Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Recap of Goals for 2016

Now. its 2016. This start of the year has been an exhausting one for me, I managed to get the video up and also the recap blogpost, which overnight, it turns out my Google plus got Banned, for selling drugs ????? or something restricted anyway. But after c


The 2015 results:

But lets be truthful here, one thing i've struggled on is completing all of my New Years Resolutions and now 2016 is here, its time to see how I got on with the one for 2015. Since there have been some good chances which I have managed to get it sorted and a resolution all cleared, while others i've gotten nowhere with, so lets recap: 

  • Get into my first Relationship, Sadly that was a no luck for me, i've tried and hopefully this year will be a better chance. 
  • Have a mates or friends day out - This is more me being lazy and working more often that caused that, i might be able to one day. 
  • Cook for a Group of Girls  - Well this is going to be a no as well :/
  • Finish 2 prisons on the Escapists - Nah, that's a nice but tricky game and theres other games i could play and even twitch eventually. 
  • Purchase and Finish Oddworld New N Tasty - Well that's been done already :)
  • Finish KH 2.5 HD Remix - Part of me wants to play that but the amount of life I've played it for last year was nearly addiction style.
  • Watch a Studio Ghibli Film - Thanks to the 2 weeks off and after the date with Gracie, its done :)
  • Enjoy a meal with friends or a date at a restaurant, I've done both, YES ....

Which kinda gives me the impression that I really shouldn't try to attempt these again, but i feel its a needed step to Keep some of them going. Which are actually more asethic or life goals more than new years resolutions to be fair. 

The 2016 goals. 

Now this time, there are some additional goals i might want to try out and see how I feel with them, since they aren't shameful if i don't complete them but its just a nice proud ego moment to sort my life out and maybe brag about it here. To be honest, these will be more challenges and I know i'm going to fail some of them due to needs but i'll see what I can do

  • Try not to fap on mornings when i have work - Its major stress relief and keeps me happy but late for work is late for work.
  • Try to have a Holiday or have a week off from work without being called up at least for one day of it - since some days off I get called to guide and advise and it gets annoying bigtime. 
  • Try to meet up with a girl from Feabie - Since this is more the best chance of romantic delight i'm gonna get without paying so its best to make sure I can make the effort there. I would count BGP (Big Girls Paradise) events as many feabians do go there as well. Also i might have to amp up the usage on TinyChat. I've also paid for my alpha Access to so 
  • Plan a few days out  - This was actually thought on the 2nd January since Ashleigh wanted to go to a zoo for her birthday.
  • Tweet More - Seriously, 2015 i was tweeting less and less and i think its affecting the following ratio, maybe i've been focusing on other things but sometimes to post a bit more like 5 times a day is a good start :).
  • Snapchat more  - Similar with the tweeting, i'm posting less, which maybe at least 3 posts including meals for the day seems about fair. Besides snapchat died on my phone when i updated it before i needed it when a supersized camgirl was sending me eating snaps (for free too which is a yay) so my tablet is picking up the slack, which the pics for the page are still going to be the same, maybe routine that to every week as well. 
  • Get into my first Relationship - It needs to be done and i need to focus on this.
  • Cook for a Group of Girls - a fantasy but worth a shot, no harm done with it.
  • Make some music Mashups - I've owned a DJ Pioneer deck which i've used a few times but with having to give some virual DJ guidance to a friend of mine through work (which is actually how I ended up buying them for £70) and my uniqueish music taste, maybe some high beat mixes between RR music and even Hotline Miami 2 could work. 
  • Play some more Steam Games and Finish at least 2. Well i have over 100 steam games and only like 30 of them i've ever played, Hopefully I might be building a decent Haswell or Skylake if i can justify the cost at the right price. only like 720p @ 60fps, nothing higher needed really. That and since i've not got over 1,000 view on Twitch, its worth playing games. Sonic Lost world is going to be my first due to recent Steam sale pricing thats cheaper than suppliers steam code deals.

For now though that should do it. Just to keep me in check with things and hopefully a better life for me means better vlogs and blogs to read. 

For now, its work so i have to get back to it.