd day of celebrations, time has felt a bit slower than usual. but a different change in time by going to the George. the weather was better than yesterday which is a bit of a smiler and it was time to enjoy a new thing-ish. oh and this is the first and last Saturday I've had off work for 2 years actually, which maybe that is why it feels different .

A calm prepping up  

well after a normal wake up alarm and also another relaxing fap and also that vision of kissing someone again, I got up at 9:40 ish and my parents were walking Rosie, so I had some hoovering to get done, so watching YouTube subscriptions while getting it done, funny when I realised that the Santa outfit I was wearing last year waas still around, the jacket was anyway, this was watching Alex's vlogmas days.

after that my nan was on the phone and she said a house was on fire at Bere Alston and someone might of died, that was a worry, so we caught up in chat just as my sister arrived back home from a  night with her boyfriend's family.

she nagged me about drinking her pure apple juice as a present, but then chatter happened and I t was time for a shower, with trying lynx peace shower gel, it was OK for a blue looking gel. but that was done and the cat escaped to the garden too.

then it was teeth cleaning and changing, since my parents just got back and then it was getting new jeans which I got from yesterday, they were really loose but that's ideal, then a nice shirt, white trainers and it worked nicely

The selfie before leaving, auto timer got the phone to work with the selfie strick

Well by 12 we got in the car and drove to the George, which was a nice chatter while Taylor swifts new album was blasted. the journey was really quick and by 12:20 we got to the George. walking to the pub was OK but the wind was bustling.

Entering the George

A Carvery Catch up and eat

Well we walked in and greeted each other, then it was chatter and just general catching up which was actually quite nice, sure it was awkward talking about work in some respect and listening in while my hands were by my legs. but it was nice to be around.

the first bit of fun came to order, the rep forgot who ordered what but we managed to get the starters set, the soup was tomato and red pepper, which was nice to go with the salmon I ordered as a starter. it was really nice. people were hmming about getting it, one rep was really nice and offered to pour it for them. but I decided to have a bowl, it was really nice and not too much of a kick. when I was pouring, a cute bbw waitress with a tattoo on her right arm smiled at me and offered me something, I decline whatever it was, since  I didn't know what  it was.

The salmon, salad, butter and bread

Pouring the Tomato and Red Pepper soup
Then when that was all over, the usual rep said if there were any changes to the menu we prebooked. there were a few changes,,but mostly all for the cavery, so I went up and others followed, with meat and amazing crackling along with decent veg and sides, except burnt Brussels sprouts then I topped up with a shitload of horseradish as well as some gravy. Oh and then we pulled crackers out as well that were on the table, some good jokes but i got a comb with mine.

A cracker's Contents

The meal from the george, Gammon, Beef, Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Pork Crackling, Horseradish and Gravy
Then it was a loving amount of food and crackling was crunchy, I nearly felt my teeth breaking but the food was soooooo gooood. the Yorkshire pudding was nearly hanging off me. but the food was filling and tasty so that was nice. I did have to get a glass of water near the end to help finish the meal off.

A glass of water

Later on everybody was getting full, chatting about various topics from an extra and it was nearly time for deserts, people were changing their minds and I was also OK with getting my usual chocolate brownie, after a mini wait, it was time to eat since they have arrived, it was hot but delicious. Then it was more explaining what a Brownie is to my granddad's fiancée which she understood me and also there was a sundae my mum had which she loved and gave me the waffle for it as well, that crushed the brownie and it kinda stuck to the plate but it was nice to enjoy dessert with others :).

My mum's Terry chocolate orange sundae

My Chocolate Brownie
By this time it was nearing 2:30 and we were all deciding it was time to go, But we didn't realise that the food was already paid for but since my grandparents were regulars, the rep didn't know which name it was booked under, personally i'm glad josie wasn't working there any-more, but that is more my feelings than any other.
Then we walked out and some chat my dad and brother had while the wind was strong, their car looked pretty swish which then we got into our own and drove off to our next port of call.

A Cornish present handout and cold buffett

This destination was on the way to calstock, so a different route was taken which was through saltash, this was passing bronti territory, talks were talks and the roads were quite busy but after a short while we finally got to the house we needed to get to, it was windy there and we were the last to arrive.

Passing the Tamar bridge

Then we got in and i had to kneel on the floor and the presents had to be unloaded by the tree, sure there were some jokes at me being soo good at handing out the presents and it was meh, but after everyone got comfy it was time to hand out the presents.

The tree with some of the bags full of presents

Now this was quite long since some relatives from Wales did give us all presents too, but i managed to be handing out in a nice manner, randomising each so it wasn't the same except it got to the same people towards the end. But there was a nice usefulness of presents from wallets to smellies to gift vouchers and even umbrellas. I ended up getting:

  • A Lynx Body Collection set
  • Brut aftershave
  • £20 cash
  • £50 Cash
  • A wallet
  • A £30 Amazon gift card

I thanked everyone who gave me those, its nice of them to do so, OK I'll admit that wallet was a bit awkward since i LOVE my PS1 wallet but should anything happen to it, a backup is handy. But then it was time to be served the mini party buffet to end the evening. Which this had a nice range of food, Wiltshire ham, onion rings, home-made potato salad, boiled egg, sausages, salad and some other bits. I ended up having 2 plates full while everyone else went for just one, since i didn't have dessert since none of the items like trifle and baileys meringue pie.

The meal i had before leaving for home, Salad, onion rings, ham, turkey, sausages, boiled egg and potato salad

There was some weight talk and i might of sold a Vidonn to my aunt but we'll see how that goes, but it soon was our time to go since Rosie had to be walked and my sister was at her boyfriends for tonight, so we all were deciding to leave it at that, The exit greetings and see you for 2016 sayings were here, After trying to open the gate, it was final handshakes goodbye and one went out then us, reversing and driving in the dark back for a short while through gunnislake is always somewhat calming. Then we got home and my sister's friend was just behind us and i helped unload and then unlock the door and after that, a toilet break and it was relaxing to get this up.

Unlocking the gate

A napkin that teaches the cornish language

The presents i got this time round (except the dragonwar) 

And thats pretty much how the evening went on, it was just relaxing and typing this up until 9:35 and then uploading the pics to instagram as well. There is one more point on how i got on today or the past 2 days and thats my weight, Which i found out i was 188.2 lbs. A 8lbs gain is quite a small gain considering I didn't eat as much as i was offered. But part of me thought i was going to end up 190 which would of been my highest weight since recording it on feabie in April.

The technically highest weight i've ever been
As that goes that, a nice different christmas and boxing day to what usually happens, funnily enough there hasn't been as much TV watching this year at all which means its more for bonding. But thats a final event for 2015 done and now its 2016 for new things to happen and maybe more things to come